dallas The more you see, the more you wish you could not.
blind once, i saw my parents having sex. 980917
Pacia On the 405 highway in Los Angeles, there is a sign for the Blind Institute. Does this seem ironic to other than me? 981107
ditzah i wish i was deaf more than i wish i was blind. 990623
5446 its fine to see your parents having sex,
its not right to watch
lokkust i really enjoy those blind dead movies 991124
v we are all but blind in the matters of the heart 991203
marjorie if i were blind... i wouldn't have to see you bleeding. 991217
jennifer I don't want you to leave 991226
andrea of course i see what
you've done to me
but don't you know
i don't want you to go away
it will all be different tomorrow
you love me, i know, i know
i always do the wrong thing
gaudior of course i fear my future,
veiled in darkness
and covered in shadows.

yet what i fear more
is the overpowering and destructive
light on my past, destroying all in its path.

i'll take the darkness.
Tiffa Go Blind

its so hard to believ
self discrimination
you're doomed - you know it
it all ends the same
why do you try?
you're doomed - you know it

you see things so clear
but how do you love?
Can you see through your invisible veil?
inhale my perfume
taste my skin
Can you see through your invisible veil?

go blind - you'll love me
go blind - you love me
go blind
I love you
go blind
Silent Bob i was not blind. i could see perfectly that she would destroy me. but i thought for some reason it was worth it.
and i was not blind when i finally realized i was wrong, and that Someone New was what i needed. and thats just what i got.
Splinken when i was 8 i used to tie a scarf around my head so that i couldn't see. then i would wander around the house for hours. it was fun.

my grandma saw me doing this and said:
"That's what Lolo's life is like."
nottellinya Loaded past the neck
I can beat you past me
But I can't beat you past yourself
Whenever I trip out
I trip over you
But I can never pick myself up
Whenever I strike out
I'm held and the world stands still
And stares at me
You stare at me
All the easy options crumble
Whenever I think of the alternatives
The bad side
When it hurts so bad that I can't breath
I've given my soul away
Without noticing
I'm armoured to the teeth
So I can't move
And you get me from the inside out
When I'm alone
I attack myself
When I'm with you
I forget what I'm doing why I'm doing it
Who I am
Who I used to be
I never care
I held my hands up to the sunlight
That beamed back through the sea
And I burned you
And you returned the pain to me
I never thought it could be intentional
When I put a million things together
And come up without nothing
I can stare into the black
And see you as you are
I can speak to you
And feel my head clouded with a million doubts
I didn't know I was trying
Holding the gun to your throat
In my nervous state
I just might fire empty bullets
I just might crumble
I was kicking the wall
Kicking out
Kicking your face
I didn't know what else to do
I ran out of things to say to myself to make it all right
You're so locked in
That I can't get you out
Wasted everything
There is no hope at the bottom of my mind
I can't reach you
Waking up alone
And not really waking up at all
In a state of helplessness
Looking out
I can't see you
skaaraab the man at the bus stop
with his red-tipped white cane

not much older than me

the odd scars on either side of his temple

and i knew

ihs optic nerves had been severed by a bullet

i wondered if he had pulled the trigger himself or if he had been somone's victim

even more than life

the fates can be some twisted bitches
close your eyes and visualize what shall be related to you
you will think of all else that surrounds you as being like an infinite sea of darkness.
crc The state of lacking the perception of sight. Of being incapable of vision. 001103
yellow skull hey pacia, ok fucking duh there's a fucking sign for the blind inst. do you think that no sighted people ever go there to hang out/learn. or what if yr the taxi driver taking the blind person to the inst. dont think yr ignorance is witty 010712
black-dyed gel product good ol' oedipus, cruel cruel fate 010712
Judas October I dont want to play a game
whose rules say I can never win
My dead eyes contemplate you
Turnin gon your fatalistic grin
Tighten your grip on me I slip away
To somewhere yet unseen
It's easy to step back from the brink
To which you have never been

And you're all dead anyway
So who cares about you
You're all dead anyway
Casey I wish I was blind, this way I would never have to look into the past again. 011007
the one i sometimes think id be blind without you. but ive never wanted to see. because what would i do without you're direction and without you loving me? 011010
CheapVodka There was once a little blind girl who desperately wanted to see. So she went to her mom and asked her, "Mommy, when will I be able to see?" With a sad smile she replied, "Well sweetie, today we'll go to the doctor and get a special cream to make you see." The little girl was so happy. So that day the little girl and her mom went down to the doctor and got the cream. That night the the little girl's mom rubbed the cream all over her eyes and rapped her face all up in bandages. The next morning the little girl woke up and stumbled to her mom's room. She woke up her mom with complete excitement. "Mommy, Mommy, quick take the bandages off so I can see!" Her mom slowly unraveled the bandages till she finally got them all off. The little girl opened her eyes to see nothing but the same black as she'd always seen. "Mommy, it didn't work, I still can't see!" Then her mom replied, "I know dear, April Fools!"

Ha Ha Ha
Danielle Dierking Colorblind
My tears melt my anger,
until I am dissolved
and unrefined.

My eyes, once full of life and laughter
are now inverted and swollen,
now colorblind.

My thoughts, formerly undecayed and all right,
slip into emptiness.
Chaos in my mind.

My aches will not break away,
they are tangled and intertwined.
In the end it is always me
who is left behind.
becclebee what do we choose to see 011223
syncraticK you are blind, but you will not lead. 020131
Mahayana [the way i see it:]

i may perhaps be sightless
however i show the way with
my empathy
& not...the gaze

i observe with audible range
and savor with manipulation
aromas you shall by no means draw closer towards understanding
i sense with my nose
lay a hand on with my presence
i mustn’t be obliged to witness
2 recognize that when i exceed on by
i finger upon your delicate freedom

:: the sound ::
the resonance of fear rising two chairs greater than this
the sound of fear whispering in face of me :i am unsighted not unable to hear to you nor your traditions in existence:

yet i glimpse what i need to distinguish
i observe what a privileged supremacy
consecrated me to perceive

[in my shortfall; i have expanded]

[the way you should see it:]

i may be blind
but i lead with
my heart
& not...the eyes

i watch with my ears
and taste with fingertips
flavors you shall never come to know
i smell with my nose
touch with my presence
i do not have to see
2 know that when i pass on by
i touch upon your personal space

:: the sound ::
the sound of fear rising two chairs over
the sound of fear whispering in front of me :i am blind not death to you nor your ways in life:

yet i see what i need to see
i see what a higher power
blessed me to see

[in my loss; i have gained]
Mahayana [meet me on a corner & ill sign this 2 yOu someday] 020131
Grievance Today I went snowboarding. When I was on the mountain, and coming out of one of the buildings to head back up the mountain, there were two people in front of me. One had on an orange vest that read, "Guide for the blind" and the other had on a yellow vest that read, "Blind Skier". The blind one dropped his hat, and uttered,"oops". and he just turned his head around to the direction of where he dropped it from, but he never bent his neck to the ground. I picked it up, held out my hand, and said, "here you go." He said thanks, and reached out and took it. Then turned around, walked around the obstacles and caught up to his 'guide.' The perception of this person without eye vision amazed me. I wondered if he used the sound reverberating off of things to go around that obstacle, and to know where my hand was to reach out and accept his hat. I've heard that's what happens. When one thing dies, the others become ever more alive. Or perhaps he wasn't totally blind, and could see the shadows of things about him, like a premonition to his other senses upon which he relies more heavily. People can be truly amazing. 020131
Mahayana east || west
blind sided

[we're right || we're right]
[you're wrong || you're wrong]

[{both sides blind²}]

blind sided
Gin Ale How would you explain to a blind man
what the stars look like?
Would you say "They're up in the sky
up really high, and they twinkle"?
The blind man would think awhile,
Contemplating the information
and then reply,
"Now what's the sky look like?"
or, "What's twinkling?"
The truth is, the blind man might not even know
the sky changes color at night.
He could not imagine how vast and high the sky is
Or how baby blue can change to orange, the pink, then purple, and blue again,
only darker.
Nor could he imagine dissapearing and comming back.
That is twinkling.
The world is a lot smaller for the blind man.
He doesn't worry about anythinge beng beautiful or ugly to the eye.
Nor does he care.
Because for the blind man,
the world is just as beautiful
as he makes it up to be.
phil Point to the sign, I can't see it.
The sign shows the way. Point to the way. No don't point, you have to show me, I can't see. Here take my hand, point the way. I can't walk alone, lead the way. Where are you going? Don't be ignorant, I need to be somewhere in half an hour. Where do I need to be?!! I need to see the king, you silly jack ass. Take me to see him, and there might be something in it for you. No? Then just point to the sign. What sign??!! Well that sign, right...where did that go, hey you come back here with that sign!

Oh what does this old man want, NO I can't show you anything. You can't see. Oh alright, here look, there it is. Oh bother, why must you bother asking me? Where do you need to go. Look I can see fine, and I don't see why you need to be anywhere. Oh ya like where? What like this sign over here?
blaber mouth Blinded by the way you think things should be but arent sarrow to the Blind 020718
thea i miss andrea so much. i don't know why. she went to cty, but we weren't in the same class or anything, and she was older than me. we just talked sometimes. but i miss her so much. i was in p-town and i saw this femme/butch couple, terrifically f/b, and one of the women was short and cropped-hair, but one of them was wearing colorful clothes and a dark ponytail and i think maybe a hat. anyway, the femme woman looked like andrea. andrea was excused from going inside at the end of dances and she always wore dark glasses. she had some kind of sensitivity to light. one day i saw her going up the stairs with another girl's arm around her, but i don't think they were together.
on the last night andrea was crying so hard. i hugged her because i was less afraid of hugging people there. he even hugged me once. i asked if it was her last year, she said no, i said, "well, at least you'll come back." because everyone wants to come back afterward. she sniffled and said it wasn't just cty. she walked off and i followed her because i thought she was going to tell me what the matter was. but she didn't. i'm sorry i didn't make her tell me because i miss her so much now.
jolie I can see what you see not
Vision milky with eyes rot

I cast you now to the halls of the blind
wicked plaything jolie seems to have it all
jodie seems to have nothing
anne breathe in and close your eyes. now, can you see the light?

carefully taking each step in the dark until we emerge on the other side. i believe we are one.

i'm not scared when you hold my hand. i feel.
raccoon . 030727
racc00n h 030727
Mandijabster When I grow up...I want to be a lawyer (or a doctor...surgeon..yea).

I have 20/200 vision.

As Becky said, instead of being Legally Blonde, I can be Legally Blind

anon blind is confusion. blind is ignorant confusion. walking in the dark and not even caring or even acknowledging that its dark. BLIND 031027
eliese is better.
ignorance is bliss.
Stupid people are happy.
I wish I were stupid.
I wish I were blind.
Then I could have sex with the ugly dirty old man in the alley and think it was actually Tom Cruise.
Everything would be beautiful.
Blind is better.
fetal musings we are all so fucking blind. and i hope i don't push you away 031122
ivyducktwilightseto I can see what you see not
Vision milky then eyes rot
When you turn they will be gone
Whispering their hidden song
Then you see what cannot be
Shadows move where light should be
Out of darkness
Out of mind
Cast down into the Halls of the Blind
ferret lol, old school style! wow, i'm such a computer gork 031122
sneezing not wanting to see. not being able to see. blinded by anything...a source that comes to steal your sense away. 031207
karl the weed ha, thats from diablo. i like that poem thing 040125
kermits_perfect_rainbow_/^\ if everyone were blind, would we miss it? makes you think. Maybe we use to have some other sense, but now nobody remembers. 040212
RegentLion even a blind chicken will find food once in a while 040329
amy_nomnus i once saw a blind man trip down the stairs! it cracked me up, i was even laughing while calling the paramedics!!! 040329
pete in this time of silent years between here and there, far from everywhere the world whspers and recedes. it cannot be seen, we are blind to it, but always it is present. the myriad of all things take my hand and guide me into this new world, showing what cannot be seen by mortal eyes. i listen to the trees and themoss and the leaves and the snails and the fluttering moths that take up the breeze and leave my dim divine sight as soon as they arrive and are recongized. i stand alone, never ever alone, and i wonder why. without an answer the world shows itself as fit, without an answer the universe no longer is required to make sense. without morals we spin through the downfalling snow and fly into the sky reaching for the hope we think exists.... "I was asleep while others suffered/I feel in a dream now/Tomorrow when reality solidifies/Will today be but that dream?" 040330
Emma Adamson "How now I see, my eyes are blind, use my touch, my taste and my sounds" 040413
JdAwG "There's something wrong something so very wrong
that's all that I know
Sitting up all night yeah I'm up all night
where did my composure go
Everything is racing
Try to understand this
What have I started?
My passion takes advantage
On and on and on again, Underrated.
How could I have been so blind?
I've missed the signs so many many times
took it all for granted yet another mistake that I can't retake,
blew all of my chances I'm only dreaming
my heart keeps scheming but I could never notice,
Notice that she's something, she's something,
she's something, she's something underrated
I've figured it out yeah I've figured it out there's nothing I can do.
Cuz it's too late oh it's too late at least I know she's something
She's something, she's something,
she's something underrated
How could I have been so blind?"

Planet Smashers - Blind
.. to what? 040627
puredream forgiven. 040627
Ivory do you have to see it to believe it 040707
bettyisntme "Thought is real.
Physical is the illusion."
oblique Would you believe someone if you knew they saw everything as edges and guessed the bits in the middle?

We're all blind.
Endy In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed are kings... 070530
tie backs if it's blind then it's bound to be a bind. 070531
on the bus sometimes i kiss the sky
and it kisses me back
i arch my head back
and feel
its vibration
moving my tounge
my lips
i say i kiss the sky
but ive also kissed the ocean,
the sun,
and heard the song of many a soul
singing through my headphones.
. . 131107
Zsiga blind to the truth
my words mean nothing
like a stranger
a language never heard
eyelids glued shut
fingers searching
will my viewpoint
ever mingle with yours
pleading heart
that once alive
nourished by faith
only answers remain
what's it to you?
who go