Quintessensual The stranger looked up hotly excited,
Over there, over there, around first base.
At second, the catcher felt invited;
For third, for this baseball, it was a race.
At third face to face, it all ignited.
Home they took their game at a frenzied pace.
jane you told me to go
make a life for myself
in new_york
& i feel like that's
what i've gone & done
i don't like being excited
about this boy
i want to be excited about you.
acidshank he was pretty excited after we danced. hot together. i could tell i was doing it to him. turn_me_on
im glad i could. it was fun
pete i can feel my heart beating (closed hand as a promise, soon to be fullfilled) still unpacked... the sky applauds a birthday, offers procrastanation from the task, superstitions keep me away from what i probably should be doing, the lightning dances.... (wishes untold can come true, so can wishes thold but that's risking the wrath of the wishie gods, those fluffy beings)... umm... scatter brained? yesum. i'll be seeing my wendy tomorrow, i hope all is well... tomorrow! *stops typing here before he makes a fool of himself some more* 050713
fir3cube ..... excited as a electron in meta-stable state 131115
fir3cube ....what exactly it is... entropy or just changing realities? 131115
u24 I'd rather be excited than happy 200529
what's it to you?
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