jennifer a pill to sleep
a pill to be awake
spending time on the computer because I'm lonley
being lonely because I'm on the computer
I'm depressed because I don't see the sun
and I don't go out in the sunlight because I'm depressed

and I talk in circles
woven gaurds around my thoughts
so I can pretend I am naive
if I hurt someone

circles circles circles
trazlo all consuming 010428
again_unnoticed_romeo i run around in circles just hoping i can get out of it in a less painful manner 010612
Casey Soul Coughing has a song about circles. It is good, but repetitive 010624
the one i talk in circles never really saying what i mean, afraid to offend anyone. They tell me i am borderline....i have a disorder. i cant take rejection, I CANT take it. I will do anything to avoid it. ANYTHING. only to be rejected in the end because people have no clue who I am. 011004
birdmad back where i started

(walk around in circles walk around in circles)
Boymansonbowie1 life is a circle. you're born to die, so you might as well have fun. 011223
Hushed manic depression gets one going in circles 020429
mousie i was going to say that too... about soul coughing. 020429
coldmeshach 9
And it panics me
Like a pig forced to eat its own shit
Or the man with the cut unshaved chin who kills himself every day as he dedicates himself to a pack of cigs that he first puffed as a kid
He goes to his car and turns on "Fight Test" by the Flaming Lips.
He just stares at the cigarette box not knowing if he wants to smoke because what he smokes gets you high.
When he's high he sees fucking windows in lakes. He knows that later when the lake freezes, someone else breaks the ice.

And so, undecided, he went back home with a George Harrison monkey smile on face. Accidentally making a wrong turn, he decides take the wrong path and turn it into the right one. He passes the sharp and sticky vines and the sinking bogs, knowing that there is a faster way.

Finally, he passes(d) the gears of life that were held in a shed. This shed was used by the ones who found the lake.
Suddenly he moves off and collapses, pretending to be dead...until he is awakened by the ciggarette who says, "Your not dead, you have time to live"

Just Live
smut like the tighest knot, my marrow, my thousand string orchestra... it's always us coming back full circle. i think the seasons have something to say about it all but they have started to curl toward the unknown... will i find you in the center of the distance between you and me, your long fingers reaching to god 031009
zanna where do circles begin? 040323
hsg all points, point to center.
all reason's purpose to balance.
pete and has the year past in a circle? here i am talking to her over the net.. ahh damn it all.. i havent consiously sat beside anyone since she stopped sitting beside me at the end of november last year...which meant, really, sitting with atleast a sit between me and my closest nieghbour for most of the past year 041006
JD Ive just bought a new notice board, shelf, box file and various paper clips staples and pens in aim to try and organise my life.

However, i know that within a month it will have all gone to pot

And ill be buying a new box to keep all thenotice board, shelf, box file and various paper clips staples and pens in. That way i can tidy up the crap and organise my life.

See where i'm going...

Fucking nowhere
andru235 as we talked of this and that
you began a little spat

so i tried to show my thoughts
of my points you argued, 'dots'!

i tried and tried to help you see
those 'dots' construct an a - r - c

but no, the dots you refused to connect
perhaps it was my dialect?

of circles i had tried to talk
but you refused to walk that walk

of circles i had hoped you'd hear;
i'd hoped we'd contemplate the sphere!

but still you fail to deduce
you'll miss a lot if you always reduce

if simplicity's so very nice,
then i'm sure you dine on ice
Star_Scribes_Sister thanks andu235. we live in the same City. The circle has already been completed, but only some can see it (not me, oh please not me) now my mind is gone, give me some water I am dying. "I think she has body dismorphic disorder" Said the psych warden of hell. We always look to deep inside, and create alternate versions of ourself that only "children" can see. A plane passes over our head, or through it, trying to steal our dreams. 080625
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