dallas Sometimes, there is nothing else.
k sometimes you just can't. feel. 981121
emily Sometimes it'd be easier not to. 990130
adam i don't like too, but sometimes i can't help it. 990211
emma and sometimes you wouldn't have it any other way. 990327
kat i feel good! nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah! like i knew that i would nah nah nah nah nah nah nah! 990405
ceorl is it better to feel? or be felt? 990422
tom sometimes I wish I could 990628
emsie sometimes I wish someone would... 990702
Quintessensual everyone really should 991027
camille simply a thought pattern in the soul 000103
archer i feel not.
for so very long
John i enjoy it when somebody would go as far as to feel me, because i enjoy being felt, to be felt is to have someone/something feeling you, and feeling is good because feeling can lead to sex 000626
startfires i feel like chicken tonight 001005
narc0ma i feel too much sometimes.
the tainted touch of emotion on my fragile arm.
too many emotions that im not accostomed to.
too many emotions not felt for so long.
too many emotions i know im not supposed to feel.
too many emotions indeed...
rhonda shay i think of death all the time my room is black and i am getting a coffin and i do witchcarft i do black magic and white magic and i have voodoo boll. 001204
unhinged i can feel the slippery ice fall away under my foot...i think i might break an arm this winter. 001217
Sintina To feel or to be felt? Both are better.
I would want both in my life forever.

I fell through ice once, but it was only 4 ft deep beneath. Lucky me.
the conveyor So why do we spend so much time wishing someone would touch us? feel us?

feel my brain
feel my heart
feel my penis
feel my arm
feel my hair

feel your hair
feel your arm
feel your pussy
feel your heart
feel your brain
johnny west it's like the nose of an overgrown rabbit; nothing FEELS quite the same! 010304
mareberry i sit here and read your words over and over again. i can't tell if i'm climbing inside your head or if you somehow found your way into mine... either way, it's scary and exciting and magical all at once. i read your words and i cry and cry. you make me *feel*. you're the only one who can do that for me.

have i scared you away yet?
johnny west Are your words directed at me?
If they are, it takes a lot more than that to scare me away. If they aren't, I apologize for assuming too much.
johnny west I probably read too much into things. 010329
Aimee Sometimes I feel, like a motherless child. 010329
abms far away from ones home 010330
Chrity go to:
Rayne It would be so much easier if we had a feel button so we could shut it on and off. I must confess, mine would stay off. To not feel would be a bliss far above anything else! 010417
The Truth Feelings can cause pain, sure, but on the contrary, they are responsible for all of your joy too. 010418
melvinwang feeling is overtones in music, they're all around us, in everything we see, do, touch, love, hate. 010504
BrittStar i can't feel...i can't breath...i am numb...i no longer think, just cry...i no longer speak, just listen...no one listens...no one cares...no one is bothered... 010524
Casey Sometimes I do not feel at all. It's as if I just float through life and I go nowhere. If I was to hit a wall, I wouldn't notice. 011007
nanny it hurts to feel, so maybe it's better not to 011011
Gunel - "Galina" What do you feel when you are kissed by someone you love?
How does it feel when his lips draw closer to yours?
In what way do you suffer when his lips caress yours?
What emotion takes place when his tongue enters your mouth?
How many wishes stretch and extend through your mind when your tongues compassionately unite and play?
Do you sence the countless butterflies in your stomach as his hands move in silence to caress your skin?
Can you feel his sweet breath as his lips pull away from yours?
What is it in his breath that drives you crazy inside?
How bad do you shiver when he begins to kiss your ear?
How bad do you tremble when he whispers to you?
How excited do you get when he once again starts to kiss you?
How numb do you feel as he touches you?
How does his skin feel on yours?
How intense does it get when he fondles you so?
And why is it that you never want it to end?
How come you lack his lips, his tongue, his voice, his stare, and his hands?
Why do you feel insecure, yet so desired when he looks at you?
Why can't you stop kissing him?
Why is it the first thing you look forward to doing when you see him?
Maybe because you simply feel good.
Maybe because there is so much passion in it.
Or maybe it's because you just love him.
ClairE the heat 011219
Annie111 Feel, feel, feel, feel the heat.

hollis certain things are easy to dimiss like thoughts or words but feelings make you react, and remember. 020101
living dead girl Sometimes I feel like I could fly, and all I would have to do is die... but now, I feel like I should die, and all I can do is cry. Why does it hurt so bad to have feelings? 020101
calypso calling my heart of stone can't feel any longer... i felt the cold ache again last night, as hopes died before my very eyes...its not his fault; he didn't know...What am I to do now?... and they wonder why I am the way I am... 020111
pralines&cream Reaching out, in the dark,
to find me,
to touch me,
your fingers feel me,
and your hand stays.
jon_dog why is everyone so serious about feel? just be for chrissakes. be happy. be sad. be in love... 020401
girl_jane I can feel my face getting hot from the tears and mucus dripping down the back of my throat from sniffling it back

I should just let it go

I should just let a lot of things go

But I can't...

Everything matters to me-
syd barrett oh so alone

i want to come home
myplasticmind "i know i'll do the right thing if the right thing isn't feel"****

i'm afraid i feel when i don't want to, and can't feel when i do want to.
but i always feel lost.
i feel scared.
i feel dark
Destination? Where did you go
Did I loose you
Oh there you are
You are close
You have to dig
You are getiing warmer
One foot in front of the other
That's it
You found it
Stay there
Can you feel it?
~gez~ i can feel your touch wherever i am, and it feels good
even if you leave me, you will always be with me
you have left your mark on my heart, a mark which will never leave, even if you do
but please
*silent screams Can u feel the tension in each breath i take as u walk away from me? Can u feel the hurt crushing my heart when u turn ur back? What about the bitter ache of u telling me u don't care anymore. Can u feel my anger eating my heart alive when u won't give me 5 seconds to explain myself? How bout the moisture in my eyes growing, knowing that ur going to say the one thing i would kill not to hear. You don't know what it feels like to have everything in ur world shatter right before your very eyes, u don't know how it feels, because your too cold-hearted to actually feel! 021206
wakinglife ok so just bear with me cause i wrote this when i was high one night...

She dances with the moonlight
Each glimmering shadow upon her cheek
Light shoulders spin and curve
Following her swift feet
Anxiety, anticipation
She sways in the twilight
The dimming of the suns soft rays
Linger and helplessly cling to the darkening sky
His face
Pointed low towards her fetal body
She looks through herself
His music now fading, lacking
She sleeps in the morning light
It stretches slowly across the white sheets
Dustin* .....I don't want to feel anymore...... 030720
lovely I feel.... and what I feel makes me happy... It's you 031015
Louise Skin on skin 031015
Death of a Rose each and every hair on your body shiver with delicious anticipation and need. 031015
bethany distress. want. pain. hurt.deceived.naive..i am naive. 040212
maatsby scared
what will happen? will anything happen? what will happen. i want it to happen, but i dont know if it will. im so scared that it wont. it had better or ill be very very upset.

oE my ass feels nice today 040413
goatse haha lame 040413
oE ah i see the ersatz oE is up to the letter M. Bravo for you limited friend, keep at it. Pretty soon you'll have the whole alphabet down. Here have a ritalin laced cookie. 040414
oE my limited friend 040414
oE quit it you ass wipe. stop jerking around and playing that you're me. 040414
Ah but see I am not vulgar or limited or impotent or afraid...and i do NOT play games. Stay safe in the blue and get vocabulary or at least TRY to approach a reasonable verisimilitude of my oh so sparkling wordplay...
freed I feel weird. I wish I could die. Now. End it ona good note. I wonder if any suicides out there happen on these terms. I;m not depressed, atleast I don't think so, but If i died now, i;d be happy. Really happy. And i know that atleast on the short term, it can't get any better. And I don't want to face that. "I got half a mind to scream out loud. I got half a mind to die. So I won;t ever have to lose you girl. So I wont ever have to say good bye" See what I mean? 040515
laced since feeling is first
who pays attention wholly
to the syntax of things?

-ee cummings
mysterious To perceive through the sense of touch 040705
Borealis how about touch..as a result of indirect perception? 040706
asdf i've said it before and i'll say it again... more to this than meets the eye 040706
() (see: sensorium ) 041119
sdf sdfsdf 050421
missing i miss adam 050603
Eri n Lee to be human 060626
oiseau mind maze 070110
priscilla this is how it feels to feel everything, but nothing, all at the same time. 070122
mona loves you hey phil are you still out there? 070416
Isaou You know it's time for your life to end when you can no longer feel.. 070416
no reason somewhat losing the ability 090418
In_Bloom Back and forth our skins under the grasp of our sad fingertips
How long until we believe the joy of our most vulnerable moments?
For now, I just want to keep
hel direct loving without confirmation dialog

too much of inside that doesn't get a chance to come out and be

too often pretense of regularity

too infrequent, the opporrunity to really... {inexpressible}

therefore, must create

needs more than this
unhinged 'where does fear exist in your body?'

mindy/body connection; in some circles the whole concept seems trite and overused, but it is so real. and so unacknowledged by so many westerners.

i learned a long time ago that if i take a deep expansive breath or twenty or a hundred, the kind where the ribcage moves outward instead of in, all the fluttering in my stomach and heart slows down and then eventually stops. if i look at my mind underneath all the storylines, eventually the doubt and self_loathing disintegrate too.

so fucking sensitive
sometimes i have so much pain in me
that i feel like a walking open wound

in the past four years, most of the people i've had significant relationships with were aquarius es. they tend to put a logical spin on everything, including feelings. my feelings are not logical. or at least not in a reductive scientific sense. i mean there's a logical reason why they come up i.e. you make me feel used so then i get sad and angry. but the sad angry part, mmm...not so logical. my feelings are intense and long_lasting ; i just can't see them as some logical thing to be tested or changed like the variables in an experiment.

i.e. we went on a couple of dates, had sex a couple of times and then you decided you didn't want to have a relationship with me. my rational mind could understand that you didn't have the time, but my heart was yet again rejected and didn't really feel like subjecting itself to you anymore. but you didn't see anything wrong with the situation, admittedly had no understanding of my feelings.

i.e. the physical act has no connection to the heart
'oh, it's no_big_deal "

i am totally calling bullshit on that one
epitome of incomprehensibility Why would people deny a mind-body connection? It's all one. We can't separate mind and body, or feeling and thought for that matter.

Are feeling and thought matter? And, do they...?
e_o_i (Yes, they do. Damn rhetorical questions. I annoy myself. Besides, hsg is better at these sort of pun things.) 130618
unhinged i can deal with the sad, the lonely. they have been my default settings for most of my life. the abandoned, the rejected, on_the_other_hand still hurt like a bitch 130709
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