Little Hawk You placed a label on me that fit me like the 501's I never grew accustomed too - that is to say it didn't fit well at all.

The brand is just a tag put on a textile to validate its ridiculous price. Without the tag its all the same in name, perhaps this is the best way to feel the real differences and learn to appreciate some and do what you will with the rest.

My particular brand was never for sale. Nor was it yours to label. Sorry to dissapoint...
Miner Branded by the need for rebellion and change, the inner force smashing me into a new shape, a reinvention of myself, and now all that’s left over from that time gone by, is the trident streak down my arm, forever commemorating a part of my life that died, leaving a new me born afresh into my body, no longer suffering the past. 010509
heavy cola Look, some little girl in Indonesia worked all day and all night to sew on my swoosh, and i'm not cutting it off now 010829
kathie lee gifford i paid her 50 cents a week, and beat her while she sewed. 010829
mips got a $20 bill that says no one's ever seen you without make up
youre always made up

and i'm sick of your tatoos
and the way you dont apreciate Brand New

for me

and i know that youre a sucker
for anything accoustic
but when i say 'lets keep in thouch'
i hope you know i really mean i whish
that you'd grow up

this is the first song for your mix tape
and it's short just like your temper
somewhat golden like the afternoons
we used to spend
before you got too cool

-courtesy of *Brand New*
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