jade ...the first big lie. the universal lie. the lie upon which elaborate expectations are founded. 980828
charley yourself. 980907
jake food is nice. It's better if it's good food, though. 980910
caty speech. I mean you have to be responsible with it. The Internet is not an excuse to be irresponsible and/or vulgar. 981006
drew it means that you don't get to decide for me what is irresponsible and vulgar. it means you are only your own authority. therefore, fuck fuckity fuck with a big lump a shit on top is just another possible combination of words available to me. 981007
adam is something i don't understand..the most precious things in life, love, happiness, ambition...all destroy freedom. 990211
daxle several species, that seems human to me 990525
ricmariem you CANT have it when your life has a direction and youre working towards it 991117
kr8 is a state of mind
you can try to decide what i say or do
but if i do it anyway, free i am
the only time we lose freedom
is when it is given away - freely
by beleiving a lie
or playing by rules
or having a low tolerance for pain
the only person who has ever made me
less than free
was me
valis free is nice. but eventually you have to trust someone. and that means putting your foot in the trap and hoping that you're not the prey. 991209
lion as we progress towards infinity...
a desire will be rekindled
for a Freedom beyond freedom
(if only I could just Be)
koti to be free from these tangled webs which i haved deemed to be my life, is quite possibly another empty dream of mine. 000108
Zoe god, i live that word. i feel very free right now. the more taste you have of freedom the more you want it. 000718
zavyman Free to be different
To act in one's own way
To test reality
Explore the world
Make a difference
To free yourself

Free to be
Just be.
Glory Box priceless. 001129
J.D. Blackfoot It's Crazy Horse! It's Crazy Horse!
And I wish you were here to see!
'Cause I got Yellow Hair!
Cornered at the Big Horn!
And I'm about to Set Him Free!
Rebecca Ah, the burden, the weight of chaotic discord has lifted with being informed.
The path ahead may be unsteady, but the power of choice is mine.
My will is to be.
Relief is like floating on a cloud
or eating chocolate.
Megan Impossible. When, in this world, are you truly free? When it really matters? you can't freely decide to cross the street, because if you decide that, the catch that comes along with it is the possibility of being made into road kill. Besides, this is America. Who in this society is truly free? 001216
george freedom is free of the need to be free 010119
danielle think for yourself. question authority.

when you think for yourself you are free. free from conformity.. the burden of someone elses opinion...

think for yourself.
question authority.
d "vaulting, veering, vomiting up the values that victimized me.
feeling vast,
feeling virginal...
was this how he felt?
this verve, this vitality..
this vision.

la voie.. la vérité.. la vie"

-- V for Vendetta, A. Moore
unhinged SOLDIER
they kept a roof above his head
a fine set of chains
he'd do what they said
for now
lie in wait
growing stronger
join me now, come on join my army
he saw the ground beneath his feet
a war-painted face that he had gathered up off the street
nothing smells as sweet as the aftermath
when you're a soldier
come on join my army
here's the plan
we'll make them pay for this
not every man is born free

frank silver, ivet
mmm i set was set free on november 21st, 2000, it is a day i will never forget. 010402
Chrity go to:
stu never refuse free food 011015
calypso calling i am imprisoned, but i am free...
in a gilded cage for all to see.
an open door, but i can't get out...
so this is what life's about.
LadakhBuddhess all suffering will cease
and the words will flow once again
more beautiful than before
reitoei free? or free-as-in-beer?
nothing's ever free. theres always a hidden cost or maybe some little feeling of commitment. i wish some things could be free. even when you try to give something completly free to someone, they seem to feel it isnt, that they have some kind of debt to you. everyone says they want something for free, but they always refuse anything you try to give.
Invisible Butterfly i wish i was free , free from this fucking hell that i'm living in , free from all my worries , free from everything , but most of from myself 020525
late bloomer free your mind , the rest will follow 021002
Strideo Free your body and soul
Unfold your powerful wings
Climb up the highest mountains
Kick your feet up in the air
You may now live forever
Or return to this earth
Unless you feel good where you are

coldmeshach SE,t them free so they can kill anyone they want REmove the pesticides so the spiders can get to the vineyard.

DOn't kill anybody
Stick them in cubicles
The bell rings
The lights blink
Its time for lunch
Theres no driving
You sit and watch the city go around you
The beautiful blue skies....
The machine goes around the city, just like all the other numbers around the circle of digits.
Everyones safe here.

Hello My name is ______ and my hobby is to:
Sell Crack
Be a Dictator
Put out fires
Stop Crime
Be a Socialist
*silent screams How do u free yourself from the thoughts that seem to haunt you the most?
or the fear that you know you don't have it in you to overcome?
or the choices that have to be made, decisions that aren't allowed to be rethought? How do you free yourself from the web...when all you do is free your mind before the spider makes itz way towards you....maybe i already answered my own question...yet i choose to ignore the obvious. I'll never learn...
phil Free is, like so many other of man's misconceptions, impossible, and so many things that you believe are impossible, aren't. To be truly free is more complicated than anyone who's is not free could understand. Therefore you cannot try to be free. Instead you must allow others be free, and you might not like freedom as much as you thought. But for some people, who can handle this sort of thing, the idea of freedom is simply no longer a burden. 030204
*silent screams I'm shaking on the inside, u leave me here to die as i wait for your next touch.
Everytime you touch me i can feel it running through my body, almost like your inside...trying to free the way i know i really feel.
trixie I want to free my body of itself sometimes, but then I wonder, can it really be done? 030401
niska didn't you already tell me these things the last time?

oh yeah... i was drunk. ok, i'll pretend i care now.
Ambience Just as sure the stars shine through the clouds to kindle the shadows below,
Your lips curve into a subtle grin, and set my soul aflame.
Just as the wind tickles the leaves to make the trees dance,
run your fingers through my hair and send my heart adrift.
Just as the rain clings to the tip of your nose as long as it can before falling to nothing,
Those tears you bring are once again born in my eyes to die at the corners of my smile.
And like staring at the midnight sky, drenched in summer's rain and cooled by the sweet, gentle breeze...
-You set me free.
Mesdup the first need for freedom
came at a time when i was
not allowed to be free.

i was told to conform,
told to do what's right.
go to church, go to school,
go to bed, brush your teeth,
told smoke dope, dont drink
too much, dont do _____ too much.

and along the way, i broke every rule.
my life fell down the staircase a couple of times, but i realized something along the way. i was free.

i'm no longer free, i'm a slave to society. only in childish bliss or adult sin can you be free. and even then it's simply ignorance or apathy that drives you to believe you are truly free. it's a night on the town, or a sunny afternoon on the porch. it's the simple pleasures that allow us to, at least, believe we are free. and why not become delusional in a world where you are never free. believe you are free, and you will become free.

p.s.- free candy bars are teh r0x
Death of a Rose Here is my space. In it I am free. Everything in it is mine (yes that's possesive but screw it, it's true). So don't fight it any longer, come to me in the cold, cold night. Fresh detectives we are in this space. Maybe I should put some windows in. 031009
falling_alone ...

those ads on tv, ces't penible...

ie: and with the purchase of such and such you will recieve this free gift set!

my mind screams out at that, true you dont have to pay for 'said' item that is the bribe, but initially you DO have to pay for SOMETHING afterall ("with the PURCHASE of...")

MeKoy what is free people say your free but yet your just waiting to be set free deep down inside. 031226
ethereal free to smile, and free to fly
free to love and free to cry
here she plays with the bright sky
and she's smiling, she's a butterfly

soaring higher tilting rays of light
she's breathing again, here in flight
the truth exists, the butterfly doesn't fight
everything here, everything here is right

this is what it's like to be free
like the roots of the greatest oak tree
when you stop denying, and truly see
here butterfly, you are free to be
pete away from the sun
and within the calm shade
together with love
and safe from harm's way

there you are standing proud
shining off your free light,
you star of the west,
keeping me happy when i'm not at the best.

free to dance with whom you please
free to run and play in the breeze

dear meg now you are free
and free and wise
as only you can be
Candy Even Americans are not free. No one is ever truely free. You are only free when you reach the gates of heaven. You are not free even then because you will forever belong to God. You are a slave to God and even though it seems hard to believe... that's the way it is. SO GET USED TO IT! Earth is just a temporary home.

Nothing in this world is free from any other being. We are all linked in some way or form.

How can you be free when someone tells you what you can and cannot watch on T.V.? How are you free when you are forced to go to school, forced to wear certain clothes in gym class, forced to eat stupid food because it's "good" for you!?

Set me free. I feel like I'm trapped in this stupid state called Indiana. I feel like I've been sucked into the black abyss of Indianapolis, never to return to the sweet smell of the desert.
pete religion is a blindness. a toxic mural. it limits the freedom one can feel. we belong not to god, unless your god is the millions of billions of trillions of lifeforms which all influence one another, and the even larger number of nonlife-forms that exist. they are the only god, adn they are each individuals... religion is a chain you done on yourself.

but then.. what worldview isnt?
gay gay 040401
lou_la_belle i wish you were free...not in the sense that you're "taken" but in the sense that YOU, your soul, your essence or whatever, was free. 'Cause i can see that it's not, and that makes me sad for you. what a world you are missing out here. 040602
kx21 * Parallel_Sayings *

Woman_with_NO_pants (florescent light)

Human with NO knots...
daxle don't talk to me
for about a week
i'm sorry it just hurts to explain...
kx21 The M Function of Man_talk / Woman_Nag:-

To untie the Knot(s)...
Finger * Knots * 040612
Moon Nothing = Zero Knots 040611
dosquatch The more you try to control the knots,
The more knots you have to control,
And the more the knots control you. 040611
dosquatch Or, don't sweat the small stuff. Same dif. 040611
SA good_point 040611
.... What_a_wonder_you_are 040611
:) What's_the_'point'!!! 040611
daxle you sure know how to crap on something 040612
kx21 So as you & everybody else...


:) Amen. 040612
One OM... 040612
puredream ever? 040630
Borealis when?? 040630
Deomis They say that we are free, but they are blind to the shackles of iron that chain us to this earth. 040830
laced free is the choice to live or die,
to move or lie,
to give or take.
You will always have one of these things
rage the idea used to make me happy
now it makes me cry

the one thing i want i need
the one thing thats out of reach

like the bird flying low, just skimming the water
Ryan eyes 050630
Ash a Ley Is the mind when the soul is at rest 060507
bricks I'm not happy but at least I'm free again. And I hate her, because I lived for her and only for her for so long. I was entirely dependent on her for happiness. I've come to the conclusion that I would rather be free than happy. It sickens me to even think about. 060507
nom free_love 061030
forever Remember, you are free to be Ye!

("But I just want to be Me.")

Wikipedian was never real, and can hardly be believed - he called but only got her voicemail, a recording of a bat screeching in a cage, while below on the street a man snuck under a pushcart to masturbate to the site of the undercarriage 140821
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