Lisa release me, or talk to me. that would help me. 000218
Lisa god. why was 'clear' not in here? 000218
seven inch nails I'll talk to you lisa. Lisa is my favorite name. If you hadn't got sick and tired of this brainsucking bad poetry, I might have thought you were a gay man. Because Lisa is way too sexy a name for someone who needs this agravation. I knew a Lisa when I was quite young. It's maybe the only example of mutual attraction in my whole life. 001229
valis let me make this perfectly clear:
i'm invisible,
Sol Are you a mirror?
are you water?
Find truth
Sol Haiku are fun!! 010303
Laura is my vision,
before you blocked my path.
clear is my voice,
before you made it tremble.
clear is my mind,
before you changed my methods.
clear is my heart,
it wants only you.
confusion The rulers of language are beautiful and also multifarious.... but who's really teaching us this? How is the information being sorted? Well, I guess I'm doing it to myself. I should go visit "cruelty" my old hangout and see if I'm talking to myself yet. 010521
cruelty? pay no mind, just wondering how these things are constructed 010521
laugh you,us,foever,everything 011110
blackie crystal clear moonbeams float through the glass into
my bed.
stars glow from beneath my pillow.
there must be something more than this in another
sometimes it makes me feel awake.
the craters in my palms drift and fall into pieces.
the void in my brain flooded with salt from a dry
girl_jane Some people are so transparent. So why does he have to keep the shades pulled tight... 020310
little wonder the only word i wanted to make in chinese characters 020310
blown cherry There's the happiness as the sunrise fills your room,
there's the dark as it fails to penetrate mine. This permanent cloud that hangs out my window casts gloom on the clear visions I've sought.

Startlingly bright on the one hand, I can forget so easily how dank it is down here. Clear skies and stolen matt finish paper dance before me and morph into clear images of a better life.
So high I can't see this far down.
Is it an illusion? Is it just out of sight? Can I stay up there on the swing? Maybe I can adjust the chains so the swing sits a little higher.
Or is that just fantasy...

From the dark spot everything is clear too. Details that the colour hides are stark and cold in greyscale. Twinkles of light are mere reflections. The situation not so much depressing as just hateful.

I can't hide inside you anymore.
I have to make this better.
what's it to you?
who go