deb let me slither
into dreamland
with a smile upon
my lips

let me dream
of silver moonbeams
and let me give them names

let me swim with the dolphins
in the clear blue ocean depths
gliding through the waters
until i know i'm free


let me curl up there beside you
and rest my head there, comfortably
and let me stay there
for a while...

while i smile
while i sleep..
tas if i say pot here, and you click it, you might be in a forum about marijuana, or the pots you cook with. what if i just type crap: hjifdoafneaiofned. hmmmmmmm poop. weiord weirdness has just occured. this is crazy. how'd they make this place, and how did so many forums get created without them being completely empty. how am i in THIS forum. argh 010408
tas cloves. kyle. 010408
catherine allow.

giving up power.

god, I hate doing that.
weaving sunlight let me go 040224
ethereal DON'T


me lose...

the will to learn.

the will to fight.

the pain inside.

the love of life.

the knowledge of power.

the need to play.

the want of you.

the ability to go on.
psychogeographer Let T(x) be true for all x's such that x is a thing.

Then for any x, if T(x), then there exists some x' such that T(x') and if x' is not x, then there exists some x'' such that T(x'') and x is x''.
Somebody calls you....

Let It Be
what's it to you?
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