jorge is in all of us, although some choose to succumb to it more than others 980821
jeff weakness is the defining factor that differentiates humanity from the rest of the animal kingdom. nothing is as frail and insipid as the human race. on the other hand, this gives us the opportunity to shine in contrast to our peers. a little light in a human shines so bright... 980905
daxle weakness precipitates itself
when I do something weak, I start to think of myself as weak, and it's hard to reverse it
leslie can be a strength if it is recognized, admitted, and dealt with. 990528
MollyGoLightly this argument we always had:

"humans are weak, stupid animals."

"no they are not."

"yes they are."

"you're human."

belligerant silence.
deb you say you're too weak,
but i say you're strong,
and whether or not you can carry
these burdens on your own
is irrelavant-
you are not alone...
the whole idea behind this
"us" thing
is so you don't have to
try to fix it all yourself-
between us,
there's nothing we can't handle-
so get up, get dressed...
you don't have to smile,
but i'm not about to let you
give up and drown
Siggi Weakness is in us all some of us are just more able to hide it others are not
in the end we all succum too weakness and die
*Colleen* We are all WEAK LITTLE PEOPLE who have to cling on to a greater force to make ourselves feel whole! 010121
the boy with the thorn in his side Go ahead, I'm weaker than you can possibly imagine. 010301
i thought that you liked them i heard it from my friends about the things you said 010301
spankovision i am weak to the city as it drowns me in its arms of freedom. my time may have come to dance with the demons and rumble with the wildcats. My strength is only buried beneath heavy rocks of expectation and little white lies. 010302
HeatherBrock On my knees, knowing that you hurt me again. What is this immense sensation that I feel against my skin? Is it you? Is it the touch that I crave the most? Or is it a dream once more that I cannot see? 020507
wobbly_bunny i'm weak. i am so weak, i used a contraction there instead of 'i am'. 'i am' is strong, an affirmation of strength, a pronouncement of identity.
i hide behind weakness, it's my shield and my pilot. it guides me. the path of least resistence, is not only the easiest path, but the weakest path - the path likely to crumble beneath my feet.
however, i like being weak. i am after all, still alive.
hurt_consumer Weaknezz to me is a realitiy ... You say this i hate that the olny real thing left is Black people are so quick to give up & Die i think they should Cry & forgive & then after all of that Banish the EVIL w/ LIVE Lifes too short to regret i wish i would have known that before i took the cordwords Way out*~* 040117
Shaun Pain is just the weakness leaving your body. 040413
Staind_And_Souless You are mine. They all know I love you. The best way to get to me. 041025
BitterSweetDream The best way to get to you is to mention secret kisses and how I wish they were yours.... 041025
suicidalchinadoll I have so much weakness stored up inside of me..
I wonder how I'm still alive

when my day to days are one response to pain (past/present/anticipated) after the other..after the other..
Syrope sexual_tension 041026
love & hate you are mine... 041027
pete we will show none, the email declared, and hold daily emergency meetings as the crush time increases.. only.. we have met the conditions forced upon us.. there is no more crush time.. but the others, we have not released the good news. we have forged a momentum that would have led to multiple arrests, at the very least, if they tried to evict us... but.. its a nonissue.. or is it.. i keep my mouth shut, and stand with the fold, we rise together, we fall together. one voice against 8 does not break consensus. i can't believe, though, that even in the board-only emails they hold up this lie... 041027
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