Shar the oldest warm fuzzy known to humankind. 000216
bejunked soft, deep, wet, hard, light, friendly, tender, loving, lusty, searing, invasive, wanting, slow, warm, needy, tentitive, first, drunken, fleeting, numbing, grazing, biting, intimate, cold, meaningless, firey, cleansing, airy, dehabilitating....etc 001002
caite i love you when you kiss my neck crushing your lips against me and when you tickle me and slowly run your hand across the brim of my face your burnished soul drizzling into mine you coat it with a frosty burn leaving me surrounded by that musk you drape me in- a cape me stranded surrounded only by the lonely winds and whine of the computer screen. 001022
virgo78 so often feel like mercy
they should substitue for currency
OM more so than any of the other carnal impulses she inspires, my greatest longing is to see her covered with nothing but the warmth of my kisses agains her skin

but all this remains fantasy unless and until i know whether or not she considers me worthy of her considerable charms (of which beauty is but one)
stryper fan #1 the ace frehley kiss, the vinnie vincent kiss, and the bruce kulick kiss were three different kisses. 001104
silentbob neck
caite mwaa! *smooch* 001110
mrspace should always taste like warm, secret promises and peppermint 010101
Laura I remember every little thing that happened with him Sunday.
First a bookstore,
where we spent our wime trying to piece which music went to which movie, we never figured that out did we?
We think it might have been the theme to E.T.
Then we drove, in his van, talking the entire time,
I was smiling so big,
he made me feel so giddy,
we missed every restauraunt but one,
a fast food chicken place,
we got take out,
We drove to his place.
It's was anything but romantic,
the smell of cat urine outside,
dirty clothes on the floor,
a gatorade jug used as a makeshift table,
we talked,
he rubbed my neck,
we flirted,
then it started,
he rubbed my neck and slid his cheek against mine,
he rubbed his lips across each cheek then he kissed my lips,
frenzied movement,
he showed what he liked,
we didn't go far,
the kissing was perfect by itself.
I want more of those kisses.
It's been two days,
we have not spoken,
I hope this older man does not regret our hour of passion,
god knows I can' forget.
Fire&Roses All those times we never knew. We came close but we never knew. And then one night with a question and an answer we did. And we knew we needed it. I needed you your strength your rough beauty. And you wanted me you loved me. Your touch was like fire. I could never get enough, but what I remember most are your kisses. Slowly melting me into a puddle. The first time... when we were afraid of what it would mean. Then we knew and we weren't afraid any more. The fear wasn't as important as the magic. The slow rushing together... simple oneness 010723
paigeamalaige I have wasted thoudsands of kisses on you... kisses that I thought were special because of your lips and your smile and all your color and life. I used to think that was the real you, when you smiled. But now I know you didn't mean any of it. You just save it all for your songs. Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed do tight. 010907
starved after the one, i want more.

time and distance however will leave me with these cravings for the forseeable furture

the perfect drug
sunshine beg Isn't it amazing how one moment can alter your perception? One caress from the right person can send your whole body in shock, senses reeling, mind spinning. Once you get back to reality is when it starts getting complicated... 011105
Syrope you've never really been one for kissing, and so i settled for less. but that night under those stars i sighed and closed my eyes and suddenly your lips were against mine. were you waiting for me to close my eyes? to sigh? for the stars to shine on me in just that intensity? i think i like this game. 020612
xxx the thing i miss most from the evil one. his were perfect. more than anyone elses. if only he wasnt the devil. 020720
Brandy Your kisses, like creamcheese
Smooth, rich, and sinful
On my lips
sarah Can be sweet and delightful, but yet full of hate. 020924
Laura I am marrying that older man.
He called me back.
charlie leave me feeling empty lately 031202
Death of a Rose deftly left upon my scarred skin. 031221
sara the heartbreaker so quiet, another moon light kiss, robbed of all its passion. 040227
sarah his kisses leave me breathless and only wanting more and more until i suffocate and die in the most beautiful ecstacy i could possibly imagine 040508
Deomis Hershey's
pete ... are absent on a long vaction 040509
sahba feel good 040509
phil deeper than pools of lonliness. This road remembered for years, traveling behind closing eyes. To touch your hand, in a confused action filled with love.
Leaving again, in a flash, to wallow in flirted thoughts; tightened stomach.
sahba i think its only if you mean it so must be mistaken 040826
sahba damn deppression can make you things you dont want to 040826
nevergotone so very deeply yearning for them 050804
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