Quintessensual From the Bottom

From the bottom of

my heart,
my soul,

thank you for

your words,
in singles, couples,
phrases, sentences,
thoughts, hints,
insights, outlooks,

your connections,
pseudoconnections, false ones,
flights of fancy,
imagination to reality and
around the other way;

your smiles,
I must assume.

Copr. 1999
misstree sometimes, it's all you can do to head for the bottom so's you can push off and hope you can make it back up. 010127
twiggie "nick bottom weaver"
"here peter quince, name what part i am for and proceed"
"you nick bottom are set down for pyramus"
"what is pyramus, a lover or a tyrant?"
"a lover, that kills himself most galantly for love"
"that will have some tears in the true performing of it...."
i could probably recite the whole damn play if i wanted
jennifer more
which is why everything I know to be true
really is true
Insat One who doesnt like to top. 030212
sexual_orthodontics doesn't like to.... but can. 030302
tori butt, toosh, caboose, seat, patootie, bum bum, cheeks.... 031115
mt sub- 031115
PrettyHate i don't know where you people are coming from but i'm out of here

what? i'm sick of being fucking aggressive!
silentbob The bottom of the coffee is the sugariest part 140116
unhinged yes
sometimes the bottom is the best part
silentbob The solution to this is to pour half the cup into another cup that also has sugar in it. 140121
what's it to you?
who go