dallas Precisely. Presently. Without a doubt. A very accurate assessment. 990110
coldtea the right fingernails on the right itch 990224
ceorl alike in every respect, though not necessarily the same 990420
daxle "I'm so exactly and you're kind of sort of"
Renee I hate it when people pin-point things down to the minute. Maybe that's why I have such a problem with deadlines. Exactly. 990924
The mutability of the core self from the files of the infamous three_words:

" darkness_ensues so_tonight birdmadgetsdownwithhisbadself "

only problem there is the fact that BIRDMAD IS DEAD

and i am the bad self who has taken residence in that fucker's sorry hide
MollyGoLightly do you throw parties in the blank space where this birdmad used to be?

if so, when are you sending the invitations out?
WingedSerpent the party doesn't stop 'til i do

(feeling like Jesus Christ on extacy)

It's no good trying to place your hand
where I can't see because I understand
that you're different from me
yes I can tell
that you can't be what you pretend
and you're rocking me backwards
and you're rocking towards the
red and yellow mane of a stallion horse.

It's no good trying to hold your love
where I can't see because I understand
that you're different from me
yes I can tell
that you can't be what you pretend
the caterpillar hood won't cover the head of you
know you should be home in bed.

It's no good holding your sequin fan
where I can't see because I understand
that you're different from me
yes I can tell
that you can't be what you pretend
yes you're spinning around and around in a car
with electric lights flashing very fast...
sykoze Exactly - the false belief of humankind that that its knowledge is entirely accurate; the assertion that we will eventually know everything there is to know.

"All the uncertainty and mistakes of human actions proceed either from the narrowness and wandering of our senses, from the slipperiness or delusion of our memory, [or] from the confinement or rashness of our understanding."
-Robert Hooke

"We know nothing in reality, for truth lies in an abyss."

"Not only science cannot teach us the nature of things, but nothing is capable of teaching it to us, and if any god knew it, he could not find the words to express it. Not only can we not divine the response, but if it were given to us we could understand nothing of it."
-Henri Poincaré

hope i made my point - too lazy to actually write something.
the one this was my thing during my partykid/surfer stage....E x a c t l y, all smooth and drawn out...
y e a...e x a c t l y. like i felt every word. Then it was like an addiction. it fit every senario and was perfect in every situation. That was a happy time in my life. now i never say exactly..it just doesnt fit.
Homeerfelk is always the problem, because nothing is exact 011023
marjorie your warped view is slowly leaving.
you say, "i must be growing up."
what you really should have said is, "oh. uhm... can i go back?"

i will fall over dead amazed
if you ever pay your late fees
at the video store
black_jesus just what i was about to say 040702
Syrope we were both a little tipsy when we went to bed, but i woke up clear-eyed and angry. i was so startled to feel anger first thing...maybe brief confusion and THEN anger, but no, it was so sudden

it wasn't your arm thrown across me. and the injustice in that was so overwhelming.

i had doubted my ability to fall in this kind of love again, but here i am

i don't want anyone but you
chrysalid that's exactly what I was thinking
exactly how I did it
exactly what I found
exactly what I saw
you thought exactly the same way
got the same thing

they say great minds think alike
you think like me
I think like you

kx21 Zero_Margin_of_error... 040802
hsg closer_estimate 061117
what's it to you?
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