amy ruined birthday partes suck like there's no tomorrow. 000313
angela our perfect relationship was woven with spiderweb skill. flawless. intricate. and unfortunately delicate. when the walls came crashing in we knew it was ruined. but we didn't walk away until the ceiling had fallen. it seemed a quick recovery. we went our separate ways without the hurt i had imagined. there was no prolonged pain. no sleepless nights. one or two tears at most. and now you come at me swinging, out of the blue. with every motion i made to extend my friendship, you responded with vicious words like swinging fists. i may never know what ruined the pages of our storybook. if they were torn or colored on, like by a child. or if a drink was spilled which smudged the ink. i do know that there is nothing sane in hating the ones you used to love, simply because you used to love them. 000329
MollyGoLightly Leaving the house that morning, I knew I was ruined. And oh, what a wonderful feeling it was. 000329
Daniel I am being ruined by working at Abercrombie & Fitch.
I sell overpriced clothes to teenagers trying desperately to stay hip in a society that is obsessed with money and trend-setting.
I want to work somewhere that truly means something.
Go to hell, teeny-boppers.
Get a life.
Smile, there's more to what's on the front of your goddamn t-shirt.
Brad My dad has this really hip southern drawl way of pronouncing this word. He says "ROO-eend" 000330
birdmad in a day 000420
thea i've seen the wreckage in my eyes, and in other people's. there aren't many of us and we haven't got the sense to respect each other; we just add to one another's misery in our desperate quest to become the un-wrecked. but we never can; we move wrong.
once i had to dance with him in spanish class. he's about half my height. we're both ugly and we both made faces. this is death, i whispered to myself over and over.
he's steady more these days, but sometimes it just gets to him. he cries and yells at people. he has friends, but none of them are very constant.
i'm sorry for him, but he hates me. it's understandable; everyone does. but it doesn't matter.
i've imagined going up to someone and saying "i don't feel like i'm human and it's because of you." but i know he'd just smirk and say "you're not. didn't you know that?"
i threatened a girl by email, made her think i was going to kill her. mainly to see if she took anything seriously because she'd ruined me so many times without a thought. she went to the principal. but she was nicer to me after that and she didn't tell everyone like i thought she would. her name was christine.
but anyway. me and him and so many other people. we walk funny and we look funny and they kick us and we're too smart and we're not smart enough and sometimes we just cry. but it doesn't matter to us if they're ruining us because they think it's funnyto steal our backpacks and hold things out of our reach.
this boy asked why i was at his table. i didn't feel like telling him the truth (it was the closest i could get to a friend whose table was full up) so i said "it amuses me." because he didn't want me there. he smiled and said it would amuse him if i jumped out a window.
o o 020902
Chilly D It's just another path. Most don't end that bad. 030112
Anistoric Rogue. My feelings
And my impressions
That weren't only first impressions
but long-lasting ones that changed in an instant
with 5 or less words

down the drain.
buried with all the other lost hopes and dreams and optimistic intents.
highanddry and I'll never forgive you for that. 050710
christian gone, but not forever 060917
just another teen junkie eyes like saucers, brimming with unrestrained paranoia
seratonin dancing rampantly around the brain, ice and fire flashes through the limbs.
i look at you
you stare hopelessly back.lost.

we are absolutely wrecked,
completely gone. ruined.
whitney is not knowing you can just start over. 060917
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