dallas I can't believe this word is open!
To do something that would be considered insanity if you were at work or somewhere serious like that.
FooLmOOn i am tired of pretending.
i want to be a spirit that just floats around. watching everyone else... pretending is just not for me. maybe i'll become an indian.
valis i used to like to pretend i was a superhero, like other kids. gradually i started to just imitate pro wrestlers, then rock singers. eventually i just played d&d and pretended on the inside.

i wait tables today.
marjorie when what is important is no longer what can be proved 991221
deb he sits and writes like
an intellectual people-watcher,
and he is
i can smell my own
he was watching me

when your friends got here
he hid his book and pen
and is now acting like a

god, i hate people who can't even
be themselves with their friends...
Joana. If I pretend that I'm alive
Will you notice that I'm faking?
Or will you see the pain reflected in my eyes...
... and try to save me?
No one notices how I pretend these smiles... how I pretend this normal behaviours... except you. But you can't take me away from falsity...
And I'll live my life...
Pretending as always...
helen And tomorrow once again, as I always do, I'll pretend everything is OK even if you ask me; even if I want to cry; even if I"m dying inside; even if... even if I wan to run away. I'll smile pretty for you and you'll think it's genuine because MY plastic smile (Hi Deb) looks like flesh, for I am an artist,and I like to lie. 000110
nothingman is what i do every minute of every day. pertending i'm ok. pertending i'm having fun. pertending i'm happy. always. but i'm so fucking good at it. nobody ever notices. ever. no one has, and no one ever will until one day it will be too late and they will say 'he was such a happy child, with so much potential. he seemed to have everything figured out. he was so confident, so sure. why did he do it? it doesn't make sense" then they will forget about me and my life. i won't have existed and for once will be at peace. 000221
lola don't pretend that you'll get the answers
pretend that you *might* get the answers but have fun trying.
Jon I always do it. It's not fair on U, us them. I nedd to stop but I love you 001006
me? but I dont exist... disillusioned
I thought I was something and now I realize that I am nothing...i'm sorry
twiggie let's play pretend. 001225
quotree "your face is just a mask you wear,
but masks are different faces."
carrot scuse me butt i'm wiv Nola, Zola and Lola so stop stealing mine o.k.
go sac the tree instead. i.e rub it out.
yours truthfully
erin am i pretending
doing everything you expect
am i not letting you in
or are u already in?
are these new feelings a sign?
A sign of love
A sign of nothing
Total Confusion
Yet so clear
You are standing in front of me
Arms outstretched
I can't help but to collapse into them
No more pretending
I need You

( i realized I loved you as I wrote this)
carne de metal I like to pretend I am a cowboy or a sailor; mostly a cowboy though. 020225
Mateo Carne de metal sits the wrong way around in his toilet and pretends he´s a space explorer. 020225
kill rhythm subrosa - pretend

Blood hits the paper as tears hit the floor.
The world minus 3 now, what good is it for?
But why can't I go too?
Oh, put me in the ground with you.

Pretend you're alive
Pretend the world's alright

I want God's paintbrush to make others cry.
Blot out the cheery sun and blacken the sky.
I'm so alone, wanna die.
Please forgive me if I try.

Pretend you're alive
Pretend the world's alright
Oh God, I want them back.
If not, then put me back.
phil pretend
i wrote
that was
real good
and I'll
try to do
it again
phil Pretending She:

I pretend you know what is right
because I believe
I did nothing wrong

in pretending
I never let go

so I will feel wrong
(although I cannot express)
so I can still remember you

my memory of you is
just a shadow to be filled

I pretend I got confused
I pretend it's over
I pretend I don't know what to say

And I pretend not to hurt you
because a part of me
wanted to pretend
I didn't want you

and a part of me was holding on
(what we pretend sometimes comes true)

but I, I was never there

Now I pretend you are gone
and I am sad and lonely
but you are right there
and you don't see
my eyes don't see you

it's been so long
(and can be so wrong)
but all I know
is so right
jg Why should I? I'm so unhappy. 020726
-.:.::eric::.:.- It's all gets burst up, i find, when you finally find a shoulder to cry on. Or someone to hug. Hugs don't mean a lot to some people, but they mean a lot to me. 020727
phil today 020729
Bizzar He likes to pretend he doesnt think about me, or miss me.
He likes to pretend he doesnt need me.
He likes to pretend Im nothing, and he could be without me.
He likes to pretend hes tough.

Normally, I see through all that stone coating he pretends to hanf surrounding his heart. And I know deep down he truly cares, and doesnt want to lose me.

And then he doesnt call me when were supposed to hang out, and goes out drinking all night, and then I dont know whats pretend, and whats not.
Bizzar hanf = have

oopsie ;-)
je55icafletcher to know me. 030404
Big and Awesome Ok i'll be you and you be me and we will see a brand new three. First i'll throw you off of a skyscraper and then you drop me in the mailbox for a visit to shortville and we will meet at the Herb's giant meat market for spices and old shoe deposits hunting down tiny toe and nothing more. I AM YOU PM!!!! 030606
chickee this was the awesomest thing when i was little!! pretend to be a hawk or a hero or a king or anything else! 030613
someone i pretended i didnt love her now she's gone.... going she will never know and i will still pretend like a fucking idiot maybe i will see her in a few years again to tell her but then it'l probably be too late 030910
someone dammit why is life so complicated 030910
young pretender i pretend to know what i'm doing. people around me pretend to understand. we pretend we're not going round in circles.

pretending is just like lying

to yourself.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl true. 040124
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl pretending can help to forget
it can help to heal
it can hurt
it can be fun
it can be painful

sometimes i feel that everyone is pretending
sometimes i feel its just me pretending

pretending takes away drudgery
but once back in the real world
it hurts more than before the pretence
x twisted x im so sick of pretending to be something im not. when will it be ok to be myself? when will it be ok not to hate myself? when will it all stop? why does my imagination become my worst enemy? 040705
someone she came again its been one year
and im still friends with
i think i will never have the courage to her so she will go again exept this time she isnt coming back so i say to myself you shouldnt have anyway it would have scared her away
i hate pretending to myself
young pretender pretend...
i pretend you care.
i pretend not to be hurt by the callous comments you make.
i pretend that i don't have regrets.

but it's hard. hiding the mediocrity. the pain. creating an aura of content to maintain a facade that says 'i'm happy. honestly.'.

pretending is wearing. and i'm tired. i don't know how much longer i can keep this up.
dagmos Borange is a pretend word made up by ross noble 050110
dfg sdfsdf 050421
oh woe is me the only solace to a broken heart 051012
chiselmouth I'd pretend I'm not
what everyone tells me i'm not.
The ache doesn't stop.
I could explain it away
in so many words.
Words brave and wavering.
Words laborious and structured
as any architect's lover

I hate this life.
I hate this skin
and these bones.

The light has gone
out of my people.
In these quiet moments,
after the rise and crest
regret is bitter company.
my bad Perhaps it's all I ever do.
I feel like a little kid with an eye patch and a golf club screaming "Aye, aye matey!" while my mom stares at me and pretends right back like she's interested.
nom we_can_pretend to pretend 060708
nom we can pretend to be tents 060708
three_single_words three_single_words 060824
Mothership Pretend that this sentence doesn't exist. 061004
evilpunkrawker dont pretend who you are,
because i can see right through you,
and it hurts when you lie.
dont pretend to be someone you're not,
because i fell for who i thought you were.
kuffsleeve i wanted to work in London zoo for a few weeks..
to feed the penguins and clean up their poop..
but you have to be a vet to do that.
they had job to work in the shop... but i think its silly what they sell in there... i would prefer to feed the penguins.
KD For I am not who you think I'm merely a the extend of you you wish to see. 100805
flowerock. Pre_tend pre tend to your imagination before you grow up with an under developed one... that's why we pretend as kids... we're tending to our minds. 160611
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