twiggie so content, just sitting there.
vacant eyes and a smile that never seems to fade.
she's torn at the chest and there's nothing left.
but still happy.
unable to feel emotional pain.
teeth marks in her skin,
unable to feel physical pain.
oblivious to the world around,
she'll always be content.
ataraxia she's always there
she relies on me but then leaves me for dead
she tells me stories and thinks i don't know what really happened
she makes me feel like less than i am
she looks to me for help but doesn't see when i need it
she messes up my life
she shouts at people who are my friends
she's always there
she's my best friend
Tiffa She waits for comprehension
a teacher that can wait,
He is looking for someone that never uses words.

She sits alone at home and reads herself to sleep,
asking for ignorance and more helpless everyday.

She wishes for a dousing of her inner flame,
to grow as cold as snow and as empty as a cave.

He will search and become alone,
wishing for a love that will never come,
and she will pray at home,
praying she was the one.

The one to make him see - when he is old and lonely that it was her that could have been the closest.

She wishes he'd come back,
but will hope he cries himself to his death, and wish for her again.
silentbob she's left a footprint on my brain 020820
mr song she's? 070611
what's it to you?
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