allaboutme Sometimes, with OCD perfection, I wish upon irrelevancies... "Okay, if the phone rings within the next five minutes, I'll take that as a sign that he loves me," etc. It is a bad habit. 001223
Jason Hart wishing casts pennies into the pond
round palm frond beating breath
forcing breeze lost and found
clap hand happy fast delight

bright, very bright
User24 when people wish for things it's usually because they dont have the self confidence to make them happen themselves.

Just my opinion.
lost just wishing and wishing and wishing too many times I am just not here 010814
yummychuckle is falling again that I don't get obsessed
with someone I feel
is more fictional than real.
and who is
sooo very my type from what i know.
but what do I know?
star on a falling firework 020704
ethereal wishing I had what you wanted.
what you need.
I'd give it to you.
lucky I am always wishing.
One wish stands out...

I cannot say.

But I love this wish so very very much. For I will never know if it comes true.

Because this wish, this perfect wish...

is to last forever.
Syrope since you told me you LET me watch you, it hasn't been as fun. i can't be sneaky when a smile plays on the corners of your lips and your eyes get a little brighter.

i wish i had the luxury of spending idle hours with you. then i could develop a new plan.

i will find a way to watch you without you knowing. and then the secret of how amazing you are will be revealed. you just wait :)
Mitch Better 150702
what's it to you?
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