I can't think straight unless I'm burning a hole through the earth while doing it.
anastacia do you ever pretend you're crazy?
do we all dream in color?
kx21 Something unknown... 010718
kx21 Odd... 010719
kx21 weird... 010719
~gez~ i swear i have a hole in my memory, since i never can seem to remember anything 021019
aslfknrq You made two holes in me.

They were both already there, you just made them bigger.
snophish appeared in my vision for 2 months. places where I couldnt see anything, that sometimes opened up to tunnels and sucked me down.

I never told anyone because I thought I might be crazy.

The holes have abated, but my sentiments havent.
gemini some bigger than they appear some not there until you enter through 051229
x twisted x and ive overheard that some holes just cant be filled. 060116
Sarah I have holes in my stockings 060116
what's it to you?
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