MollyGoLightly i cannot even fucking believe this doesn't have an entry. and this page has been up how long?

(at least I think it doesn't, and if the page loads and it really does exisst, I'm going to feel REALLY stupid)
only birdmad when it rains Nope, you win.


"#1 crush" favourite song by Garbage...that and "Special"

...and the copy of "Only Happy when it Rains" autographed by the whole band on a summer afternoon

and shirley manson is pretty damn sexy, too
Rummy i have a HUGE crush on my boyfriend, heh heh. here's a hint,......his name is silent bob.......
and he's cute too......
i love him.....
he's crazy about me!
jennifer "I am the queen of my throne
I have to make my throne
and sit on it
I have to make my kingdom
and rule over it
I am the queen of my throne"
Silent Bob all my life ive been CRUSHED by emotions. id like girls who coulndt possbily like me and hopelessly romantically be crushed.
then a {rummy} girl came along who changed all that. we keep telling each other how much like a fairytale this whole experience is and hopefully it will end the same way. Forever happily.
Brad The latest one? My waitress tonight down at the North End. As if I needed more incentive to go back next week... as if it wasnt enough that i get to sit in with the best jazz musicians still living in memphis. She's just an added bonus. 000605
Zoe he left today. i had a crush on him, he didn't know. we were best friends. i'll keep in touch, but it won't be the same. god, i loved him. 000722
unhinged i have spent my whole life tieing up my whole heart in crushes. i had a crush that lasted for eight years. i don't crush the way i used to....rejection takes care of that. if i have a crush on someone i can't speak to them...i think it was a subconcious thing of not wanting to speak to them because if i did they would neatly be removed from the pedestal that i had so highly placed them on. i always have at least one person that is the constant object of my, some would say fanatical, adoration. i have loved the image of so many people but i don't think i have truly loved anyone. it's crushing to think this way, like a wave that will never let you up, just keeps you under the surface of the water until you drown. 001209
circe i liked how your eyeliner went all smudgy around your eyes, and how you threatened me over the phone at 3 a.m. 001209
Morelen Its good to know, when your love, even if it is abusive, is returned by false adoration, not love, but a simple minded crush.... 010124
clk Older woman crush on younger man. 7 years younger. Is it him or is it youth? Do I love who he is or who I was? He asks me for advice. We are best friends. We are inseperable. When we are together I feel giddy, younger, like the WB network. He can do no wrong. I am grooming the perfect boyfriend from someone his own age. No man is chivalrous enough to meet his standards. I am wise and perfect. He is young and handsome and adorable. Because the age difference makes romance safe. Or too hot to handle. An illusion. 010128
birdmad diamonds are born from heat and pressure 010128
Tank wow, i can't believe i haven't blathered this one before!

i am crush bunny and always have at least one going on. they are so powerful to me. slowly kill me until i am feel so alive as i watch my confidence pour away. sometimes it seems as though i have only ever known life in death.

it's always the same beginning. he and i get along well and he is overwhelmingly nice to me. i start to fall in love...

as i have gotten older, i have had a tendency to tell my crushes. takes me a long while but i end up telling them. but, i always end up unrequited as by then, mr. perfect and i have become such good friends that he wishes not to risk the friendship. maybe it'll be different this time... maybe not...
dean-bean I have a crush. A crush and a pixie. 010128
sabbie and i stretch
and i reach
my fingertips
only my fingertips
i promise myself
and i think...
and i think i wish
but im not sure...
and im never sure...

damn you.
and damn me too.
snow_angel last Saturday I met a guy,I think i fell in love. How could I not. He had such an amazing smile and he wasnt afraid to look right into my eyes and use it. I was flirting too im sure, I always do when im drunk but i didnt realize he was your boyfriend. Im sorry that we kissed, Im sorry that I hope he calls and all of that happens again. Im sorry that I hope you break up. Im sorry that Im so in love. 010601
. : * p s y b o r g * : . They are always so mean after you tell them you like them. I had it easy before I told Justin I liked him. He danced with me. He checked me out regularly. Then I told him I liked him and wrecked everything. He's such a jerk now. God I hate myself. 011025
ares i had one crush for a few years before i asked her
she said "no"
big surprise there
it wasn't until i had reasoned my way out of several crushes that i didn't really have a crush on those people
i just had a crush on love
ClairE number one.

I 3 old_skool Garbage.

A drink.

What you can do to the can after you drink it.


lovely word, crushed velvet
and lime.

rush is heady
and "c" starts my name.

ClairE I'm infatuated by your moves. 011203
whoknows ed 011204
Casey I had this crush on a girl, I was going to ask her out on saturday. Then she got drunk and threw up in my friend's car and also said she was going to go to bancroft and fuck some guys. So I kinda droped that idea. sigh 011204
phil Me and Molly sitting in a tree
dis Sometimes when I see his full name written on a piece of paper I get butterflies in my stomach. It's like reading a language I've only just learned, and I'm not sure anyone else really gets the significance. 020128
Mae don't know why, but I feel like telling
maybe because I want to remember...
foolish little mistakes

crushes didn't work in junior high
that's why they're in junior high
grown-ups don't have crushes
because you don't know very much,
only that this person is cool, reserved;
but there's warmpth in their dark eyes.
and the adorable way they mispronounce
words their tongue doesn't know-

you don't know enough;
just enough for the fantasy to take off
but it flies too high, too fast
before asking things like,
"is his roommate just a friend, or is she more to him?"

And as you fall, you remember
why you don't have crushes anymore
and you write about it.
maybe to remind someone,
as you lick your wounds,
why crushes didn't work in junior high
misaligned why does 'crush' in the romantic attraction sense of the word sound so painful? i crushed my finger once, in a car door. i had about five vikes a day, it hurt so bad, but that's sounding pretty good right about now. i have developed a crush on one of my friends who's had a crush on me and it's killing me to keep dodging a possible future ruined friendship. 020130
... how come there isn't a blathering place for pixie...? i'm crushed 020206
werewolf oh tell me about it...i think that's why they're crushes...they crush all in their wake and squeeze to emptiness...nah...well...i hope you dodged well...i bet you didn't though 020426
lobsterman well if you walk shouldn't crush anything...other than a bajillion majillion well meaning dreams, and a couple of insidious ones. But to treat them the same? How can i know the difference unless i go out there bravely like wile. e. coyote and see. I mean after all...if an anvil's coming i can always hold up a sign that says help, and the chase will begin again right? right? right? as long as my crush isn't as generally painful to witness as an accordion's i'm happy. 020426
knot meat no just don't understand. I felt so fake before...but i fell for you, i really did, hook line and sinker, and it made me feel so real, i was like, maybe there's hope for me yet. Maybe i haven't thunk myself into stillness yet at all. i think the word should be changed to expansion... 020426
yummychuckle i have a crush on paste!

elimeny I don't know what's wrong with me.

People tell me I'm fun. I have a very, hrm, "vibrant" personality. I'm pretty outgoing, and im quirky, and i laugh a lot, and im not easily offended. And for the past four months I've felt really good about that: I'm just now disovering so much about who I really am.

And that should be good.

But then you come along.

Suddenly I'm upon the floor, grovelling, heart on my sleeve, no shame, no pride... it's only been one fucking date. Where did my sanity go? My self-respect?

My nerve?

I don't understand this.... some people tell me it's great how I am... so cheerful and outgoing and friendly...

but that all comes from being very emotional. and there is a whole other side to that.

It's not all fun and games, kids. Some friends tell me they wish they could be more like me, just as fun as i am, or what have you. But this? this isn't fun.

You are so reserved, and I can't read you. And, like the pathetic soul that I am, I sit here and stare at the IM window, waiting for you to say something to me, something to give me a hint about how you feel... and nothing comes out. And why should it? There is no rational explanation for anything I feel.

I've got a crush.

And it's fucking crushing me.

Crazy girls shouldnt look for love.
elimeny No, no. Lindsay is right.

Grown ups do have crushes, it's natural. It's how you react that makes you different than in Junior High.

"you just have to make yourself not act like you feel the way you do"

Why is it that we were able to more honest as children?

But I will not let this conquer me.
It's not your fault, o beautiful one.
I still think you are incredible.
But if i continue like this, i will scare you away.

So i will keep my feelings inside. Maybe Ill just spill them here or in my journals. But i wont say them out loud anymore. Words pronounced seem so much more definite. You can erase what you type or write... not what you say.

And I refuse to be perceived as weak.

So while I won't get over you, simply because of that chance that my feelings are reciprocated, I will stop this crazy verbal obsession. I will stop talking about you all the time.

I'm growing up now, dammit.
Someone take a picture.
Kristopher I like this word, this is a good word. It's fun! I like yelling it whenever I jump in the air and land hard on something!


It's really made effective by my being six-foot-five and three-hundred-fifty pounds. It just seems to resonate more.
Kristopher Hmmm, romantic crushes? I don't know. . . I sometimes fall really hard. Again, being very large doesn't help.

I hope I don't crush anyone on the way down. If I do, I'm sorry.
Strideo crushing someone wouldn't be very romantic
DX I remember this girl I had a crush on. And then I told her, and she seemed to brush me off. I was heartbroken for a while, until I met someone wonderful. I stuck with the new girl. We were and still are great together. Then the old girl sees me with the new one, she starts wanting me back, calling me, meeting me places. You can probably guess the rest. It feels so good to reject her. That will teach her to break my heart. Hahaha! I'm on top of the world! 030620
girl_jane He said I crushed him. I didn't mean'll see it's better this way. 030620
Queen of the Wrench Such a negitive sounding word. 030710
smurfus rex 1. Can you apologize for having a crush on someone?

2. *Should* you apologize for having a crush on someone?

3. Do your answers change if the someone is your best friend?

*sigh* fuck.
idiotchild always fun... 'specially when it's on a friend... yeees. blissful agony 040120
shivers its weird, i never really did have a crush on you.
i liked u for different reasons
Death Hear your skeletal remains crack and split unto dust.

.fallen still I smile when thoughts of you dance in my head.... you were the only crush that I didn't pursue ... (this crush was born in '97)... and what I still wouldn't do for some time alone with you ... I remember your baggy clothes worn on your petite frame .... so boyish were your ways but I was enchanted by the spectrum you walked .... your short hair ... fair skin .... and oh the one day when the light was just right, I caught a glimpse of the curve of your hips .... and imagined my tongue marking secret tracings there...imagined your smile and body surrendered to me as I in my turn surrender to you , hip to hip, sharing breath.... will always wonder what could've happened if I would've just taken you .... you were everything beautiful to me and yet I did nothing ....was too afraid of causing offense of losing your friendship .... Chris, perhaps you know now just how magick you are and you bless those around you with the sound of your laughter .... you are my most delicious crush 040225
.fallen correction: this crush was born in '96 .....heh heh and for some silly reason can't get my mind off her tonight 040225
Bystander Crush.... to have a crush is to be crushed by a burden or feeling towards someone.
Funny how the word describing such a strong feeling means to be crushed by that feeling.
Anitsirk I met this guy over a year ago, and we seemed to have have crushes on each other. We became friends and eventually I fell in love with him. Only he felt feelings for me, but also felt feelings for someone else. Now he's dating her, and I'm left in the dust, with my love for someone who doesn't love me back. Fuck you for making me love you. Fuck you for leaving me alone and without even your friendship, and fuck her for getting your attention away from me. See what crushes lead to! 040321
misstree i feel like it's been a long time since someone had a crush on me. makes me sad. makes me wonder if i've lost my mojo. i want someone to lay fatted calves at my altar again. 040322
her royal highness the quirk go ahead and grind me down to a fine powder
who i am doesnt matter anymore I little part of me still has a crush on you. 040407
Truthseeker Bah! I hate it!!! I don't want to have a crush, because it always ends the same way, with me sad and alone. But now, after losing the same girl twice in as many years, I have now fallen for the lady who was meant to be a friend. Why!? I don't want this!!! All I am here to say is that it annoys me to tears because I know it won't work out. She's literally too high for me to reach. Man, it really sucks... Anyone else know this feeling? I am sure there is at least one... 040410
Truthseeker I never wanted this crush. I know it won't work out, that all it will lead to is pain and desoair but I can't let it go. She's too high for me, why do I still reach up to her? Why does the Sun shine for the moon? It has all it needs yet it graces the moon with a shred of it's beauty when it needs it. She always shined, even when I wasn't there. But I know her and I are too different to ever be right yet here I am. Writing about ehr in the dead of the night. I hate this game called love because it hated me first. When will it end... 040509
paper heart Take in restraint like a breath. My lungs are so numb from holding back... 040514
acidshank i have a crush on sneakers. converse, normal, anything. sneakers yay
i have a white/black/red normal low ankle pair, and i have a all black converse high ankle pair. the white ones are pretty old, but they are sooo comfy. the black ones are new.
for the past two days i have been wearing the white on my left foot and the black on my right. it trips me up everytime i look at my walking feet.
i love it
tessa how can i ignore it?

how can i not?
. go to sleep! 050902
tessa sleep is no escape 050907
anne-girl *unhappiness*
stupid boys
IGG i like that garbage song too!
i heard it on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack.
flowerbed on a cloud Lalalalalala I'm crushing on this guy...and it rawks^^ and he rawks..and I'm silly...ohh sooo silly ^^ 051206
a i have crush on girl with sexxxy legs. 051206
flowerbed on a cloud crushes rock..but every now and then...=( 060118
flowerbed on a cloud crushes rock..but every now and then...=( 060118
classic I despise when guys have crushes on me, gawking at me all the time.
LaterChild I have a crush on a guy that I work with. It'll never amount to anything more than me enjoying work a little more than I would otherwise, but it's nice. I'm not really sure why I have a crush on him. Maybe it's just because he's different. He's not the boy I've been dating since highschool, he has his own friends and he doesn't live with his parents. He's got a girlfriend too, but he never says anything nice about her.
I wish there was a way to know... the future "what if" scenario. What would happen if I left the current and went after the new?
I know I'll never act on any of this shit running through my head. After being with the one and only person I've ever dated for so long (5 years), I think I'm just too afraid of being alone for the rest of my life to ever really know if I'm truly happy where I am.
Sometimes I wish he would leave me so I could see what life is like without him.
Somtimes I say terrible things that I'm not sure I really mean.
nom you're not just a crush 070208
danielle let me explain
this is how it works
i get a crush
it lasts 2 weeks
3 weeks tops
someone random
no reason, no pattern
just bored, i guess
you were one
thats it
nothing else
you see, the second said crush and i start talking
the very instant said crush becomes a person and not just some unattainable lust object
i lose interest
its sad really
oh well
but see, now youre a person to me
youre not a crush
youre a friend
nothing else
i dont want you
desire you
crave you
now youre a person
a something
an object
one person broke the mold
it wasnt you
it wasnt anyone remotely like you
youre one of many
nothing special, exceptional
so get over yourself
hsg1437 i still have a crush on the young woman i call my wife. this crush will last forever as i will water it with patience.

she fits in my arms and her head rests on my chest in love.
. I LOVE YOU 070317
. I LOVE YOU 070317
hsg very 070329
pete speaking it gave it power. 070414
concha crazy, how it, feels tonight.
crazy, how you, make it all alright love.
you crush me, with the things you do,
and i do, for you, anything too oh.
sitting, smoking, feeling high.
and in this moment, oh, it feels so right.

lovely lady, i am at your feet,
oh god i want you so badly.
and i wonder this could tomorrow be so wondrous as you there sleeping?

let's go drive til the morning comes.
and watch the sunrise, and fill our souls up.
we'll drink some wine til we get drunk, yes...

it's crazy, i'm thinking, just knowing that the world is round.
and here i'm dancing on the ground.
am i right side up or upside down, and is this real, or am i dreaming?

lovely lady, let me drink you, please, i won't spill a drop no, i promise you.
lying under this spell you cast on me.
each moment the more i love you.

crush me, come on. oh, yes.

it's crazy i'm thinking, just knowing that the world is round.
and here i'm dancing on the ground.
am i right side up or upside down?
is this real, oh lord, or am i dreaming?

lovely lady, i will treat you sweetly, adore you, i mean, you crush me.
and it's times like these when my faith i feel.
i know how i love you.

come on, come on, baby.

it's crazy, i'm thinking just as long as you're around.
and here i'll be dancing on the ground.
am i right side up or upside down?
to each other, we'll be facing.
my love my love, we'll beat back the pain we've found.
you know, i mean to tell you all the things I've been thinking, deep inside my friend.

with each moment the more i love you.
crush me, come on, baby.

so much you have given love, that i would give you back again and again.
oh. the love, many now hold you but please, please, just let me, always.

(dave matthews band)
pete clearly speaking them does give them power. letting them breathe through my lungs, and possess my voice. its more true this time than last time. something's happening--not just adolescent-ish-ly but something's happening-- and i don't really understand what's going on, but i like the dance, just a few steps past flirting, but still there, but never there at all.

speaking any inner thought gives it power. and when the speaking is mutual, the power is so much greater.
mustard You are so sure of your attractiveness
that it makes me doubt mine.
This whistle noise you make
which you think only the wind hears
as it carries it off into infinity --
I hear it.
I want to know
more about it.

Seeing you face to face makes it very hard
to forget that I have imagined you
lightly tracing my hipbones
and me
sucking your bottom lip.
That I have imagined scenarios,
realistic ones,
where an event leads to an event which leads to
you and I alone, getting quiet, getting close
tissues relaxing and tensing
at a labored pace
eager to strike
and release --
talking about something we'll forget,
something soft and private,
which makes your voice deepen and crack
and my lips hug the words as they leave my mouth,
begging you to notice their shape.
Linger, tease, lightning, crackle, zap!

It would have been okay if you just kissed me in front of everyone.
It would have.
I wanted it to happen.
When I said, "here, try this mint" I actually meant,
"here I am, ready for you, whenever you want me."

And after all this? After I straighten my hair,
make sure it smells juicy, and my skin looks
ready to be devoured --
all this for itches and scratches and bunches in my clothes,
for the feeling of reaching towards the finish line
only to be told "sorry, the race is actually tomorrow
and you're on the wrong track anyway."

I know it will happen. I know
I will have you.
I will reach for your belt someday
and we will hear the gentle clink
of friendly metal rubbing fabric.
Maybe you'll have me up against a wall
and you'll bite the softness of my neck
and surprise me by travelling down to the collarbones
and I'll start making girl noises.

The only thing that makes this unappealing is that
I think you get this a lot.
But at the same time I can't imagine you with anyone
but me.
There are reasons why this hasn't happened
but those reasons are shrinking.
agas reading that was a turn on; thanks 071115
no reason i think i have a crush
it's someone who's cute and like a big teddy bear and reaaaaally nice and kind of not my type
as in, he's not so dry/sarcastic/etc. etc.
but kind of like that he's not

and maybe i'm drunk
ok that's definitely
but he's someone who makes me smile and not worry, and really, what more can one ask for?
no reason that's _i_ kind of like that he's not
(yeah still drunk)
no reason and ok he also has a long-term girlfriend

story of my life (one of the stories, anyway)
what's it to you?
who go