Quintessensual The numerical format for today is 11-19-1999. All of the digits are odd.

The next such day will be 1-1-3111!*!*!

So, if you have no other reason to celebrate today, you do now. Today is your last odd day on Earth in this Lifetime and probably the next few as well.
amy ha! 991120
me? by the discordian calender, today is 5-33-3165. next odd day is 1-1-3171, which corresponds to 1-1-05 for the chaotically impaired. time is relative. time is irrelevant. time sucks. 991121
Serrated time only sucks if you pay attention to it.

If you don't, it doesn't -- you can just live.

And really, 0 isn't even or odd, last I heard.
andrea that's what it would be
if you took the T
out of TODD
dizzy odd is nothing different, just the same, in a different light. 000219
valis odd ...

and yet strangely weird ...
jewish negro with inner openness and subtle closure round back! 001016
Sintina to be is to not fit in, to not be one of the norm.
to be different.
to sometimes wish everyday that you were one of them.
And then to be so very happy that you are not.
jewish negro look at the mess in here. no matter how you straighten it out, it is always madness. 010130
god opel 010219
florescent light 0 is an even number.

Of this I am certain.
Dafremen But it is ALSO an odd number in that it has no value. Just another of the numerical oddities in the world of math. 010220
kielt it is good to be odd 010608
shhiva we live in an odd world 011230
ClairE There was "Even Steven" but no counterpart for "odd".

That was upsetting.

Obviously odd is better.
Todds MoMa todd was always odd
[but shhhh dont tell him]

even steven
odd Todd
ClairE Not in my school.

Hmm. So obvious...
Mahayana: Zakah: obvious?
[what was obvious, that Todd wasnt odd in your school?]
[[we always said odd todd but i have always loved Odd-1's]]
unique butterfly you use that word a lot.
i'm around you a lot.
now i use it a lot.
her royal highness the quirk it still feels strange to call her my best friend
but it's the truth
you've been replaced

part of me is still holding on
and despite all the drama
i do miss being able to talk to you
but i'm not going to talk unless you talk first
and you're not going to talk

and so here we are
on separate sides of an ocean of heartache and silence
do you ever think about me
do you ever regret your decision to terminate our friendship

i regret your decision
ofsuch fairlyoddparents 040429
ofsuch "that's odd."

that's the way people close to me let me know politely that my eyes are crossed and i didn't even realize it.
dosquatch even. 040429
concha listening to opera and eating out of a pot with just one shoe on. 050403
12182005 Iran's top official calls Bush “odd” man

Iran Focus, Iran - 3 hours ago
what's it to you?
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