dallas Tender. Teardrop. Tunnel. Wake up next to somebody you used to know and have forgotten how to excite. 980901
eric love: the color yellow 980903
big can be a desperate thing 980904
jeff ...the hardest fucking i've ever had to go through. a word from someone who knows - do not try unless you have a strong heart. otherwise, it could kill you inside... 980905
jade ...the greatest, most difficult enterprise in the human experience. associated with this experience are the strongest sensations of fear, pain, suffering, joy, desire, ecstasy. the full scope of this frequency is not sustainable by cellular organisms as it is the gateway to another level of being, hence its variable experiential nature. a common misconception is to take any experience or sum of experiences as the full potential. 980905
charley is all.. remember. yellow. everything else is just decoration. 980907
blind is the disguise of selfishness. 980914
Ramblin Man There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun,
And it's been the ruin
Of many a poor boy;
And god, I know I'm one.
sarah jane for me, it's ever and always unrequited 981014
ang me. come on, you can do it. 981026
Pacia often occurs as do pearls; a bit of random irritation and the nacre begins to flow. 981107
k just don't steal it back after giving. 981121
chriss terrifying 990115
FreePoet willy shakespeare wrote more than a dozen dozen sonnets about it, pablo neruda and e. browning and ee cummings added many more, saint paul said that of the three greatest virtues it is the greatest, it is too important, too much, too deep for anyone to describe it well, you just know it when you have it, feel it or see it. good morning, good afternoon, heavenly evening, warm, warm, sleepless, restful night, dawn... 990117
Spelunker Yes, like obscenity, it is impossible to define but you know it when you see it. 990117
yup can be really fucked up 990121
joy me 990130
kai - lonely I'm in love with the memory of a girl I used to know. But now that 3000 miles separate us, now that years separate us, I can't really claim to love her.

But the memory remains. And I think it's the best memory I have. Because it brings me the ultimate joy and the ultimate pain. And I need those extremes to make my life special.

And even if someday I tell her what she means to me, even if I get to know her again, she'll never be the memory that she's always been. And the memory will be forever.

I can't tell you how said it all makes me.
emily It starts in your knees then works to your stomach. After that there is a pit stop in your throat. Then, all emerges in a smile that makes your heart beat faster and faster. 990130
stacey Amazing. And heartwrenching and painful and sometimes not even in the least bit fun...but somehow completely worth it. 990130
Emily knowing that whoever you love and whoever loves you will always be there no matter what whenever you need them to be there, to lean on, to cry on, to just be near. 990204
Danny I don't know. They say you're there, like some crazy santa claus giving presents to the lucky few. But I'm not so sure you're there, and I don't think I like the look of that box 990209
adam someone else, cuz im tired of trying to impress you. 990212
riley wreaks me over and over 990212
amy love love love
love lovin' love love
Rainer Krauss Sometimes I'm sure there ain't no thing like love. Sometimes I'm sure it's only a story, only a legend storytellers set out into the world to fill the hearts of their listeners with longin for an emotion that doesn't really exist. 990216
jazaug hooked on the feeling. resolution is not always the best answer. why change things if you're perfectly happy with where you are. it's tragedy when you realise that sometimes ignorance *is* bliss. 990220
a-team saying i love you is not the words i want to hear from you
it's not that i want you, not to say but if you only knew...
how easy it would be to show me how you feel,
more than words is all you have to do to make it real,
then you wouldn't have to say that you love me,
'cause I'd already know.
emma i can't believe you bastards have so much to say about this word! 990220
meir unlimited pain, focused in proportion directly at a person, creates an anti-reaction. 990226
[marissa] is often said, and rarely known. 990304
emma i have changed my mind. i do believe in love. it is a word. i believe in words.

from now on, i define love as "the absolute shit". as a complemental adjective or noun. i.e. "he is love" rather than "he loves me".

this works. i will use it. the sun, fiction, calculus, kissing, chicken salad and sleep are all examples of love.
[ Sher ] Ram Dass's guru sent him back to North American with these simple instructions: Love, Serve, Remember. He has been working on this for the paste 30+ years. What a way to focus; what a way to live your life. 990312
a-team "your place remains at the heart of my everything..." 990317
kirstin it's a touch, a smile, a glance from across the room. it's the thing i am so deeply in that i never want to climb out of. it is so easy to love him. it is the best feeling ever to be felt. 990329
enygmatic the most wonderful thing you will ever go through or the most terrible... depending on whether it's real or not.
where we define both a heaven and a hell, whether we're religious or not.
the little carrot somebody's dangling in front of me that I keep chasing, hoping that one day I'll catch it.
kat shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets about love, a little more than a dozen, freepoet. sonnet 40 is the best. 990405
Johnny sometimes I wonder if we only get one real chance to shine, and if we blow that, then the rest is just dealing with having blown it. it's not overrated, it's just a pain to deal with if you're wrong. 990415
ceorl it's not dating, or screwing, or obsessing, or wanting, or having. it's putting yourself second. 990420
allie is the ability to be hurt without purposely hurting another 990501
OTK friction 990516
donaldson nobody seems to want to know what time is love 990604
suzan is a word to describe a series of actions that describe a feeling which is indescribable. 990604
charley is yummy 990605
stephen one of the less-understood double-edged weapons known to man... 990606
rupert To the marriage of true minds,
let me not admit impediment.
Love's not love which alters when it
alteration finds,
nor bends with the removers to remove. Oh no! It is an ever-fixed mark, which looks on tempests and is never shaken.
It is the star to every wandering barque,
who's worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not time's fool, though rosy cheeks and lips
within his bending sickle's compass come.
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
but bears it out until the edge of doom.
If this be wrong, and upon me proved,
I never writ, and no man ever loved.
angsty-artist pricks like a thorn. if love be rough with you, be rough with love, prick love for being a prick and beat love down. 990607
s is suicide 990608
ac is when a kissing can be called "lovemaking" 990628
jess I'm in love with a man I call my best friend :) 990630
jordan love can be for more than just a person some love animals some their work and others may even love drugs,most of the time though people get love mixed up with lust and lust is not love .............. now true love is different, there is no definition of it, you will only have one if you even get that lucky and when you find it you will know nothing, not all the money in the world all the drugs even all the power in the world can replace true is the most special thing a person could ever have 990709
pablo ouch ouch ouch ouch. four pins straight in my heart. how could you hurt me like this? you said it was perfect, i said it was perfect. two days. _two_days_. you loved him, then you loved me, i blinked my eyes and i was dead. it hurts too much to tell you. how could you? two days. will we ever be the friends we once were? no.

love: fuck it
pablo love: a powerful and unpredictable force, capable of building castles and destroying mountains. i love you as my friend and i know you love me too. thank you for being honest when it counted, and i'm sorry i could stoop so low as to believe you (of all people) could do that to me. i love you always and forever, even when i've lost my dentures. that's what real love is. 990821
jillian love is the ultimate form of friendship, that comes in many forms 990823
alida beautiful, yet bitter. soothing, yet disturbing. occasionally, it can be something i n b e t w e e n. 990825
*nicole* .. is like breath. just breathe. 990827
megan whats love to you?

whats love to me?

to me?
its a feeling
i feel it right now
i can't explain it
but i know it's for you
it makes me smile
tingle inside
need to take a deep breath when you come into my mind
and that's constantly
every second of the day
my waking moment
my last thought before sleep
it can also do bad things
but i don't think of them
thats whats different about whats love to me and whats love to you
because you do
emily it's bigger than you, and bigger than me, so the least we can do is trust it 990912
emily it's bigger than you, and bigger than me, so the least we can do is trust it 990912
Starbuck Rebecca. I love you, now and forever. 990914
Ned is almost impossible to get out of. Getting out of love is like bursting through the white spray of a waterfall and floating into the garden of eden. But somehow, you always want to go back... 990926
crching yo mama's on crackrock! 991002
trakie i like a few people. i hope they're happy. i love someone. i do anything to see them smile. 991010
ricmariem you would do anything
and stop at nothing

i love you, oh whats-his-name?


i still love you whoever you are
FooLmOOn love is not something that finds me easily. i give my love to everything that i see, i love all subjects, though it seems.. when u arnt aware, when u arnt looking for love, when u dont notice it.. it is always there. and then .. u turn ur head to look at it.. just a second too late.. and once again ur alone, lost and looking for love again. 991102
Phsyke If it's true, and you have it, you can lose everything in the world and still be happy. And even if the person you love changes, you will still love the memory of them with all your heart.
And if true, it can turn your darkest night into the brightest day.

It makes it all worthwhile
me? There's something I must tell you
There's something I must say
The only really perfect love
Is one that gets away
Colleen soft like an easy chair. 991111
Joana. Missing... needing... wanting...
Read his words and feel your heart racing... confusion.... dreams...
The world doesn't make sense...
He is real.....
He exists... he breaths... and talks... and smells this air... sees these stars... hears this tune...
If it's love... then these thoughts turn into amazing facts that stun you every time you think of them...
arn evol 991116
Thomas To love is to find a miracle in another. 991127
|sCaRReD*disTrOyeD| Expressed in songs, poems, and actions. Once you fall in love you are overwhelmed by happiness. When love is taken away it is the most devistating event one can experience. People today are so blind. They can't see that they don't truly love eachother before it's too late. They have children, and then leave their kids to be tossed around between their parent's homes like dirty laundry. They have to put up with their parent's new objects of affection. The children feel lost, alone, vulnerable, abandoned, and most of all not loved, which defeats the whole purpose of getting married. Love is THE ultimate drug. When you truly have it, you are utterly overjoyed. When it's gone, you go through withdrawl. You don't care about anything or anyone. You don't care about your friends, yourself, your family, your life. Nothing. Nothing matters. The one person you thought you were put on this planet for, has been ripped away from you. You just don't give a shit what happens. You feel yourself beginning to hate everything and everyone. You hate your life. You're depressed. You need that person back. You need more drugs. They don't care about you anymore. They couldn't give a shit what happens to you. They've found someone else to love. It kills you to see them with someone else. You can't bear the thought of someone else taking your place in their heart. You want to kill your replacement. You want to kill yourself. You don't want anything or anyone anymore. All you want is to be returned to your rightful owner. The one you loved, and still love. You know that somewhere deep inside their heart they still want to be with you. They want to love you. You know it, you can feel it. Once love is there, it never fully leaves. It stays with you forever. No matter how many others you love, your first true love will always remain in your heart... Forever. 991127
Zero "Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world, which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really nither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night".
Matthew Arnold
elimeny is the same damn thing as hate. and i mean that. if i hate you, then i love you. if i love you, then i hate you. there is no real difference. Both possess your mind and spirit. Both are the strongest emotions I feel. And I can slide from one right back to the other so quickly, they most just be different degrees of one another. So there. 991207
elimeny oh yeah and another thing. I have discovered that even though I am a very self-sacrificing, loving girl, and I think I'm a good person, to a point, it seems guys don't fall in love with me. Which makes me an unlovable. Which basically makes me screwed. So there. 991207
lance the bastard child of innocence and lust. 991208
ceni like leaning just a leetle too far back in a chair and for a split second the balance is lost and there's a deep, gripping, fear that your entire world is off-kilter. then you either fall or regain your position. either way, you find your equilibrium. 991208
sinkdaddy I understand. I don't understand. 991210
spikey-ho Is really fucking with my head right now. It's twisting my guts up and making me feel like I wanna chuck, it's eating at me inside and I can't think straight. It makes me scared of myself. 991212
SimplyMe i think this has to be the most written-about subject on the face of the planet, and i don't think anything i could say would add to anyone's understanding of it, so i think i'll just go ahead and try to find it for myself and enjoy it for what it is, and not worry about how to define it, know what i mean? 991214
noel can't find a definition anywhere so i guess everyone has their own way of percieving love. love is a spiritual thing, a far cry from sexual attraction or friendship. i think love is about putting someone before yourself...And being 'in' love is feeling a closeness towards someone that you don't share with anyone else (on that level) with that person. Love is...Love. It can't be compared with anything although it's compatable with acceptance, trust and friendship. Possibly. 991225
lizard amazement and disbelief at the wonder that is present and breathing in an actual person with a heartbeat i can hear and feel and see and yet as many times as i do i still can't believe it's happening to me but it must be so because iseeitinhereyes 991228
alicia someone said that to me once. he said 'i love you, alicia, i love you, i love you, alicia' and then he hurt me more than words can explain. love doesnt mean fucking on the cold carpet floor of a borrowed dorm room. no. 991228
king kai it is not something i tell someone - it is not something i say - it is more than mere emotion - it is how i live - it is in my life - it is my life - she is my life 991230
tanya it is suicide. its the only thing worth holding on to, but just imagine all the shit it will put you through. it is the mistake we commit to time and time again. would you like to go on a date? 000101
zippy equals desperation. Or it can equal happiness, euphoria, comfort, lust and closeness. After that it gets dangerous. 000105
amybeary Ryan.
My one true.
My best friend.
meli I've never been in that particular puddle, but I do know one thing.

Don't fall into it. Stand in it like a warrior, because one misstep and it will take you down.
hahaha tee hee hee. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Why is love the tool most often used for gut wrenchingly mushy cheesyness? I don't think it deserves that. I think...Something else really bad deserves to be ridiculed like that. Like...Okay, I am NOT dignifying this page with that shite! 000106
koti it has made me, and destroyed me, yet is something that can never flee my flesh and blood. it can never be purged, or was my growth, and my happiness, an my reason for wanting to no longer breath. it is all that makes me human, and sometimes the only thing i can ever feel. 000108
dizzy Love makes the world go round... 000109
jack.frost is 000110
gaudior "give into love or live in fear."

love is a fire, a flame that draws us back for more, a torch which can warm us or destroy us. and we'll never know whcih until we fan our weak wings in the tongues of flame...
tuiviq FUEL for LIFE 000117
Andrew I love Shar. She is a princess. 000122
french proverb teaches even asses to dance. 000122
bane my heart is a dank catacomb and you but a member of the lost damned to my eternal memory 000122
apr!l it makes me think that coincidences should be noted and little nothings taken as fact. it makes me master analyst cuz everything is subject to my introspective powers. it makes me wonder how i should sign my letters. it makes me reread everything.

Reread Everything: Quite Useful Information That Encourages Mutual Endearment!

and i think i've found it....ya know, LOVE.....and i think it's a big scary monster with big scary arms for big scary hugs. a bittersweet, a happysad. it overwhelms me....and i don't mind.
Moravian Piglet Love is a dangerous thing. I have been in love before, unrequited, and I have recently been thrown down into it again. I have loved the same person since I met him, we were engaged for a short time, but it was all a mockery.

My heart is pierced.

So, loving the lost hurts like hell, but the dull throbbing ache of wanting to be loved is far, far worse.
wai a constant state of happiness and agony. not always recipricated. 000125
sean love is lovely. but in miami, the word reminds me of an insecure pregnant teen watching jerry springer. 000125
kari never been in love and never wanna be.

i've seen those fuckin' idiots that are in love. if i ever become one, i want my friends and family to just fuckin' bury me then.

and what's even worse is the ones that get their hearts broken. they deserve everything they get. don't put your trust, and especially not your love, into something as fuckin' worthless as another human being.

that's my opinion...until i accidentally fall in love.
bryson argh. 000128
Tess a rapidly morphing emotion, subject to the full power of our imagination.

a spark of consciousness, of acceptance and reality. that childish realization that other people must exist in a way similar and probably familiar to our own existence.

tied up in a timeline, it carries a lot of weight. a necessity springing from the needs of memory and expectation.

it cannot be denied- it must die instead. i never loved, he said. i never love, he said. i admire those who can say goodbye.

the simplest invention there is. also, a simple word association.
emma underrated. 000205
... kills 000207
sadgoat gone 000209
nicollete he signs everything love, but is too cowardly to say it
i think he enjoys his delusion
lotusflower mine is always growing. 000212
cares how can you love a liar?
how can you trust a liar?

Sonnet 116
zach can best be described as a freefall, the fall doesn't hurt, it's fun and exhilerating actually, the impact is what hurts, eventually the fall ends and when you hit you either lay there and suffer or you get up and shake it off. sometimes if you you get lucky and fall just right you land in a soft spot where there is no pain in landing, only a subtle slowing down until you even out and are firmly planted on the ground. 000220
marjorie i may have never loved
but i tried to
i tried very hard
but you really only end up sitting
what the fuck did i do wrong?
somewhere along the line you mess up
but you really love
someone could stab you a thousand times
and you'd still smile at them
until blood filled your throat
your lungs
and your heart
stopped beating for them.
and in love,
it is the only time you would be free.
"love doesn't mean fucking on the cold carpet floor of a borrowed dorm room. no."
tim if lovin u is wrong i dont wnt to be right

spamboy alls i want in life is for someone to wake up next to and brush my teeth with. now the one that i want to do this with seems to be uninterested with me anymore. i love her beyond anything and she just seems not to care. i seem to have become the last year's model. no longer new and exciting, but just a junker. 000303
Yitzhak Makes the world go 'round and makes me go oblate. 000305
anndilion We talk about it more than anything else. Love is a little madness.
'Help Us No Puree Like a Wooden Scone 'he wrote on my notice board. I knew what he ment. I could have loved him to death.
marc simple things -- quiet tunes -- tender moves -- stillness = the way 000305
BoofPixie written about in journals too much. 000309
suicide baby It makes me very anxious. I don't believe in love.
Nobody have ever loved me.
Leann Some say if you've truly loved once,
you will truly love again...
Fall in love whenever you can?
I believe it comes once in a lifetime...

My love died in my arms.
I thought, that's it! I've been cheated!
Years felt like days. It was so easy to
love him and to be loved by him.
I can't imagine ever topping this!
I try to tell myself, "Feel blessed that
I've known it, alot of people never really experience the real thing!"
You see, if you do experience true love, you think that nobody else in the world is really experiencing it. You don't try to explain, (even if you could) because you know that they just
wouldn't understand...Love makes you feel chosen!

Others say It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at

I want to tell you of the pain,
when you have truly loved and had
it snatched away, leaving it as only
a memory...
I just can't, there are no words!
I am soul-sick for life!
I guess I could say, I am empty...
If you could imagine the pain of that split second when I first wake-up and feel normal, and then it comes crashing down on me like nothing I've ever felt, that it takes my breath away! I think
to myself - here I go again, another
fucking day, #189, just breathe!!!
I really feel amazed that I'm living,
but am I?

In the end, to those who haven't known,
I will simply say: When love finds you,
grab it and run with it and deal with the consequences later...

It's always present...
I love you, Tony(6-14-66 to 9-5-99)
Midnight Bliss love is one of the most painful things in hurts worse then the knife or the bullet. it hurts when you love someone and you know they don't feel the same or they show that they don't, but say that they do. love is something that just HAS to be present, why? why does it all have to be so painful? even if you love someone they still take themselves out of this world. why did he have to do it? why did he take the bullet...why did he shoot himself? i hate life...i hate love...especially when you find out it's there...but it's too late. 000319
empty The memory of someone i used to know. I suppose, perhaps, she did not know that the heat of my touch was the only indication that i was blushing.

The memory of her greeting me as i woke up on her couch. We had drunk ourselves stupid. Less tipsy than i, she threw a blanket over me and let me sleep it off.

The first rays found her talking me out of my hangover haze, she was wearing nothing but one of those long t-shirts as she sat on the coffee table in front of me.

She must not have known that i could see her through it, I listened to her words, trying not to stare, watching her as she smiled and laughed.

I knew before then that i loved her,
i knew before then that i had never known desire to such an extent,

it was the sight of her through that threadbare t-shirt on a saturday morning, her small, firm breasts, the curve of her hips.


i have always wondered if she knew.
gaudior is it so odd that this idea thrills me and confuses me and and scares the living shit outta me all at the same time? cause i'm scared of giving myself away...i'm afraid of not getting anything back. 000323
girl will tear us apart... 000326
magic mushroom is stina nordengstam,a marlboro first thing in the morning,water,a fingernail,
geraldine nesko,green triangles,the white ones with the yellow specks,guinness,the big blue,j.buckely,coffee,strangers,travelling ladies,risk,without protection,with protection and me
girl is the fear of losing that which u cannot live without... 000327
narcocide what a cruel joke. 000401
souljah In this torn desert world there is no love because pleasure and disire play the greatest roles, yet without love your daily life has no meaning. And you can not have love if there is no beauty. Beauty is not somthing you see-not a beautifull tree, a beautifull picture, or a beautifull woman. There is beauty only When your heart and mind know What love is. 000404
souljah What is love? We use the word so loosely. It has become merely sensuous, sexual; love is identified with pleasure. And to find that perfume one must go into what is not love. Love is not hate, that is obvious. Love is not vanity, arrogance. Love is not in the hand of power: wanting power, whether over a small child or over a group of people or a nation, surly is not love. Love is not pleasure. Love is not desire. Love is certainly not thought. When your are ambitious, aggressive-as you are all brought up to be successful, to be famous, to be known, which is all so utterly childish-how can there be love? 000404
Terence Sucks 000405
Free I think most people just love themseves. 000405
Ziggey Love is the only law to obey. 000406
Tink HAH! wish i knew.... 000407
Tink REALLY wish i knew.... 000407
medea I thought I knew what it was once. but I was just young + desperate. lonely. now I'm smarter, though the loneliness has not disintegrated... 000407
ghost love is everything and nothing.

love IS desire (but maybe not always according to our narrow perception of desire) love is pain and pleasure and ecstasy and despair love is life and sometimes it is death

it is worth dying for and sometimes it is the only reason to live
ghost love is everything and nothing.

love IS desire (but maybe not always according to our narrow perception of desire) love is pain and pleasure and ecstasy and despair love is life and sometimes it is death

it is worth dying for and sometimes it is the only reason to live...
spamboy it is the worst and best experience that i have ever gone through. being beaten down, and coming back for more; all because you want more of that indescribable feeling in your gut. you can't define love. but it seems when you talk about it everyone seems to know exactly what you're talking about. 000408
DiamondJim If you could see
all of the faces
of all of the people
who ever lived before
what would their eyes say?
what would their faces tell us?

If you could see
every tear that has been cried
rise like an ocean
before your very eyes
every tear
every single tear

One river flows. from the mother
One river flows, from the father
All rivers go to the ocean
And one comes to know
Unconditional love, unconditional love
Betsy True Love doesn't have a happy Ending.
It doesn't have an Ending.
Wild Bill If love is so great, Why do wwe spend all of our time looking for it in all the wrong places. I found mine after 20 years of looking. I look forward to the next 20 with anticipation and joy.

Love is truly, for eternity and a month.
Free can you have love for only one person? Is that love? Someone gives us pleasure, makes us feel good, gives us a sense of security, ect. and we say " I love this person". Do you realy or is it that you are useing that person? Is love nothing but self gratification or mutual exploitation at best? This kind of love is not love at all. It is like if you realy like pizza, it realy tasts good, and you say "I Love this pizza". Love comes when you have no self. You see, not "I Love", just love, that's all. When you are selfless you are love. 000414
birdmad in an ideal world this would be so, but we are frail creatures and our selfish desires are really what motivate even our most noble actions.

we are all to aware of the concept of reward, even if we do not always live to enjoy it
Free I am not intirested in ideals. I am only interested in actuality. I agrea that most people are motivated by there selfish disires, and that is my whole point. A nobile action is never done with your self in mind. Do you rescue a drowning child from the river for want of reward, and if so is that nobility? A selfish person does not know love, only pleasure. 000414
Free When you know how to love one, you know how to love the whole world. Because we don't know how to love one, our love for humanity is nonexistent. When you love , there is neither one nore many, there is only love. It is only when there is Love that all our problems can be solved and the we shall know its bliss and happiness. 000414
Bob Old man river, don't you cry for me. Cause I've got a roaring stream of Love you see. 000418
Words Is all the world needs more of. 000421
syncratic love changes things...
when you love someone, the world tilts on its axis just a fraction of an inch, but you feel it. it is being newly conscious of every breath you take, and wondering if the molecules your breath pushes reach the tendrils of hair, now so far away, that fell in your face the last time he was with you. it is seeing someone in a new light, and being scared and afraid, and every other fearful word..but the need to pursue overtakes any dread you could have..all there is. love is not being able to say "i love you" for fear of the hurt that could and probably will inevitably come. love is going blinded and bound into a dark and lonely cavern of thought, and saying "lead me, take everything i have..i am yours to love, yours to hate, yours to cherish, yours to hurt...yours."
amy let's face it. all i really need is love. i don't know why that seems to be so incompatible with everything else. 000425
Squall It's ineffable. So why try? Unfortunately, this is how I feel about most things. 000425
a-team Mary Joy...the only one for me... 000516
gregg i love this girl that is so far away, she lives in my dreams and she makes the sunrise and the stars pulse on the darkest nights, she is power, she is freedom, and she is the reason i laugh softly as i lay in my bed and drift into sleep 000516
Tiffa My Love

I don't know why I do
Just that I do now
And that I do
I do

A seed planted into my skin
Knowledge the water
A natural occurance
It grew and grows
I do

Not unlike the concept of time
Ambiguous description
Only the effects are tangible
Just a thought is shared
I do

How do I explain it?
My language is my emotion
My vision - my speach
The physical pain - my proof
I do
I do
Don't doubt my love
I do
silent bob say it if you mean it. keep silent if you dont. i'm still trying to figure out whether im in love. so what do i say in the meantime? i THINK i love you? I may just be in love with you, alicia. what do i say? so i'm pretty sure i am in love, so i just tell her i do love her. and im afraid that i might not. 000601
Rummy oh yes, i know the feeling.
its better than getting high, and its better than any rush out there. it lasts a lot longer too.
moonshine Remeber the last day i saw you? You came home and picked me up and we drove to a diner. You had an english muffin with blueberry and i sipped a coke. I wanted to slap you. You dropped me off at bus station, you kissed me at the red light. I bounded out of the car and ran off to the bus in the rain. Id never see you again, I never looked back. Its been two years. You never could drive me the whole way. Never. and i remeber the time i hit you with golf club, and you called me a bitch. That still makes me those two years of dusty memories. 000602
perish something some lonely human race made up to fill an empty void in there already pathetic enough lives...
destined only to lead us into tragedy...
josie can fill you and hurt you in the same moment. To say you love them is to see inside their heart. And when you can see that there is no other that can do what they do,like they do, they've found their way into your heart, and you're in love. I suppose that would explain why open minded people fall in love more often. But being scarred and learning a few more things every time, each time, you kind of value it more often . Remember the first time you fell in love? What did you really know? You'll dream of the person you know you love, who has all the traits you could worship, but it's possible to love everybody..if you just look inside their hearts, find their meaning behind their words and cherish their reason you'll love every moment of it.

Believe me, be selfless,it's something you can do...
josie I was once the one who knows you, and I do.
but because I wasn't selfless enough i lost him.
i 'm sorry for all the hurt i caused you, i was so wrapped up me i forgot you.
but i see you now...and i know i love you. I'll be forever sorry, although i'm trying my hardest to move on.
Don't say you forgive me, there's only way I'll know that.. if we were ever one again. All i can do is hold you in my heart, embrace this sorrow and learn to love again, Selflessly.
& Danny.
alexis everyone loves another person at one point in her or his life. and not just erotic soul-mate love. love for a friend or an animal.

"Love, /
the middle child, was Beauty's / companion. /
Love could not look away from Beauty. /
But when Beauty smiled, /
Love was filled with a dizzy madness, /
and felt overwhelmed, /
and ran away."
ashley******* i think that love is taken for granted. Wjen someone says those three words they often don't mean it. Only say them if you mean them. That is what i think but don't get me wrong you can say tham and than someone can fuck up totaly and you can not mean them anymore. I think that when love is taken for granted it can hurt. If you have someone who loves you don't take their love for granted give it back it doesn't mean that you have to say the three words it just means you have to show you care. If you aren't carefull you can cause i person to never want to love again trust me it has happened to me someone broke my heart so badly that i feel like i can never love again that person would happen to be a guy named ben morin a guy who i now dispise for breaking my heart in a million peices and than blaming me for breaking his when it was him from the start who lied to the person he claimed he loved more than anyone in the world than how could he lie to me strait in the face all i have to say is that to all f you assholes out there i hope that if you ever cause someone pain like he caused me i hope you all go to hell 000619
Matthew Sweet innosense garbed in a cloak of mischief. A tender thought that lies at the forefront of the emotion, but in reality contains so much more. I with a wanderers heart have felt it only in glimpses but the intensity and waves of raw emotion that accompanied made me learn fast. Then they sail away to their homes, and I to mine, and I have only the memory and the emotions I have not yet learned to handle left.
And I start away from home again....
ERIC-n-CHRISTIE is wicked. is awesome.
is fun. is sometimes cruel.
is hard to find. could be right beside you and you dont know it. can feel good in bed. can go on forever. can be forgiven. can cost a lot of money.
is understanding. is trusting. is sharing. is unbelievable.
is not caring how far you have to drive to see it. can hurt like a bitch.
is waking up and looking it right in the face. is a deep hole.

Thats what i think love is, well most of it anyway.

Dont be mean to the person you love.
you never know when it will end.
you never know if they will forgive you.

Al is when you can accept a person for who they are and overlook their mistakes. 000703
gigaphairy love is...
in your head.
But does that mean it doesn't exist...?
i think not.
grendel sounds like several species of mental illness 000705
genyus01 i don't know if it actually exists...

i've never been in love, although people have told me that they love me (although i chalk that up to being half naked and them hoping for a blow job). is it possible to love without being loved in return?

someone once told me that love is a combination of good conversation and good, does that make love nothing more than a friendship gone awry?

maybe it's a pattern that people fall into. friends that become accustomed to each other and eventually get so used to being together that if one was taken away, life as it was known would end immediately.

or maybe it's just lust with a nicer, more socially acceptable name
Mary Love is a confusing's hard to know whether it's better to endure the pain of living without it or the pain of being hurt by it. I decided to risk it and love my "family." They were taken away from me, and it feels like my
heart is broken. But even that pain will never take away the love I have for
them. So now I know from experience...
it's worth it to love people. Love never dies.
Minstrel Love,
You are dreams and inspiration.
You are the still path I stroll upon in evening's soft embrace -
The wind, your breath in whispers falling across my face, my limbs.
You are the spring rain in the garden of my heart
The summer sun these wild vines long to reach,
To touch -
To bask in the glory
That is you.

Oh how I’ve longed
To see your face,
My ghost!
I am your disciple, your fool.
I trace your footsteps in search of a part of you -
The all of you-
The whole, the everything.

Forever I will search for all that is you.
Forever I have waited, my life,
My years.
Without you, I know I am only half alive-
Yet still I breathe.
For the very thought of your existence -
It is that which sustains me!
Benjamin when you can hurt the other by hurting yourself 000713
Tank it's strange to me sometimes, (mostly when i am in one of my callous moods), that something that is so common can be valued so highly. contradicts the entire way we generally operate. but then again, such is the meaning of life... 000713
jeffrey if I tell you
you have to promise to keep it a secret
the older boy stares back blankly at his brother. Just turned four and he is already telling secrets
secrets were not what bothered me
it was the reason why things were not out in the open to begin
Like profound things
the stuff that happens to evryone
why must it all be so "secret"
whispers in the dark about what it means
like the game that goes around the room til it gets passed back to you
and it is not what you said at all
the world cheats us some how
that is why I am agianst secrets
the boy leans toward his little brother
his breath tickling his ear as the words slide into his brain infecting his mind forever
Seraphim Love is all we can hope for
Love is all we can endure

To endure love is to achieve the ultimate.

I hope it's worth it because this pool at my feet grows everyday as the crack in my heart widens.

My fingers are slick and it looks like oil, tastes so sweet yet the bitterness of truth will taint it like some universal menses exposed to the air of experience.

Love is a four letter word.
birdmad amen 000721
josie No man/woman is worth your tears and the only one who is will never make you cry. 000726
stan forget it 000730
and also try not to remember the smurfs, or the truth of the planet of the apes.
nooneyouknow who is Lisa Bisa 000810
diskobox Love love is a is a doing word 000812
diskobox Love love is a verb,love is a doing word 000812
turmoil . 000819
jennifer how can anyone say they love another? one never really loves just one?
can you love just one, or can there be many?
do you have feelings and when you do how do you know what it is? are you able to tell love from lust?
i dont understand love.
its so simple but so hard
love is kind and can be so mean
love is gentle and rough.
will you do anything for it ... will i
will it find me or do i have to go look for it?
where is love?
nonameneeded how do you expect me to be able to do so again if i've been hurt this many times.. damn, this sucks! i really don't understand love. thats why i don't plan on marriage. right now i'm in love with someone that says he loves me but how am i supposed to know hes not just throwing the word around and hes not full of crap like all the rest of them. theres too many of these questions that fill my mind and as of right now i'm about to explode. is there even such a thing as love? how would you feel if you had fallen in love, totally head over heels for this person in about an hour, and gotten totally ditched like a dog? is love the answer? if god is love, and love is noexistant, does that mean god isn't real? i am confused.. 000826
nonameneeded how do you expect me to be able to do so again if i've been hurt this many times.. damn, this sucks! i really don't understand love. thats why i don't plan on marriage. right now i'm in love with someone that says he loves me but how am i supposed to know hes not just throwing the word around and hes not full of crap like all the rest of them. theres too many of these questions that fill my mind and as of right now i'm about to explode. is there even such a thing as love? how would you feel if you had fallen in love, totally head over heels for this person in about an hour, and gotten totally ditched like a dog? is love the answer? if god is love, and love is noexistant, does that mean god isn't real? i am confused.. 000826
nonameneeded how do you expect me to be able to do so again if i've been hurt this many times.. damn, this sucks! i really don't understand love. thats why i don't plan on marriage. right now i'm in love with someone that says he loves me but how am i supposed to know hes not just throwing the word around and hes not full of crap like all the rest of them. theres too many of these questions that fill my mind and as of right now i'm about to explode. is there even such a thing as love? how would you feel if you had fallen in love, totally head over heels for this person in about an hour, and gotten totally ditched like a dog? is love the answer? if god is love, and love is noexistant, does that mean god isn't real? i am confused.. 000826
ubliss Its effect is unpreditabe...nothing something, anything or everything.
The WAY is to get everything for doing nothing???
ubliss Its effect is unpreditabe...nothing something, anything or everything.
The WAY is to get everything by doing nothing...
Morgan Le Fay can conquer and kill. can save and destroy. can be the best and the worst. can be as strong as oak and as fragile as glass. can be fulfilling and shattering. love can be all these things but is always worth it. 000917
DJAshton somthing i have yet to experience,
somthing i have not found,
_SweetestRevenge_ The Velcro of your chin
Against my soft curly hair
Disgusts me.
How can I love you
When that touch...
And your breath
Is not sweet perfume
It reeks of smoke and stagnant words
How can I love you
When you...

But I think I do.
Barrett Does hearing this word from anothers lips mean quite as much as from your own? 000924
*dreamer* if love is supposed to be so great and make you so happy.. than *why* does it hurt so much. is it love when the pain i feel when you're not around is unbearable.. does the fact that i feel like less of a person without you make it love? why is it that love makes you feel ontop of the world one minute, and the next feel like the whole world has come crashing down on you? i don't understand love.. i don't understand how if you're not careful your entire world could crumble, your dreams shatter, and your heart break into pieces. why do love and heartache always have to go hand in hand? why can't i truly be happy, and stay that way? why does someone always have to take that happiness away from me? love leaves too many questions unanswered... *and too many hearts broken* 000925
kx21 hurt / hate is the Mother of Love / Like. 000925
Raina raina has no idea what the fuck the word means. help her. 000926
Al Love, is more than an emotion.
It is the very essence of our being.
Without love, it is true there is no life.
To love and not have that love returned is painful.
To love and be loved is fantastic.
To love and be loved but to be torn apart by circumstances is life shattering.
To love and be loved but to be torn apart by circumstances you may have been able to control is soul destroying.
Why, did it have to happen?
Could it not have been erased from all memory?
Why did that fatal mistake come back to haunt me?
He says we can be separated and come back together stronger.
Is there really anything stronger than this love I feel for him?
But the situation I find myself in now is more impossible.
To see and not be able to touch.
To gaze and not be able to kiss.
To love and not be able to hold.
To love and to no definite end.....
Just to touch, kiss and hold him once again, and for the rest of etenity would be my love fufilled.
ubliss ***Ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***


Your Love is equal to
Yourself - Your Selfishness.

Love can be Negative, ZERO or Positive.
It can change, increse and decrease over times, and
its range could be from negative infinity to positive infinity.

AS possible Steps to increase your love is to
- minimise your selfishness
(i.e.Greed, Hatred and Ignoranc) as
Selfishness =
Greed + Hatred + gnorance; and
- maximise Yourself(i.e. Your Positive
Love); and

- Maximise GIVE OUT and
Minimise TAKE IN.

Who are able to reach the state of Positive Infinity's LOVE?
'GOD' or
You if Your LOVE is as Great as the 'GOD', which is phyisically impossible judging from any scientific findings and theories, but logically possible by our imagination, illusion or illogical thinking???

Copyright 2000.
ubliss ***Ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***


Your Love is equal to
Yourself - Your Selfishness.

Love can be Negative, ZERO or Positive.
It can change, increase and decrease over times, and
its range could be from negative infinity to positive infinity.

The possible Steps to increase your love are to
- minimise your selfishness
(i.e.Greed, Hatred and Ignorance) as
Selfishness =
Greed + Hatred + ignorance;

- Maximise GIVE OUT and
Minimise TAKE IN; and
- maximise Yourself/ Your Positive

Who are able to reach the state of Positive Infinity's LOVE?
'GOD' or
You if Your Positive LOVE is as Great as the 'GOD', which is phyisically impossible judging from any scientific reasoning, findings and theories, but logically possible with our imagination, illusion or illogical thinking???

Copyright 2000.
ubliss ***ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***

Subject: ABSENCE & LOVE v1.1

Absence is the ART of Love
Presence is the SCIENCE of Love.

Frustration is the START of Love
Fulfilment is the END of Love.

'TAKE' is the Nature of Love.
'GIVE" is the Nurture of Love.

Attachment is the Hell of Love.
Detachment is the Heaven of Love.

'Feel' is the CHAOS of Love.
'Think' is the ORDER of Love.


'CHAOS' is the BEAUTY of Love.
'ORDER' is the BEAST of Love...

Copyright 2000.
psychedelic retard magical migetry tour 001016
stephen the future is beautiful. 001029
squirrel is it better to love one who does not love you or not love one who loves you true? 001105
kx21 ***ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***

Subject : Love & Desires

True Self = Self - desires for Self

True Love = Love - desires for Love

Desires for Love = TOUCH, KISS, SEX, ...

Copyright 2000.
ubliss ***ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***

Subject : Love & Desire v2

True Self = Self - Desire for Self (e.g. Material, Wealth, Power, ...)

True Love = Love - Desire for Love
(e.g. TOUCH, KISS, SEX, ...)

Those who know True Love, do not desire for Love.
Those who desire for Love, do not know True Love.

Copyright 2000.
you i am going to die 001107
kx21 A final reminder for you:

Give all your LOVE to the Universe before you go to HEAVEN, HELL, ...
marissa is when you would die for someone. when you think of them first. when you are second. it's hard and confusing, but can be the best time ever. i love someone and he loves me. i have spent a year and a half with him. sometimes i think i put him first too much. is it possible to love too much? 001111
squirrel Don't forget to love yourself. When you really do, the rest will take care of itself. In that place, there is no such thing as too much.

Embrace your love and embrace your Self.
Becca what is said to be a many splendored thing is the single cause of so much pain 001112
chanaka look at all these people talking about love. i have never felt love. i have never known love. i have never been love, except for the wishy-washy sorta kinda love that you stir like soup and pour down the "soul connection" no "lifelong match" just shit. why me? what have i done to the gods of love to deserve such a fate? they say that someone will come when i'm not looking. they say good thinks come to those who wait. they say a watched pot never boils. what do they know? who is they? my neighbors? i hope not. i have given up can have it. i don't want it. fuck love and fuck each other. just don't tell me about it, because no one will fuck me.... 001113
kx21 What is the probability of
A Love B = B Love A
given that
A Trust B not = B Trust A?
Emawin matt i love you so much but i kno this is wrong, but i want to hold you and run my fingers through your hair and over your face and feel how you havent shaved in about 3 days, and i love the thought that maybe some day we will get married and live in that garage near eli's house, and everything will be ok. but it wont, because i'll keep fucking up, and this fucking love will put me in a mental institution. i wish you would kiss me the way that you did this first time, when niether of us knew how to, and i was so nervous i thought i'd either throw up or pass out, but instead i fell in love with you, and i wish that i could explain to you how much, i wish that i had the words, or you could see me crying now and understand through my tears...Fuck i wish i could believe you wen you tell me that you love me 001118
akira is overrated 001120
snakeyes is exxxtremely overrated 001121
snakeyes once snakeyes was in love....maybe he had lost his eyes.... 001121
carrie i'm in love with mary. m a r y 001127
lizard i love her, i love him.


it doesn't really matter.. they both ignore me anyway.
Katie Rose It's hard to explain exactly what love is.. but the smile on my face is a pretty good indication of what it's all about. 001127
kx21 Dear Katie Rose,

... if your smile is a true reflection
of your BODY, HEART, MIND, ...; AND your LOVE!!!.
Brown little glimpses days apart help us realize why we are and what we search for 001130
birdmad leaves too soon 001201
miniver never arrives


takes the wrong bus
SnAkEyEs Love comes in two aspects: mundane and selfish; or, higher and selfless. The former fosters emptiness, loneliness and falsity. The latter creates harmony, unification, and peace. If the premise that Love is the Secret of Life is accepted, then one can see why the world is in the state it finds itself. it can only be altered one individual at a time. After all, you and only you are responsible for your actions and thoughts. Love, True Love, can neither be imposed, nor legislated; it must come from within to the external by willing and peaceful means. 001208
kx21 Dear SnAkEyEs,

Given that LOVE is about HE or SHE.

What is your definition of EXTERNAL, and its linkage with HE or SHE?
unhinged it pouring out of me like a fucking river. it's leaving me empty and hollow. someone please fill me up.

i'm so proud of jeff singler. he kicked so much ass in the concerto competition. it was so truimphant and beautiful that i was moved to tears. i can't wait to perform the dvorak cello concerto...aaahhh...dvorak...the first beautiful czech man. i'm sure that's a lie.

and it's times like these that i wish i could drive so i could be here for steve. it strikes so close to home now. i don't think i can honestly say i ever knew a person that has aids. i'm not sure if steve does but it's bad enough that he has to think he does. he is so honestly pure and nice and wonderful. there is so much behind his bald-headed smile. i want to be there for him when he gets the results...i should get tested. who knows there that asshole had been before he decided to rape me. no idea. god. maybe i look in the mirror everyday at someone who has aids...then i would have to tell my parents...aaahhh

it's pouring out of me...i'm almost totally fucking hollow
Megan Love is pain in a world like this... Where people hide their feelings for fear of being rejected. Where friends twist minds..... where minds twist minds. Where friends aren't really friends but you pretend so you don't lose the friendship. On a day like today, on a day like any other day, I wonder if you're thinking of me in a way even remotely similar to the way in which I am thinking of you. 001210
kx21 Do you really want to live in a monotonous Universe without any Twists & Turns in your LIFE, THOUGHT, EMOTION, ACTION, REACTION, LANGUAGE,... and LOVE? 001210
chanaka just a song
nothing more
all right now baby its all right now she said "love? lord above..." 001213
tazfab love is built on the fact that the things that drive you nuts about someone are the things you appreciate and adore. they are not something you “overlook.” 001213
kx21 What is the probability of

1)A Trust B = B Trust A
2)A Love B = B Love A
3)1) and 2)?

Hint: 3) = 1) * 2)
kx21 True Love: 3) = 100%

"True Love" or "Genuine Love" can only be found in fictions...?
chanaka and yet, i wonder.
does love work both ways? i must be able to love someone in order to recieve love in return. is that correct? the realization floods over me, soaking my socks: i love no one. i shiver in the cold, as the chill seeps into my bones. think! do you have one person whom you love? that you KNOW you love?

have an answer yet?

don't watch me as i stumble over my own question, as i strain to come up with one person that i love. pity me. i am a failure. one of the greatest capacities of the human soul is to love, and i have somehow gone wrong. arrogant, aren't i? to think that i deserve love of any kind...i know that some people love me, on some level. but humans are self-centered by their very nature. does that mean that i am less than human? (though i admit i never get sick)


it is, of course, all my fault. never anyone else's. all your fault! how i wish i could place the blame on someone else, hide under the "it's not my fault" blanket. cry me a river.

i noticed that i have posted 3 times in this word now. love does mean something to me, even if i don't want to admit it.
so there.
allaboutme I love a lot of things, but I've never been in love. I'm scared of it. 001223
john from michigan but lost in L.A. It's really bad when you tell somebody that you have fallen in love with them and their reply is that they don't feel the same about you, BUT they would be in love with you if they would let themself be themself and admit that they were gay. 001228
cazzi i am scared that no one will love me 001228
scottyboy Is it love?
Is it that awful beast that dwells in the heart?
Ajuna I see your face every where when i turn to talk to someone there u r, when i go to 7-11 there u r. U r always with me but never in person, u r the love i never had but always feel, u r the love i long for but never gets,u r the love that i would die for, u r MY LOVE. 010101
Quiggz Wow...
Uhm... I thought about rambling on and on about it, but it wouldn't be coherent, and I don't think that's what it's about... I think love is the word we use to describe what we cannot use any other words to do justice to. And it's what we make of it. At least, that's what I make of it
kx21 The commonest word used to maintain the inappropriate relationship(s). 010102
birdmad the state i now know i was never meant to inhabit 010102
kx21 The commonest word used to justify the inappropriate relationship(s). 010102
sammy say it one million times. 010103
kx21 The commonest word used to create the inappropriate relationship(s). 010103
unhinged now everytime i smoke a turkish gold...i'm so in love with the way you smell..the way you laugh and talk..but it's all over..that reality anyways. i watched you slip through my fingers as if you were mine to slip through. you had that quicksilver sheen to you that no one could hold. i can't ever love someone else the way i loved you. that's just the fact. and you would just laugh and jerk away from my touch. i should have told you. what i did say wasn't enough. it's just another weight i'll carry around with me. so much more complete and heavy than you were the last time. just find her and tell her how much you love her and that you are glad she is alive. i think you were wrong. jesus does want you two to be together he just doesn't want to do your dirty work for you. even when you said it, said the one thing that i always thought i would be happy to hear, it left a hole. the usual hole. the little window i use to peek in on the world. but i can cling to your prayer. i wanted you to lead me through the bible. but i'll always have that verse and those bitter bitter tears. i think i should pay more attention to the omens in my life. but i never knew anything more solidly than that the kingdom of heaven was inside me. my heart cries. my eyes are too weary to mourn your passing. go to her. your muse. 010103
alkalinepixie i love him. and. he hates me. and i feel. like im looking at myself. from under water. 010103
pathwrat are we talking love here, or luff? (aka luv or even, god forbid, wuv)

this page takes a long time to load, so there are currently lots of theories.

i used to be a great little advice giver when i had no experience and no frame of reference. now that i've been down there and contemplated murder/suicide like the rest of you, i have no glib expressions or pat answers.

when folks ask me if i think they are "in wuv" here is what i say....

love is knowing that the person you "love" will hurt you worse than anyone, anywhere, anytime, has ever hurt you before... it is inevitable, even if you've found the true love of your life, you will be devastated when they leave you. (and they will, unless you've found an immprtal... but what use have they for love?) Knowing that, love is wanting to be with them anyway, and hating yourself for it.
Wiley coyote The feeling of you under my skin
Ripping, tearing at what makes me whole
Causing all the pain I swore I'd never feel again. And here I am again, praying that you'll stay.
kx21 The commonest word used to beautify the inappropriate relationship(s)... 010107
peyton Why Aphrodite, must you bleed me so?

Have I not bled enough in your name?
claw273 what everyone wants to hear, but will run in fear if not ready.

what you want, but not from me. girl run
*CatMeow* is a lot like the hot pot full of stagnant, noodle-filled, slowly evaporating water that has been sitting on my dresser for over 3 weeks now, that everyone keeps bumping into, threatening to spill the greezy contents onto my brand new microwave... i might want to do something about it, but i probably won't 010108
kx21 The commonest word used to escape from the inappropriate relationship(s)... 010108
thomas when love leaves for connecticut,
follow it. but if you already made
that mistake, i won't need to tell
you not to make that mistake again. you'll already know.
kx21 The commonest word used to save YOU from the inappropriate relationship(s)... 010115
Erin I took your hand
And I pulled you as hard as I could
For you didn't quite comprehend
Where I might be taking you
We charged down the stairs
You were taken back by concern
I opened the door
To the most pleasing sight on earth
The sky shaded pale blue
The drops drizzling to the muddy ground
Yeilding you followed
Trusting my odd request
I took both of your hands
I looked into your playful eyes
we rain barefoot
as the rain drenched our clothes
It felt so cooling
It felt so comforting
Knowing neither of us did not care
I had never experienced so much passion
I had never felt you understood me
Until the day we danced in the rain.
Colleen STINKS! 010121
heather even when you've found it you're scared you might lose it. you don't want this even though you think you do. when you have it you don't fully appreciate it and when you lose it you wonder why you missed out. nothing hurts as much. nothing makes you feel like this... you need it to breathe. you think about it day and night until you eat, drink, sleep, breathe, and cry love, love, love, love is what will make the sun rise tomorrow and the birds sing in the branches. but by then it's too late. 010123
*Colleen* is wonderful, beautiful, terrifying, and completely painful all at the same time 010129
kx21 The commonest word used to destroy the beauty of VIRGIN or VIRGINITY... 010129
crest she is within me across the sea and i am bleeding fire. 010201
Cat ^.^ I'd like to quote Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer, "He loves her, and she loves this guy right here, and he loves somebody else. You just can't win, and so it goes until the day you die, this thing called love will make you cry. Love stinks. Yeah, Yeah. Love stinks? LOVE STINKS!! Yeah, Yeah." By the way, I'm wearinng all black on Valintines day! Yippi! 010201
kx21 The commonest word used to complete a transaction of VIRGIN or VIRGINITY at the Least Possible PRICE... 010201
lalala she knows i'm here but will she ever read it. i mean who is it you would most like to hear on the phone as you just hear it ring, i know and she knows but what we want are two different things. 010205
T love is the subject.
truth and lie the objects.
Ajuna Is a warm Friday afternoon, after the exams,
Sitting in a warm liburary chatting with ur high school buddies,
then it hits u "this is perfect" u think to ur self then ur filled with sadness,
as this moment won't last forever and ur trying to remeber every single detail of it,
as if by that it would stay a while longer, now looking back to it when youth still linger in our hearts i smile and cry in side as its the happiest day of my life although its over,
the perfect memory will lasst foever in my heart and i will cherish and LOVE it.
Nikolette Why do the young think Love is licensed to them only? When we grow old, does Love grow old as well? No one is happy growing old. Because they know death is coming. Isn't there life after death? If not, you might as well die now. Why do people continue to live? Because we are hoping there is something more after life. And because during life, there is something more than youth. Love is not only for young lives. How can we truly appreciate love when we have not gone through life? When this moment passes, we are sad. Will we not have another moment? Is Love rationed out to us, like food stamps? Or is it given generously when we need it, like . . . well, not like Social Security. Or increases in salary. Or . . . But, that's a different story. Love is given at just the right moment, like the smiles on my little boys' faces. Because they know their mother, and they Love her. And will continue to do so, even when they are old. 010208
kx21 The commonest word used to justify the greatest contribution to U, in particular You, from the pretty and poor MOTHER....

From The_THEORY_of_Everything.
Karen Look into my eyes and fill me with your light,let me wade in the crystal blue waters of your soul, invite me and I will explore all of your splendor with an open heart, let us become one and cherish each other until our time is done, although my fear consumes me, one invitation and I will be free. Say that you Love me... 010209
sooz we are born into this world with tears in our eyes, and only after we have cried do we learn how to laugh. 010210
Dafremen REAL, it's out there. Just stop looking for that sticky gooey sweet Disneyland fairytale drama. That's not love, that's drivel that Disneyland cooked up to sell tickets to movies and toys to little girls.

Real love is like a war movie, with ups and downs and a thousand happy endings. real love is hard work and it makes you old, while it keeps you young.

Real love is neverendingly short.
kx21 The commonest word used to justify the greatest MISTAKE / SIN ever made by the pretty and poor Woman... 010216
danger boy 101 When I think of your love,
I smile from within my heart,
When I think of being with you,
I wish we would never part,
Your love is my companion,
When days are long n cold,
Your love is my destiny,
When our lives grow old,
To be your love forever,
Is my life's intent,
Your love is my endeavor,
For you are my heaven sent!!!
raechel You know I was about to tell you that I loved you but I stopped right before it came out of my mouth. LOVE. How hollow that word is. What a low gas mileage vehicle love is. What I feel for you is beyong words. Words fall short. Words get taken into a room and get fucked in the ass by one thousand lonely convicts before they get anywhere near what I feel for you. Words get their brains bashed out of their heads and get left in the woods to be eaten by bears so the cops will never find their bodies. I guess I'm really into you. I wish I could sing like that guy in Boston. They rock like fuck.

[Henry Rollins, EYE SCREAM]
unhinged i keep you around in all your emotional and physical abuse because i'm looking for love. i just keep hoping that after the 19th and the 20th and the 21st chance i give you things will be different. but the weak and the selfish aren't capable of giving love they are only capable of taking it. 010217
kx21 The commonest word used to justify the greatest MISTAKE / SIN ever made by the handsome and ignorant Man... 010220
kitty and the only thing that can forgive it 010220
Dr. Ogenki to give love is completing and satisfying

to receive it is divine suffocation
Dafremen I have no pity for someone that is hurt by love. I mean when you go INTO this love thing, you KNOW the potential it has to take you, twist you, bite you and leave you aching from the inside out.

So how could you possibly walk into it, setting yourself up to be HURT?!

Then what's worse is the incessant blubbering and whining about how much love HUUURTS you. How horrible LOVE is to have made you feel this way.

It's like walking into a room full of rattlers with no boots on, knowing full well that others have been bit by these snakes before. Then you come out of the room with black, swollen ankles, frothing at the mouth and screaming about those stupid snakes.

Keep a little distance from love, or at least prepare to get hurt.

Because when it comes to love, if you don't wear boots, that's yer own damned fault.
wei love in desperation comes without combed hair and clean faces 010228
wei it comes without an explanation yet you completely understand. 010228
kx21 The commonest word used to associate GOD with Man... 010228
KKF In the beginning its beautiful.
A good reason to live.
A good reason to die.
Beautiful, yet painful.
Completes you, only sometimes to tear you apart.
Cant live without, yet it is hard to find in its purity and honesty.
A Rose with many thorns.
And in the end its beautiful.
birdmad we always expect the snakes,
it's just that every so often the joker at the controls randomly springs a trapdoor which drops you into a shrk tank and none of us ever knows which, when, where or even IF we'll be the ones to meet that end.

and funnier still is the survivors are always willing to do it all over again

"Let's go
to the sporting goods store
and i'll buy you
a really big baseball bat...

...beat me 'til i'm black and blue
and i'm
very nearly dead
then i can get back up
and we can do it all over again"

--The Refreshments
ellen love...oh how I would love to love him, suround him with my love..that I would love.. 010302
johnny west Love is remarkably similar to dental floss, in that it can draw blood (if used properly). Allow me to elaborate:

You can throw your love around me anytime...but don't touch my hair.
spirallyn cold lifeless gripping emptiness
... this is what it feels like living without your love
Dark Rifter X
the only reason to live and die.
The only time your really alive.
The only pain I can't deal with.
The only chance for real happiness.
The only thing I’ve ever wanted.
And then it's over when it shouldn’t be and it's pain beyond belief.
mikey love. word which brought me here. love..and hate. 2 most missused words in the english language. always misunderstood many times not true to each words definition...yet we all say them. love is a double edge sword. love is a person who can walk in the face of hardship and still smile. love is being able to look your partner into the eyes and not say one single word..yet know without a shadow of doubt what the other is thinking. compromise. compassion. patience. 010306
kx21 The commonest word used to associate GOD with Man:- i.e. God's love for MAN..., which is coined by someone, for the sake of God... 010306
bubble Bubbles from inside, tingling, sometimes painful. When released through the mouth a whisper; I love you... breath tickling the neck, bubbles released to the world, to the source. I feel them travel through my ear, into my brain, down to my heart, to mingle with the bubbles inside of me, only to be released again, and again, and again; a game that I never tire of... I love you... 010308
dumphy a wave. but better than water, a wave of breath and for that whom you love its not like anyone else's. there all missing out because they are not in love with her.
a cure. happiness evry second but afraid that it will leave
dumphy a wave. but better than water, a wave of breath and for that whom you love its not like anyone else's. they're all missing out because they are not in love with her.
a cure. happiness evry second but afraid that it will leave
we're laughing like a bastard
kx21 Morality less Money? 010319
mmm becky 010325
vampers me for who i am....a fake, a fraud, lonely, hopeful, needy...just love me 010325
kx21 The Open Secret Weapon of GOD... 010325
kx21 Is it possible to devote yourself to something / someone (e.g. God) WITHOUT knowing it exists or WITHOUT being convinced of its existence? 010325
kx21 Given that the Love between MEN / WOMEN would somehow weaken their devotion to God...

kx21 Given that the KISS, an expression of Love between MEN / WOMEN would somehow dilute their devotion to God...

KISS is SIN? 010325
kx21 Given that the SEX, exoticness of Love between MEN / WOMEN would certainly pollute their devotion to God...

superslutstar i hAd nevEr beEn so confUsed.... i hAd nevEr been so lOst........ untiL.... untiL i foUnd hiM.... the moSt perfEct beIng... the mOst beAutifUl of all creAtions... soMeone Who lovEs me foR whO i Am... anD someoNe i lOve moRe thAn lifE itSelf........... 010326
someone death 010328
someoneeles death 010328
the_wanna_be_mascara_snake vagina 010328
the_wanna_be_mascara_snake wellllllllllll

I COULD go into



but I won't,

Love is Evil spelled

Lindsey Love is the prickly sensation on the bottoms of my feet when I walk you to the car barefoot, and you carry me over the grass. 010328
Zoe Aric. 010328
daylitedreamer love is the most confusing thing i have ever experienced in my life. how to know when you are in love and how to know when to let go are the hardest things i have ever had to decide. 010329
vessel been in love for so many years. a good place to be. love life. love death. love beauty. love abomination. love it all. can't love an other. can't love self. ain't got a say - just love. ad infinitum. 010329
birdmad i realize that what i feel about her now is no longer love.

i would love her
i could love her

if she let me.

but all i have left from those days is the hunger for an explanation that i know will never come.

it keeps me frozen
it keeps me bound
it made me hesitate when i might have had a chance to start again with someone new...but now i guess i'll never know.
DanetteTN915 I went to the Garden of Love,
And saw what I never had seen;
A Chapel was built in the midst,
Where I used to play on the green.

And the gates of this Chapel were shut,
And 'Thou shalt not' writ over the door;
So I turned to the Garden of Love
That so many sweet flowers bore.

And I saw it was filled with graves,
And tombstones where flowers should be;
And priests in black gowns were walking their rounds,
And binding with briars my joys and desires.
(THE GARDEN OF LOVE by William Blake)
as i think was wrong about it 010403
daylitedreamer he told me he loved me
and that he never stopped caring
his feelings were 'always the same, and they never changed'
i believed him once
i dont know if i should believe him now
i told him that he's lying to me
he asked if i trusted him
and i do.
whats love?
i knew once, but i think i forgot
someone needs to teach me again
my heart will never forget you..
whats a girl to do?
lyst1519 makes you forget you are empty... 010405
Nerbus Maximus Love simply means putting someone else's needs before your own! Putting their life before yours. What is so selfish about that! 010406
Princess Lola too unrequited for words 010408
Chrity go to:
elisabeth my fiends do not know what love is anymore they lost the meaning. and think something is love when it is not 010411
elisabeth my fiends do not know what love is anymore they lost the meaning. and think something is love when it is not. They are just fooling them selfs and then i will pick up the pieces when they realize the truth 010411
uglyduckling at first sight. What a joke. I keep thinking now.
Who can I blame for this tragedy? The world? The media? People.
I'm bitter about people and relationships. I'm ugly, does that mean I can't be loved? Can I ever have a romantic relationship with someone? How can I believe in anything anymore. None of it matters. We grow old, we get ugly, we die. How can I ever see past that and the aesthetic cancer that is in each of us. I'm disgusting on the inside and out, who can love me?
uglyduckling I love you, Why do I love you? I cannot understand why I should feel this way for a complete stranger. Can I understand what love is if I have never experienced it. Perhaps, mine is just simple infatuation with her beauty and aesthetics. so how can I live with myself if all I crave it is her body. I hate myself for loving her. Because I know that this love is not true nor pure. that is why I cannot believe in true love because I understand that no such thing exists. I'm tired. 010415
aeiou is silly and wonderful and unreal and everything.
its the purpose and its the end.
its sanity and the impetus of my insanity.
i want it and i hate it.
i shut it out but it creeps in and consumes us.
what is a girl to do?
i still love you.
keeper love me, as a friend, if nothing more

and, there are no ifs, just love me as a friend
johnny west I was once in love with myself, and that relationship was doomed right from the start.

There was no communication; I rarely talked to myself, and I never called myself (unless you count that one time on the cell phone and the regular phone, but the delay was too distracting and the conversation lasted less than a minute). There wasn't much intimacy to the relationship, physically or mentally. And I didn't show enough appreciation for myself.

Withdrawing further into myself didn't help, because I didn't think very much of myself. We were just a great pair, me and myself. Even a little sadistic, in a frozen kinda way.

The only solution was to get rid of myself and become someone else. Praise Jesus! That squirrel just about took my head off.
sapphire_ is. simply because you exist.

a miracle.
eternity's sweet kiss.

it is not lost, nor snatched away, nor faded like pictures of sunset across your evening sky.

it is beauty. truth.

and that of which when you are once with, can never henceforth be without

love. what people spend lifetimes searching for, and fall to a dictatorship of pain when they forget its meaning

a universal language.

love... what my living memories are made of, and what you are slowly forgetting
danger boy Love is what get's people in to trubble and brakes peoples hearts... it creats all these bad feelings that no one likes, but some times in the middle of all that, there is love in your heart for one or maybe more. Their is always two in my life fore they are my MOM and my girl whom I'll always love... 010420
danger boy Love is what get's people in to trouble and brakes peoples hearts... it creates all these bad feelings that no one likes, but some times in the middle of all that, there is love in your heart for one or maybe more. Their is always two in my life fore they are my MOM and my girl whom I'll always love... 010420
imitator what can make us
most human
yet also,
most like God.
Erin Pulse races, mind spins, heart aches. Connection. Devotion... love. 010426
flo i have loved three women
and at least that number have loved me back
i use to think that it was a finite resource, and then i had children and found out that there is no line long enough to plumb the depths. so, if i am not just passing my love from one woman to the next why can't they all be in my life at once?
marek is evil 010426
nix0r something so paradoxically unfamiliar to so many 010427
c1 I write about love, wanting to understand, why it exists. It's a masochistic infatuation with ourselves, some would say. Some of us love claiming that it hurts us more than it helps us, and yet we keep coming back to it over, and over, begging to be spanked by love's paddle. Some of us would be believe that it's about maintaining a balance that makes existence possible because of the duality of reality. Love only exists because Hate exists.
And finally there's me, who believes that it's the whole world at the tip of your eyelash. The cow, the cake, and the fat lady who sings, is perhaps a better analogy than anything else for what love is. It's the yearning, to express your fears, hopes, wants and needs, in a frenzy of emotion.
So why haven't I ever experienced it,
I dunno...
Roybeast One of the few words in the language of humanity that needs, desperately, an enema, of sorts. It is clogged to the throat with similes, metaphors, poems, movies, songs, martyrs, and other poor blather. 010502
Cybrmystiq Maybe I was more in love with the illusion of her. Than the person behind that illusion. 010506
Allie is all i want right now
why don't you want to give it?
when will you want to give it?
Will you ever want to give it? me?
redspark Anna is always there to lift me up when i am down and to help me see which way to go in life and gives me the best advice ever, shes my 1-800-advicegirl
i love her so much and could never ask for a better friend
go to you (click on it)
redspark ok i take that back it wouldnt let me write anything in it so click on my (click) 010509
SaxyWeed is wrong and girls are fucking evil
phil Infalliable, unbelievable, forgetable, controlling. Unemotional, effortless, questionable, but scary. Instant butterflys and wizard charm and that other thing that she sees in me. Cute I think that's what she'd say. Does she love me, what a silly question, it always gets answered the same way. Yes. I haven't bent love yet, I wonder what I can do with it. Take it with me and give it to the nearest person. A pretty nice one. Why? Let's not ask this question, some things just look like answers even though there not. It will make love go away until it is retaught. But I have no fear for us, I know what love is and it will be the last thought to leave me. Your love has to be with you, or you will be lonely. 010521
Dafremen Love is like the funny feeling of scratching yourself and realizing that you've finally scratched through the last thread in your underwear. So you go to grab a fresh new pair out of the drawer and change your mind because they aren't as comfortable as the ones with the scratch holes around the anal and genital region. Why? Well sh*T how do you think they got so worn in the first place? TIME, familiarity and fondness baby, nothing more, nothing less. Just like real LOVE.

P.S. I'll get back to lecturing you googley-eyed hormonally turbocharged teen f*ck machines later! Love...yeaa right.
. hah
what was that?
try leap frog?
i saw a frog under the table cloth once.
it looked like little heart
don't know what happened to it.
then I stepped on a hedgehog.
uppsse silly animals
they bloody fuck to much
the baby birds wake me up the whole time bloody hell.
The Truth L O V E

Love is so misunderstood by so many people.

What Love is NOT:
Love is not one-sided.
Love is not pain, it is the seperation of love that is painful.
Love is not sex.
Love is not something you want to recieve (it grows when you give it).
Love is not to be confused with affection, lust, or a even a long, durable, comfortable romance (but are byproducts of it).
Love is not imagined.
Love is not infatuation, passion or obsession (but these things are associated with Love).
Love is not the result of "liking someone a lot, for a long period of time."
Love is not to be used for inanimate objects...that's passion and obsession.

What Love IS:

Love is Selflessness, generous compassion.
Love reciprocates.
Love is something you want to Give (it withers when you get greedy with it).
Love is a connection to a higher power.
Love is a dynamic phenomenon which, in it's all encompassing glory, will enhance your senses, re-define your viewpoints, and affects you not only pyschologically, but physically as well.
Love is more than an emotion, it's spiritually based.
Love is a bond. (double covalent)
Love is (+) energy.
Love is the seventh sense.
God IS Love, so Love is the substance that God is made out of.
Love and Life are symbiotic forces.
Love is what separates, elevates us from the animals.
Love is cultivated by our souls.
Love is eternal.

When you experience love, you'll know it. There will not be a single doubt in your mind. Sure, it takes a bit of hope, and a tinge of faith, but you definately won't ask, "Is this Love?" because you'll know for sure, without question.

People who have been bitter for long periods of time will try to discourage you from love, many of those types are listed above. That's because they did not forgive whoever it was that hurt them. Odds are, especially in America, you WILL be hurt eventually by someone you love, but you will heal in time, and live to love again. Never EVER give up...and you'll find TRUE LOVE.
erin am i pretending
doing everything you expect
am i not letting you in
or are u already in?
are these new feelings a sign?
A sign of love
A sign of nothing
Total Confusion
Yet so clear
You are standing in front of me
Arms outstretched
I can't help but to collapse into them
No more pretending
I need You

( i realized I loved you as I wrote this)
erin something in the way he never looks my way im in love.
something in the way he doesnt hear a word I say Im in love
But people say we're not the same
Hes out of my league im insane
Im wasting my life waiting for you
Is it true
am I wasting my life on you?
Something in the way he looked at me today Im in love
Something in the way he said for me to get away im in love
Am I wasintg my life waiting for you
Is it true?
Am I wasting my life on you?

--the hippos
mushroomman Lips as red as a rose, face as pale as the moon
she whispered the sweet things into my ear that made me swoon, falling
and falling, she caught me in her arms and let me gently down,I whispered,i
want to fly, and so we did, across the starry sky, Soon, she said soon,
and as she kissed me i woke up.
Dafremen Once again, my good The Truth misses the mark ever so slightly.

This time he blames some of those "listed above" for being cycnical loners who don't trust love and won't let love into their hearts because they have been hurt.

What a bunch of crap! I MYSELF recommend that you folx avoid love as long as you can. It's a time killer and a life waster. Yea, sure it's nice when you're with the person you love and all that sh*t, but it sucks when yer not. You spend sooo much time dealing with soap opera-like feelings and crap that you have to actually schedule that sh*t into your day somehow. Stay away from love until you're ready to settle down. Stay away from it altogether if you can.

Roger Dafremen lives in a mid sized Midwestern city(population about 500,000). He is the proud and loving father of 4 children ages 6 to 14, devoted husband of 11 years to his beautiful wife "Monica". They are VERY much in love.