Tess nothing more for me, thanks.
as much as i'd love to stick around
and watch and participate in the process, i've got to leave this hee-ha land. it's not about me, ma'am.

magic fuck_it_dude chaos
megan so i guess this is the end of it.
we were going to be something
but whatever we were is over and done
she had to come and get in the middle
we were like a knot in wood
no one could chop through us
then she, the metal peg,
came and made it too easy to break us apart
i don't know you now,
we are done
Barrett and after a week of not seeing and not speaking, tonight I'm going to find out if it is done. I'm sick and scared as all hell, but atleast I may receive some closure. 001127
Megan I will never be done. Atleast it feels that way now. I can go on loving in pain for centuries. If I were brought into a world of immortality at this moment, I would never cease to love him. The pain makes it unfortunate, but who can call true love unfortunate? There are moments, microseconds, when I wish that I were done, or that I had never loved him. But who wants to give up love for something as frivolous and temporary as an unbroken heart? 001211
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ladybird Document: Done 010514
florescent light I just took my last final ...EVER

I will never have to take another exam again if I don't want to.

I can't believe it.

I am soo excited.

I am done...DONE.
Freak No more blathering venting. Im finished. Finished with EVERYTHING. Im can't deal anymore. So I won't. 020605
nick God, am I done yet?


Rin All gone, finished, empty, where did my mind go, i am all not so much full of but so with full intent DONE 031230
Doar leave it in for another 10 minutes. 031231
belle de jour I've done enough living for five lifetimes and I'm not done yet. 040902
phil I am done for the day. 050910
nom with love 060103
yeah im fucking done alright? 060302
past I'm one edit away from being done university, again!! 090425
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