Shar isn't all it's cracked up to be 000306
evolutionending DISCOVERY says:
is seeing believing?
better living through chemistry says:
better living throught chemisty no. you see then you decide. and my name is from the QOTSA song, not fatboy slim, headfucks. 010127
evolutionending mthrfckr 010127
orbst seeing the edge of the world,
it's all Marilyn can do to keep
from laughing.
alegra sometimes you dont have to see something with your eyes to know it's beautiful. sometimes you dont have to touch someone to know that their arms would feel safe and warm. 010417
god no, but it's nice. 020331
god it's real nice 020405
notme seething 040503
vituperus A Blind Man was accustomed to distinguishing different animals by touching them with his hands. The whelp of a Wolf was brought him, with a request that he would feel it, and say what it was. He felt it, and being in doubt, said: "I do not quite know whether it is the cub of a Fox, or the whelp of a Wolf, but this I know full well. It would not be safe to admit him to the sheepfold."

Evil tendencies are shown in early life.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl or that could be viewed as the young being judged both by their parents and their race.
chances are they would kill, but nobody gives them a chance.
apply that to humans and see racism in action.
strange that.
minnesota_chris I heard a story about a blind man who had lived in Manhattan for years. During World War II, there was a blackout, no lights anywhere. He spent the night leading people to their hotels. 040503
In_Bloom A mark on the neck
Swollen lips
Tired eyes
Unshaven face
Easy countenance

These things suck the breath from me
These things send a creep up the back of my neck to the top of my head
These things I'm seeing
Because I've seen them before
When I thought it might be
what's it to you?
who go