ravensfears When life fails you, what do you have left? 020208
girl_jane When life fails you, you plead with it to let you pass. Or you retake it. You need the credit to graduate. 020208
scuzz Some lives are unforgiving, seemingly rejoicing in one's pain and tears of desparation for that single passing grade. So important is everything with the potential of failing us that we lose ourselves in "getting on their good side" which only leads to unhealthy actions. So many 'things' have failed me, and I find myself at this utter stand still, not in time, like the cliche says, but just in myself; in my own routine, ironicly even my life. What is there when life fails you? What say you unable to simply come in before class and retake it? Let it out and move on, even though you're still missing what's gone. They say life carries on. "Grades" are only so important; everything else is chocolate goodness. 021203
erazure words only fail me at a time like this

what i had and what i have isn't

what's it to you?
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