Zero Hemmingway once told a young fellow to "Never mistake motion for action" More ture words were never spoken. As we hustle and hurry all day speeding and crawling at the same pace to get absolutly nothing accomplished. 000219
amy you tell a story,
the world is telling the story...
what of you
the world
the story
marjorie it MUST be followed by an action
or everyone will be bored
and get up and leave
and then what'll you do.
sure, you'll have their money
but will you have their respect?
WORK To work action is to be in a state a pure bliss. All things mesh into a greater understanding of nature, and all is at peace... until

You rip a sweet CALL OUT!
kx21 What consituted action?

kx21 What constituted action?

kx21 The Secret_code of M_theory on action?

kx21 ? 020322
click propelling motivation and subsiding my urges to smoke more pot. 020521
Syrope sure, romantic comedies and dramas and artsy foreign films aren't always *realistic* and unique...

can we
just have SOMETHING ...ANYTHING happen, that has a snowflake's chance in hell of happening in the real world? i think i don't like pure-action movies 'cause there's no feelings, no emotion, no thought, no weakness, no depending on other people, no adjusting to new circumstances...just plowing through a weak plot with lots of fake fight scenes...i might be able to predict the plot of a chick flick, but i can predict LINES in an action movie. god...
i guess i just can't relate to something that's about one person coming in and taking care of everything and overcoming everything effortlessly with only the predictable and never-fatal setbacks and ending up about the same as they started except people love them more cause they fixed shit...much less when it's peppered with impossible physical feats that are obviously computer-enchanced and all the discrepancies.
when it's over my eyes are just tired from staring at the flashing lights coming from the box in front of me. my brain comes back and is "oh, was i supposed to stick around? cause i tried to process about 2 seconds of that but none of it matched anything you've ever done or thought about or cared about so i took a nap...oh shit, i forgot to set the auto-blinker didn't i? lemme get on some tears for that"

i'm usually up for most anything, and can glaze over and sit through it and not mind, but recently its just been...irritating.
Lizzy Price Hello friend,
Every medication less the price as never
Hurry up!
what's it to you?
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