nameless do, not. it stuoid like instead of saying-im going to the park, not. its better to just not say anything 991217
me you cant not get that 000614
Thyartshallshant No, you cant make me! 001230
Agent008 i know you from somewhere? 010118
god piss on me, eulah! 010129
nocturnal don't do that, joe. she's downstairs for fuck's sake. what's wrong with you? I mean, other than that you're drunk out of your mind. I don't care if she is in college and still drinking Boone's straight from the bottle like the bums at Lee Circle. and don't tell me you're about to dump her anyway, I don't care. I wouldn't get involved with someone who would do exactly what you're trying to do now: cheat. I hate cheaters. I'm not sure I want you to teach me how to play the guitar anymore, but who'll teach me now? dammit, now I'll never learn! 010130
lizard she knocked on my bathroom door while i was listening to old voices, flowing through my mind.
"is that cigarette smoke i smell?"
"no, mom. i'm burning candles."
"well, we need to talk."
no, mom... we don't.
god rubber gloves and terrycloth 010131
keeper dont be fooled, watch yourself, most of all, watch out for your heart before it breaks 010418
unhinged talk to me
touch me
look at me
keep up your image for me
ignore me

just whatever you do, don't leave me
phil heck being homeless isn't half bad anymore, it's easy...breezy...everybody has this great perfect life where they get to play the big hero, which still, is just in their head, but there is nothing better to do.
All the things I say, are just words, just appetezizers, they satisfy... "emotions" you need in order to feel consumed in life.
It's all based upon having a good time, every breeze, every thing you see, and all the crazy things happening upstairs.
Welcome to the scenery, it's scary when you are trying to figure it all out, but once you do, and you do for good, it's just the tits man.
There is just nothing better to do, than have a good time with the rookies.
Too much of a good thing, is still a good thing.
You haven't even started, and we're almost done with you.
Watch, if you like what you see, look at that blubber fly!
Attic dust, neutron radio, positive receptors, thrust control, defreibulator, smoke geese, wombat.
Borealis "don't look so sad dear." 040803
super monkey robot team hyperforce go! don't be so antisocial don't listen to that music don't watch so much tv don't be such a bitch don't do this don't do that. how about you tell me something to do. because imtired of hearing don't. 050627
HidingOnTheWall "dont be dealing drugs in front of my house!" 060210
neesh "of which"

goes in place of the otherwise awkward "de que"

eg: je vais acheter les choses dont j'ai besoin pour mon voyage.
x twisted x dont wait to lay your armor down. 061204
what's it to you?
who go