Bill Glad Grace

How many love your moments of glad
And love your beauty with love false or true?
But one man loves the pilgrim soul in you,
And loves the sorrows of your changing face.

Copyright 1999
jennifer some odd light glinting off her blue eyes made me turn and look again 991221
Mir i disagreed with him and disagreed with him and disagreed with him... i'm clumsy and awkward and insecure...

"no... trust me. you have grace."

fixed, fixed stare. too intense yet gently holding me there, playing with my emotions.

i might start to believe him.
konfused That's my name, don't wear it out. 000627
girl_jane Something I only wish I had.

phil everyone thinks they will fall gracefully 020510
unhinged "it's my time coming and i'm not afraid, afraid to die"

pritheemydear grace used to be a little more clumsy
people liked her better that way
angie sometimes i really feel like i dont have any...
grace is gone by dmb always makes me cry now...
i am so sorry...
Grace ~I'm only who I am and who He made me.
-*(But,they've(blather,sorry..)got the wrong e-mail by my name.
It's someone else and not me.
Can you (please) change that?:))

Also, did I post twice on the topic "silence"?:)

How "noisy" of me:)*shrugs..

And there is so much more on this (topic)-grace, but,I'm tired..
Bye now..
cube A style too wordy for my taste. I haven't the patience to sift through long rambling blathes to find nuggets_of_significance. Boil it down and maybe more will listen.
Grace cube-

did u think what i wrote above was meant to have some sortof 'style'?:)

that was a request

amongst a few i've similarly posted in other areas-here..
(still waiting for reply..)

i only came here two days ago
i'm still learning how this thing/place works..

do you critique waitresses when they read your order back to you at eateries?:)

or customers at pharmacy waiting lines?


the other things i wrote here, a few were explanations about my faith..
so far, there were maybe a few poems, or similar posts i've shared..

i'm sorry you find them rambling..
i'm still looking for that strunk & white book..


"more will listen"

who said i wanted anyone to 'listen'


and who are you?
do i know you?

those who want to hear what i say
those who don't wish to, fine..

i'm not here for a fan-club or brownie points..

if you dont like what i write..(respectfully), dont read it..

if you dont have patience..
well,thats another story

its a virtue that only God can

cube For what it's worth, I read through most of your blathes before saying anything - it was intended as constructive criticism.

I refrained from mentioning that I thought you showed promise because I thought that would be misconstrued as patronizing... so disregard that.
Grace disregard?





didn't get that but,ok..:)
Grace cube-

i'm sorry
if i snapped at you..

didn't mean to offend..

guess i was taken off-guard..

i really didn't know what to say..

sometimes,those times..
i give that reply..

i'm not taking it back
but was not meaning to be unkind *S

and thank-you
i took note
not the first time i've heard..

but, i don't show my promises to anyone*S

maybe,another critique *S
Grace cube:

not sure if it was the words "rambling"
"maybe more will listen"
that hurt (me) most,here,from you-

id say:
1."maybe more will listen"
in that order..

i'm not partial to criticism..
unless i ask for it..

i am open to it,however..
if it's true..i'm not afraid to hear this,or see it,or accept it..
i always prefer it said in a kind way though..

i guess i really don't like it at all..(who does?)
but, i know, it can be a "good thing"
and is important to note, sometimes..

as far as 'patronising'
, ironically..
that would've been encouraging to me!*s

(to me sincere encouragement is not 'patronising'.it just is what it is..)

i don't patronise anyone,so..
(don't think i do..)

if i want to critique..
i 'try',not always saying i succeed,
in doing it in a kind or loving way..and still share the truth..

i'd imagine you speak for most here..
you seem to be quite familiar with them
and popular..

popularity's not so important to me..
'tho we all like feeling accepted..
if this was your way of speaking for
"this forum"..i guess it was..
i guess i owe you a great "thanks"
and a debt of gratitude..

must've been kind of you..


-didn't feel kind
Grace cube-

oh ,yes

One more thing..

"for what it's worth"
as you say..

"i" don't think youre a 'retard'*s

but,i just don't think or speak of people that way..

doesn't mean i wasn't hurt..or slightly annoyed :)

but,it's over..*s
Grace and,cube-

oh ,yes

One more thing..

"for what it's worth"
as you say..

"i" don't think youre a 'retard'*s

but,i just don't think or speak of people that way..

doesn't mean i wasn't hurt..or slightly annoyed :)

but,it's over..*s
Grace i'm sorry that posted 2x
no idea why

critic So...are you taking over for Chrity? 030502
She The more I read of Grace's posts, the more I am reminded of a 30-something has been who's recently gone through a major crisis (divorce, a close death, maybe).

That's all good and well, but I also get the impression that s/he's been drunk for weeks and believes that if s/he preachs about Christianity enough, God will reverse what happened.

Or maybe s/he's just an ignorant, drunken loser.

Whatever, just shutup.
splat! Look, a DUCK!!!!! 030506
minnesota_chris pick a name and stick with it, grace 040105
unhinged and there are still people who know nothing of jeff_buckley

this amazes me
ever dumbening i think if more people knew about j.b.'s grace there would be lots of waililng and gnashing of teeth once they realized that there will not be any more creations like it.


i met a woman named cori in new orleans, when i returned in 2000. she was from san diego and had been to burning man five times to my (at the time) one. we shared a few drinks at the bar at the funky butt, after an amazing set by johnny vidacovich. we made love that night. she liked to bite and scratch. we talked of music. we bumped into an l.a. band, that happened to be in town, at the dark, wonderful piano bar called lafitte's blacksmith shop—the only joint on bourbon worth a damn. they're called palo alto, and they belted out a few of their tunes with just the piano, the drummer pounding on the wood. we talked more of music.

she visited me in berkeley. more biting and scratching.

she gave me jeff buckley's grace. great sex. great music. great night. great town. i will always be grateful.
meow absence of grace, marked as infernal 040106
unhinged because jeff_buckley 's grace is baby making music. i got a guy off with our clothes on listening to grace.

yes it is one of those ultimate_sex_albums
x twisted x i hate the very memory of you. 040705
xs ﻔﻑﻋﺞ ﻵﮔﺖ ﻀﺼﺤﺲ! ﷲﭗﮓﺢ ﻩ ﻬﻵﺯ!

ﱡﺈﺔﺴﺴﺀ ﻫ ﻲﻚ...
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