ever dumbening I learned to love it in new_orleans from a short, skinny, too many cigarette smokin man named stan.

It's a sweet, warm, corn blanket.

There's a point where the rocks melt just the right amount--cool smooth caramel vanilla oak.

And I mean the good stuff.
ever dumbening can be pronounced either "bore-bone", like pedro (or simply called pedro), or "boib'n", soit'n'ly 011116
kelli crane one bourbon
one scotch
one beer
sting moon over bourbon street 020113
nowhere on nitros an angry flightless bird 030213
onlyme come to me. i need you. 030513
unhinged maker's mark


it hit me like a ton of bricks but i remember what i was wearing, the look in his eyes. inner circle on lincoln avenue, when we were smiling.
evnarcadia a heavy glass is important,
you have to know that this has
a special purpose.
it holds your liquor.

you drop the ice from the perfect height
too high you chip the ice,
it will melt too fast and water it down.
too low and you miss that sweet sound on
the glass.

you raise it to your lips and hear the
melodic chimes of cubes on crystal,
dancing in that swirling brown heaven.
it burns going down.
the burn is good, real.
satisfaction at something done right.

one drink is too many, two will never be enough.
oldephebe so instead of pining for my delphic moment..or the kiss of cassandra..maybe i should just let the mists and spumes..that sublime evanescence of freshly poured bourbon set that army of little red men loose..kick back with a pint until i find my groove..but then my body can't really process alchohol, nor my striated i'll sit here and brood..and endure this dry time..writers block and all that..i want my mouth to be pregnant with words..i want to cook the rocks and peirce the muses heart and have her bleed her entirety into this parched waste land..mumble grumble tumble weeds..amble by..and still no reply..
Sinecure Sam Have you tried laying some fruit and fish upon the alter? 040324
notme burr bin 040324
unhinged i guess this wasn't the first time i've had an affinity for bourbon

but he drinks old crowe by the liter; bourbon, just sweet enough to go down well, but the after sting makes my nose tingle and i want to shake such feelings out of my head
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