mareberry somehow i thought it would change things, somehow i thought it would make you see. my heart told me to push forward, while my mind tore all i once knew from my spirit. the regret streams from my face, i try to oppress it, to relieve myself of the guilt i feel. i know you can never love me, i know you'll no longer care. but within all the waiting, the fear and the tears, all i have left is my undying regret. 990506
jjjjjonathan i regret too much.
that's a debatable statement.
is there a reason? yes, undoubtedly. should i regret more? no. less? i'm not sure, but perhaps.
i should probably make less mistakes, but it's just so hard to not screw up.
failure? disgust? repulsion? revulsion?
just words. if it doesn't really matter, and i'm sure it doesn't, i shouldn't have a need to regret. but, since i want me to matter, i will regret the past, and worry about the future.
OTK Two names converge here
Robert Egret makes a scene
Too bad he's so short
Carolyn Duncan no, nevermind, i have nothing to say.
how regret can make on fall silent. how
can words undo what's done? the breaking
of innocence by time. and reality a fire that spreads in our villages of paper-house dreams.
regret that makes us melodramatic. oh world, take me SERIOUSLY we cry inside. I'm so tired. Of all of it. Can't anyone hear me? and why do things unravel themselves, into that tapestry of the night sky we gaze at, cold and distant stars of all the hours past,never to be regained.
Johnny Sunshine Everyday is filled with regret, I regret every breath and despise every moment 991214
oodles Sometimes I regret the mistakes I've made in the past.
Things I should have done,
things I shouldn't have done.
But I've learned something from each and every mistake I've made.
The secret is to figure out what you may regret before you get the opportunity to regret it.
miniver Wouldn't it be fun
if everything were thought
in terms of mediocrity.
And none of it would die,
but keep a steady, growing beat
to which all those better-next-time
conversations might dance
and prance around the brain.

I grow weak.
Or I grow strong, in a weak way.
I was a "sensitive" child.

This one joins the dance.
hernamewaslola regret
i took it for granted. the ability to regret. the ability to have a moment pass and spend the next several moments rewriting the conversation and reworking the movements my hands had made. caring so much about time that passes is a wonderful thing. now i'm struggling to remember last week as I drift along. i've been on vacation forever now. when i come back, what will be left? will i regret my absence? i ask myself what would be left of me if you weren't here. and i assume that i'd be fine, just get along, ya know, keep breathing and all. mentally it hasn't phased me, yet tears are streaming down my face. i regret not being able to experience my own emotions.
lisa_is_bionic Interestingly, I've hardly ever felt regret. Unless it's that feeling you get when you realize you really shouldn't have fallen in love. I suppose that would be more correctly classified as 'bitter'. 000526
Splinken i don't 000621
forlorad he says no you cant. ever. 000627
enon and i say no you cant, for then what is the point? 000627
lizard all that we have wrought is fated to come undone. 010116

My life has turned into a past. My eyes don't want to wake up. it hurts to be alone and to know that its all gone, but try to move on.
Its going to fast, life gives no second chances...
blue star I regret not taking you when you wanted me too. I regret not giving you that hug you wanted, that I knew you wanted. I will never, ever regret falling in love with you. 010129
A Trembling Blue Star I regret not telling you i loved you sooner, not being enough, never enough.... 010130
toni left to do nothing but wander and remember every time i tried to deny what i felt. and so i see the dawn, and i've become everything that they see in me. i am cold cruel relentless. though you fix things, people will always see what they want to, what they look for. so the same cycle i started long ago curves past and begins again. i regret ever opening my heart at all. 010202
god what i do after i gret 010203
Regret is the hangover of haste
monadh too many things
I have to lighten up
go with the flow
for my own sake
and others
Tony I regret the time when lost my toy in the water and never found it again let us rejoyce in its glory...ok maybe not 010410
? What do people regret 010411
unhinged i am too tired to regret anymore 010411
from the files of birdmads vinyl collection daddy, what does regret mean?

well, you see, son, the funny thing about regret, is that it's better the things you have done than to regret the things you haven't done
By the way, when you see your mom this wekend, be sure to tell her...

silentbob ive heard that, im sure of it
what is it?
Denna Thought too fast. Doubted too much. Trusted too little. Ruined so fast.

Just six letters to fill a lifetime.
I'm sorry.
I regret.
psychobabe regret is like being sorry. I'm not sorry for meeting you, i'm not sorry for trusting you, i'm not sorry for loveing you, but i do regret ever meeting you.

what we had was fake, nothing but alittle white lie, that turned to dust in my mind...what you did hurt me, and I cant let is go which is why I regret meeting you.

I dont regret anything in my life, sure i've fucked up many times, but i have learned. But with this, i am not sorry, but i am regretfull for you.
L regret. It's the tapping at the back of your head. The knawing kind of feeling in your in your belly. It sometimes makes you shiver. It's that monster under your bed.
It's attached to your ankles and fades a bit when it's sunny
lost people who regret are to weak to except. 010426
birdmad bobby...


there's the old pure techno version and the newer slightly cranked version with kirk from that band that hates napster
kinska You did it for my own good,
all the hurt you made me feel.
You've taught me about life,
about people, nothing's real.
Trust many but love very few.
From now on that is all I'm going to do.
I'm wearing my suit of armour with pride,
for since it all happened the naive girl has died.
I regret all the suffering
I regret that we were just one of those things
Regretful that I will eternally be regretfully yours.
futility I wish I had known
the magnitude of my decision
how I would idle, thinking it over
4, 5, 6 years later.
I wish I had realized sooner
what I needed
what I wanted
who I was.
now I know,
but I cannot return
to the place that
I cannot help dwelling on
Christy42 All at once he chose to leave and he did so in a whirl of baby powder and dusty memories, radiating warmth as he passed but leaving me empty. He sailed slow across the spacious room and landed in the doorway without a final statement or closing comment. Suddenly my insides were stirred and I felt regret for all that I hadn't said. As if he sensed this, he glanced back in my direction, finding my eyes with a scattered look. Pain soared through me as I realized that his eyes were the very color of a single savory stick of cinnamon. Though I longed to run to him, to hug him goodbye, to beg him to stay just a bit longer, my sandals stayed firmly planted in the blue burbur carpet. I imagined that he understood what I was feeling and supposed that his deep eyes were pulsing forgiveness. After a moment, he pulled his eyes away from mine and exited, leaving a trail of ardor and misery. I stood stunned, but slowly I recovered and I made my way to the window. I lifted up the blue curtain that covered it and peered out, just in time to see his car pull down the block. I uttered a single, soft syllable: "Damn." But as regrets are useless, I turned back to my circle of friends, who hadn't noticed my short departure. 010910
unhinged i feel like i'm supposed to regret it but i don't. she's telling me i can get pregnant anytime but that's not what i remember from health class. and i know what she would say...'i can't believe you fucked HIM...what is wrong with you?' i don't need imposed guilt. i don't feel bad about it so why should i let you make me feel bad about it? 010910
ELONAR does it count if you keep doing the same thing which you regret, and regret it every time, without ever changing anything? can that really be called regret in the first place? 010911
insomni225 the worst thing in the world
not able to take it back
dont know how it happened
wasnt what i wanted
but happened anyway

cant change the past
can only learn from it
and i have
believe me i have
but now is it too late?

i dont want him
i want you
i want your lips on mine
i want your arms around me
but if i never feel them again
its my own fault

hurting someone
messing everything up
when who knows what could have been

i have my regrets
distorted tendencies I have two regrets. That I hadn't gone with my premonitions when I saw you at the movie theatre watching X-Men.. I was there on a date with John that night. But something clicked when I saw you. I'm glad you were second, because I know what's best, what's better, what I know as perfection. I do regret one more thing.. I regret that I ever hurt you as much as I did. I regret it everyday. 010929
translucent I forgive all the hurt you have caused... even though I was cut to the bone, I have healed. Now all I want is you. 011006
ilovepatsajak oh, there are frogs falling from the sky.
but it did happen.
Casey The world is full of regret. Some people believe that regret is the only thing this world is comprised of. But take it from me, regret is dangerous. Try to let it go.

It always helps a lot more when you can talk to someone about what your feeling. Someone who is willing to listen to you, andf you, in turn, have to be willing to listen to them.

If you allow your pain and regret to fester inside of you for to long, then it can comsume you, it becomes you. Your pain will be all you ever think about.

Pain can be a good thing, we must never forget the past. Instead, we must learn from our mistakes. I've had just as much pain in my life as anyone else, my only advice would be to deal with it in your own way, as long as it is a safe way.

And if anyone ever needs someone to talk to, I have an e-mail address
diamonds regret will consume me until it has run through me and I'm happily lonely again 011007
pralines&cream i regret filling my time with him instead of you. You are such a better thing to spend my time on. I regret stabbing you in the heart; please let me heal you now with my love. I do love you. 011112
kuru And so, I killed the poetry.
Well I'm sorry for that, truly.

You know that arcade bandit, the one with the silver claw? A hundred times you'll lose your quarter to that vacuum, and it comes as no surprise. The odds are against you, after all, you might as well toss your money in the sewer. But once in a blue moon you'll take a chance and you'll end up with a prize, a fuzzy piece of nonsense that, as respite from the monotony of failure, becomes treasure.

Those were your words,
the joys among the everyday.
Bizzar I wish I had never met you
I wish I never trusted you
I wish I didnt know your face
I wish I could forget you
I wish I could say I never loved you
I wish I could say I dont still love you
I wish I never gave it all for nothing
I wish I never believed your lies
Why are you doing this to me?
I wish I could watch her suffer
I wish I didnt see you when I close my eyes
I wish it never happened, because you mean nothing to me anymore. All youve cause is pain, and I want nothing to do with you ever again. Fuck you for all the dreams we shared, that you didnt really mean. For finding new ways to rip out my heart everyday. For going out of your way to cause me pain. Thank God its over...
Bizzar the saddest part is, that the pain is still as intense after 5 years of being without him. 020531
CheapVodka seeing as that this word on blather seems to ask for poetry...

So then what do i do
when i'm without you
and what'll i do
when all my dreams of you
can't come true
what'll i do
and then who
will i look to
when we're really actually through

and i felt nothing but regret for not remembering your face. when i left for that big concrete place. a "think tank" if you will...i didn't expect to forget what you looked like. considering your face, your skin was the only thing keeping my tiny sliver of sanity in the back of my head...
without it i've seemed to let it all slip... just slip. i can't tell you how much different it is. i'd tell you to visit but i know when you can't get here... my physical existence is where your connection to me stops...since i slipped
i wish you could join me in my head, my crazy head. i miss you...i wish i knew what the shape of your nose was, or the color of your eyes.

that place...that fucking pill palace. my prison behind pillow walls.
i need you to know that i need you.
please just know that if i could get my hands to stop yanking my hair i will take this letter outta my brain and put it on you could understand. so you could know that i really do want you to visit no matter what i tell the nurse. i long have i been tearing and ripping my hair like this...6 months, 4 years...can't go no MUCH longer can it? one day i'll tell you i love day i'll be ok and the cuts on my face will heal and the skin on my head will stop hurting...

i will be perfectly normal again and you'll love me again...i'm not crazy..i'm not...they do this to me they do
do you see what they do to me...they make me look dumb...the make me seem stupid..
i'm not crazy..i'm really not
please love me again, please
i hate's your fault
you fucking bitch...your fucking fault
i have to go...leave me alone're really hurting me. really...please
i'm crying now
i always regret crying..but what i regret most of all is not remembering your face...
pralines&cream I hope I'm not about to do something that I know i'll regret.

People are supposed to learn from past mistakes, and never do them again, right?
Syrope what do i do now? regret afterwards is one thing, and i've had my share of that...but if you regret something before you even do it a sign? this is a first... 020709
Oak Barrel things that you can't change. 020813
unhappy loser ever knowing you sometimes
I struggled so long through so much pain it almost killed me,
to get some place where I get to feel good sometimes.
But it's a hollow happiness,
because while you do make me happy,
you never make feel happy about being me,
I'm only happy to be beside you.

I don't think I'm winning this.
Aimee I've tried to live a lot of my life without regretting things. If I can't change them, what's the point in dwelling on them? but in all reality, i regret everything. I regret losing my virginity so young, I regret ever dating my best friend, I regret going to college... there's so much there. But it doesn't matter, right? It's all in the past, so why worry about it... Hakuna Matata... then again.. who the hell listens to a talking wild boar? 020814
shimmerblizzard i never thought i'd regret anything until you threw your hands at me. then i regretted knowing you, i regretted talking to you, i regretted it all.

now when i see you glare at me like i've done something wrong, i regret thinking every day about you. i regret having my life centered around the one person who has damaged it the most. i regret listening to you, i regret not having the balls to walk up to you and hit you back.

most of all, i regret ever loving you.
*silent screams The knots in my stomach, the aching dryness of my throat, and the widening eyes of fear all show that i care, yet i can't force out the words that are rumbling from the inside out. I can't say the one thing that despretly tries to free itself from the cage i choose to put around it. Do i really not feel what everything that lies within is trying to tell me, or am i just scared? It's the sudden ache that comes to you that could not only change your life, but also the life of others as well. The one defining moment that could change everything. Maybe even the one thing u'll look back 20 years from now and say...if only i said it, maybe, just maybe my life would've been different, better. My worst fear this very second is if what is really going to happen, happens. I'm terrified that i'm going to regret it with every achoing tender peice of my heart....if only it would've escaped... 021206
littleidiot forgive and forget
whatever was said.
yeah right.
daydream believer there's only us
there's only this
forget regret
or life is yours to miss

no other road
no other way
no day but today

there's only yes
only tonight
we must let go
to know what's right

no other course
no other way
no day but today

there's only now
there's only here
give in to love
or live in fear

no other path
no other way
no day but today

*silent screams My whole life has been nothing but regrets, and I guess i've even come to regret that. 030108
MDogMA Islands of pontifications pawns and king squared off leaping joy frogs of tingling ecstasy licking each others backs. With a triumphant yell the knight of Argos catcalls the queen of the Nile into jubilant relations, while her liege sits idle playing with pawns. Without the sword of Hanalei the king doth not a chance. The dragon Pete will mistake little jonnie for a moose and the entire fairy tale will crash down wish to Alice’s death at the hands of the Rabbit in the courtyard with the candlestick. Upon the lighter sea a captain calls the mate for bearing and the child takes its first breath further inland. Saint Mary is found a witch and burned at the stake, when these people will learn real witches don’t start to hit mainstream society until the early 20th century. And the king takes the final pawn after a grudging stand off, only to see the proceedings of the queen where upon he places the sword of Hanalei within his own head and abruptly falls upon a card of hearts, the knave in the king’s way to forever to be oathed upon in the game of twenty one. 030110
catherine "do you wish it had never happened?" I asked you. and you answered "no." and you meant it.
that was the right answer
x never
everything happens for a reason
jester .......................................
Freak/Lilac you say everything happens for a reason but choice not chance determines destiny therefore you are still open to regret. 030407
Freak/Lilac All I had to do was try. I'm just now realizing that now that it is almost over. 030407
niska though if choice, not chance, determines our destiny, why would we choose to do things we regret? sometimes we are unsure of the consequences, but we can still accept there can be several to the choices we make.

hopefully, if we regret anything, it's because we learned something valuable.
ju tu reg rety, matko boska znaczy siê 030518
ItGirl I had one goal... To live my life with no regrets... but now I have one. Only one. You.

How do you make me regret the best day of my life?
ashmanzhou i regret it all
every last breath
dammit what makes us us
why do we be
why break us here
we dont last anyway
it a hell we cant escape
a place we live and die and suffer for
but we get nothing here
why do we be
ferret barrel_o_cranberries 030720
immortal Ich bereue nichts. 030725
sigma Sometimes I feel like I regret far too many things. I feel very old, for being as young as people make me out to be.

I regret losing you, because I don't think I am strong enough without you to get over it.
Freak there are no mistakes in life
some people say
its true sometimes
you can see it that way

people dont live or die
people just float
there was dust on the man with the long black coat
witchesrequiem i regret...
rolling over
being a chicken sh*t
not molesting Bjorn and Dax
not Knocking Todds lights out
ever meeting Esmarelda aka Erin
hitting on chris
not making ryan talk
getting fake nails (shivers)
not cursing Brandy
loseing my mind
needing medication..not my fault
picking my parents for that matter
drinking that last shot of tequila
making him drink that last shot of tequila
leaving aphex down the street
ordering all that junk on ebay

ok that's enough for now...bad topic to think about..push it back down..pop a zanax...
Arelius My deepest regret, we stand alone, apart, locked away from one another. A burden held close, painful as I watch, wait, longing to heah his voice, a spark of light in my dark soul. This that waits for the final end of waiting, hoping in vain for one moment, one chance, to right the wrong, end the beginning, to bring back the one who stood before me. 031030
blue ash i'm sorry i had to do this, but i really wanted to know you. 031110
Afro Its funny how you can regret some of the best moments of your entire life. 031126
ferret i regret not getting to know you better. thank you for visiting me last night ;) 031126
apathy Regret is the minds way of reminding us of how we have fucked up 040327
minnesota_chris SHPIDER!



(step on spider!!!)


he is our hero


saying random_shit is fun.
the newer quieter me I fear the mornings racked with guilt and regret after my mindless drunken nights- sometimes the regret overwhelms me to the point that i can do nothing but lie in bed on the verge of tears, enveloped in self loathing. But it seems the only times I feel right- body, soul and mind- is when I am 10+ shots into the night... which leaves me wondering, which would I regret more, never feeling that freedom, or the morning after a truly free night? 040331
Syrope i'm still not getting the hang of this. i guess if i have regrets they don't bother me very much.

i'm happy where i am


Syrope but not now 040331
mlk People regret making choices, but if they were to look a little a closer, a little deeper, the choice they thought they had would disappear. 040331
ethereal Regret nothing. To regret is to denounce the emotion that you had in that single moment in time. Regret nothing. For regret is fear. Change nothing in your past. Change your future. And regret nothing. 040331
misstree when "what if"s
sting and scar
ofsuch i try hard not to do anything i will regret 040429
beorn I was just talking to matt. He said the last thing he wants is to be 80, on his death bed, and regrets not doing all the things he wanted to do. I told him it would not happen 040505
JustOnMonday i fear will engulf me if this ends. It will be a feeling i get everytime i stop talking to you. everytime i think about all the tests we went through and they meant nothing to you, nothing but friendship. and that should be enough? i regret not having the humility to shed my pride and give my love to you, even when you didn't ask me to. i regret that when i do, all i get in return will be a sigh and a sympathetic smile. i regret that i will never be able to get as close to anyone else as close as i am to you. and i regret even more that as close as i am, i still do not know the real you, nor do you know the real me. i regret most of all though, each day, with each foul breath i must breathe to keep this worthless embodiment of my soul moving, each breath will reek of this unexplainable feeling that acts as a plague. the only cure for regret is to fulfill what you failed. if i kissed you now, can i avoid regret? 040605
lou_la_belle today you made me regret,
all over again,
the things we could've been.
i looked into your eyes,
strangers after so long,
let myself feel
the warmth of your smile
the sound of your laughter
and i listened to your words.
i heard regret
i heard sadness...
it sounded like myself.
thank you for your gift
that you so generously shared
it makes this easier
knowing i'm not the only one
filled with regret.
gock do i lack empathy do we all lack empathy that we can perform preconcieved actions with full knowledge of the ripples that will lace the water yet we persist in causing pain suffering hate burning insanity uncontrolable rage sorrow disillusion dejection despondancy these are the products of greed envy lust desire and selfishness 040806
Lila Pause It's only the idea of your latent regret that sustains me. 041013
yes-no-maybe consider taking a chance
would I regret not doing it in twenty years, even if I failed?
dandy I can't even forsee tomorrow. From 5 years I can go from being able to walk away from almost this same life as now without a blink or look back in love with a man I now am more or less neutral to, option not taken.

20 years ago I was a totally different person. I looked more or less the same on the outside. I am full of regrets and loaded teetering piles of options knowing I can take far too few and feel that whatever I do I am stumbling blind inevitable, no matter how long I study it, I will make wrong choices, whether I leap or whether I don't do something and may regret it later.

I swim in regret as much as hydrogen and oxygen and my limbs are heavy with it. If I try to swim out I get the bends.

I'm stuck in something like forward-regret to speak conditional future unreal. How dare I say? I guess the almost pathological level of biblical predestination is within me still.
zach I wish I could have expressed my emotions to you openly and truthfully last night when you and I sat on my couch and watched tv, all I wanted to do was hold your slender hands , caress you, kiss you, hug you,hold you close, comfort you. Last night we were so close and now you are so far away. Kristina why couldnt I tell you what I felt, why couldnt I be the man and intiate our love, now, all I have is sadness and regret...Im sorry if you feel the same girl 050321
birdmad years of wasted emotion 050322
. what_i'm_thinking_right_now 050407
alex loving you only brings me trouble. Maybe I should block you so that I forget you. But then what happens to the real world? I'll still see you, and you'll still talk to me, and I'll still want you 050425
emotional_goth_girl 'Someone rape me' the pigeon-like girl cried
'Someone rape me', arms thrown up to heaven
She would thoroughly wash her clothes and tried
to scrub them pure, to transform a raven
colored lie into a shade she could hide
She used, but hatedbleach, so dark
a stain it tried to remove, she would chide
a liquid cannot remove all, that mark,
it stays until the greatest sacrifice
is made, so please someone rape me make me
clean, give me a sin I did not entice.
Someone rape me, trembling she laid meekly
on a white pillow her lover had made,
She poured the bleach and forever she laid.
rage "youd better not be drunk or your gonna regret this in the morning"

id only regret it if my friends knew

so yeah im probably going to end up regreting it

i never thought it would be my best friends that managed to make me feel the worst

crazy stupid secret exciting friend?
peyton he's said a lot of things
he'd rather not mention
right now
sirflaccid I regret not being true to myself.

I regret not being true to you.

I regret not feeling happy in my own skin.

I regret letting it get in the way.

I regret that day at your dad's house.

I regret not having 23/46nds of you in my life.

I regret not asking.
vulgar It hurts me often at night. 051129
megan why 051221
blueJessi I don't regret kissing him. I don't regret pushing you away for him, even after he pushed me away for her. I don't regret ignoring you. I don't regret hurting you. I don't regret you. I don't regret him.

I regret that I didn't tell you that I knew all along that it would never work with me. I regret leading you to believe that I'm a good person. I regret not telling you to leave me alone because you deserved better. I regret wasting your time.

But most of all, I regret talking to you again...because we'll never find that person in each that we loved again.

And I think it's time we both acknowledged that...
tessa I don't have regret

I just don't. It's not something that I am capable of.

I never seem to feel that anything could ever have been different from how it was/is. I don't feel like I have ever really made a choice.

Decisions seem to become apparent to me, I don't make them.

i have sorrow, i can me sorry about things, but i don't regret.

I wonder if it will ever change?
tessa *be 060824
no reason the regret of not doing vs. the regret of doing

i guess the only difference is that only one of them is inevitable
satan satan satan "...SATAN! SATAN! SATAN!" 060825
LS Why stew on regret? We either had too, or couldn't! 060825
ray child i dont believe in regrets.. why do it if you regret it? 070130
misstree if i could only
turn it all back
i would know better.

i would have treated you

i am
Oscar Wilde Better to regret it for having done it, than to regret it for having not. 070528
no reason it's worse this time because i could've had it
i could have had what i've wanted for so long

but i didn't take it because of who i am and what i do and reasons that i realize now aren't good enough reasons at all

this is the most regret i've felt in a long time
itsrachelrun his body, and mine--

undressed, touching, feeling, groping, sweating, rubbing, the passion, the drive, the urges, the pleasure, oh, the pleasure. his perfect body and perfect face reminding me of how much i want him, his fingertips gently caressing my sides, his teeth nibbling my collarbone, the kissing in all the right places, the whispering of all the right words, the telling of how much he loves me.

and in the morning, he's gone.
paste! I've never seen all the organs in my body, a cow screams.
Nobody showed me how to play the piano, a cat whispers.
In_Bloom I have so few and then only for things that haven't gone my way, not because I didn't step up and go for what I wanted 090424
unhinged milarepa 090424
what's it to you?
who go