ClairE Dude, you really shouldn't use a condom more than once. 020104
(thrifty) cube Have to hang 'em after washing 'cause the damn things shrink in the dryer...
Strideo you mean use the SAME condom more than once
x it's a good thing you clarified that, because i'm sure no one understood besides you. 030115
Strideo yawn
x *pat* 030116
Sparticus i said it too much, but that never meant i didnt mean it. perhaps overuse took some meaning from this most meaningful of words, and i am so sorry to dullen and dampen and smother. never meant. never intended. never wanted.

but the fact remains that it is still there. there, and now in a stronger, brighter, lighter greater way than ever possible before thanks to him. i want to give this to you and have you take it, and give it back in return. to share and be together as we should have been.

overused it was. and is, perhaps. but i still feel it even more. i dont know where it is in you for me, but i hope it remains. and know:

everytime i say it i mean it with a greater force than before.

it flows through me, i must release and share and let you KNOW

i love you

come and be and share with me, through grace and glory, my love for you is never overused
gerti rouge The things you never said
Meant everything to me,
As I waited, expecting
Much too hesitantly.
The breath you never took
Stole the life out of me.
I cry out in pain to the
Black night sky; it's
So numb and deaf.
Don't watch me when
I'm this way.
No way to explain it,
Let go, let go.
Watching you suffer
Is making me die
Swifter and prettier.
Take my hand,
Transfer pain,
1, 2, 3, 4.
There's nothing more
I can do.
I swear, I told you the truth,
I know these words are overused,
But so are you, and I am, too.
pSyche Just because you can spell love,
doesn't mean that you should say it so much.
what's it to you?
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