silentbob or mostly just waiting for you to say no 020410
~gez~ in or out. up or down. on top, on the bottom. all descions that could change your life. but the ultimate desicion, "to be, or not to be" ~ shakespear

[who just for the record, i hate]
note to self just fucking decide, you indecisive piece of shit 020907
walaby Why is it so hard sometimes?

It would be nice if we could just crumple and discard decisions in a trashbasket sometimes...
Abbie One or the other.
who? Whats the deal with this, b l a t h e r, love hate to from not always opposite, can i decide what poems denote in our helter skelter, our emptiness, our void perfect abyss, today isnt the opposite of tommorow, its all the same 050311
what's it to you?
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