Sher They have often said "what a character you are" and I wondered what that meant. I was pleased when I thought it was an indication that I was an eccentric because that meant I was unique. I was displeased when I thought it meant I was weird. Then I noticed that it had more to do with the inflection of the statement than the actual words ... and I realized that their statement had much more to do with who they were than who I am. 990312
ceorl backpedalling
what I meant was...
megan it was meant to happen
nothink was meant to go wrong
but everythink did
as it often does when you think things are meant to be that arent
zavyman In what way
Could we have loved
If it were never
Meant to be
ladybird i don't suppose anything is 'meant', really. Stuff just is. Though I was pretty convinced we were meant for a little while...but I'm surviving fine without you, imagine that! I only miss you last thing at night and when people say stupid things and when there's no one to take dancing seriously and...well...ok so I miss you all the time.

But that's not the point.

The point is...there's no such thing as the point. I think.
neverisalways That is not what is meant... I dont know... Leviticus is by far the coolest name for a book in the bible. I dont know what that means. Heh heh heh meant:means. The ends justify the means. i.e. its all about what was meant to happen. 031122
jesjmeshughes I never knew what true love meant until now. I am compltely full, my heart is no longer with holes. Thank you 050326
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