djdown make one before you do anything important 980826
Quintessensual When you plan, like me?, it's easy to rack up blathing points. Just go see alphabetica and then what me?'s been doing. Kudos to me? 991123
sheri planning to give my soul to satan as soon as i get done with this level of mercykillers II. 991222
andrea when i was twelve, i made a four page list of all the things i would take with me when i ran away to los angeles. i thought i could wear five pairs of underoos, with some shorts and pants and a long skirt over it. i'd have on a few shirts and a jacket. i figured i would take everything of value i had. i was planning on selling the treasured flute i loved to play and that my mother had saved to buy me. but i couldn't remember that. all i could think of was how much i wanted to leave-to break away from her and the control she had on my life. i did not even consider the loss she would suffer. or how it would be to live without a mother. i thought that once i was in la, a talent scout would find me and i would become a star. piece of cake. but, packing was harder than i thought it would be. all of my things didn't fit so neatly into the bags i had chosen. i walked the eight blocks to the bus stop and took the bus downtown. it was scary so i went home. i've always wondered what would've happened if i had gone through with my little scheme. 991222
dropout So what's the big deal about whether your parents planned you or not. I mean, if anything, it's quite a distinction to break into this world despite all the obstacles of modern contraception. All of us accidents should be quite pleased with ourselves. 000124
WoNDERGIRL my plan is simply to grow up (somehow) and run away to Las Vegas with my Jamie to get married and have a daughter and name her Catera

i don't know much else
silentbob Call it libertarian 'cos we do as we please
don't eat fear, afford some faster no morality
the morals are in substitute concern in someone's ear
we're basically a by product at home, I think it's clear
The plan, the plan
There's nothing like the bible,there's no lesson to be learned
It ain't the 10 commandments got, nor things written in stone
He has to do with freedom and personal liberty
I don't fuck with you, don't fuck with me
The blueprints of a better world
were printed on a postage stamp
No one bothered to read the front
stick out their tongue to lick the back
The plan, the plan
If you're not part of the cure,
you're part of the disease
father time will tell us who concedes
The blueprints of a better world
disguise getting rebelled as fortunes
Ten thousand chinese restaurant
customers prefer not to read
and when they're done don't think, just leaving
a turning point with all the plan.
pat sajak i am the commander of the clit! 020306
Ivonna H. these pretzels are makin me thirsty!!! 020307
semper there in none 020921
david a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow 030927
neesh do you ever find that the more you plan, the less you do? 060622
what's it to you?
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