It makes me feel like i'm someone else,
puting on a mask, to hide what is real

It makes me feel fake, i refuse to be dependent on it, Though i am supposed to take it,

It makes me feel like a science experiment, a labratory animal,

I learned how to make myself happy,
free myself from false happiness
the fog has been lifted, I feel more alive,

Take me back to reality, where i can find what is real, and concrete,
I don't need them, i can do it on my own
rubydee i have wild eyes, unrecognizable as my own in the mirror. where have i gone? tangled in a web of stolen serotonin...presumptuous peddling of pink pills. pretty please pass the paxil.

plucky perceptions of psychosis.
josie i had this flashback this morning whilst i was getting dressed and another while i was at my desk.

it was like my senses had confused themselves but the clarity i felt was bizaare, almost like a trip.

i had a weird taste in my mouth and i could smell what it was like the exact moment i was in hospital (2mths earlier) having a nurse give me a penecillin injection.

blown cherry I'm not gonna get through uni this session without it. I really cant afford another wasted session.
How can I put uni ahead of what I'm feeling?
I don't know, it seems a crazy thing for ME to be doing, but being stuck at uni is part of what is bringing me down.
So I have to find a way to freeze my emotions,
lock myself up in a cupboard somewhere,
and let someone else take over, hopefully someone who can pass.

And maybe by the time it's over,
three months might be up, and I'mm have all the time in the world to put myself through all the pain that awaits me out the other side .
blown cherry is NOT SICK My mum takes medication,
because she is sick.
She is a shadow of who she used to be because of it.

But I am NOT SICK!
Just a little depressed is all...
I don't want this "medication" anymore.

I need to know who I am.
And I need to continue to be who I am.
phil Freakin' AYE people.
Just take your subscription, unless you actually know something about the medication, which is possible.
"oh this doesn't work, I'll take some more." (goofy in a deep voice)
rubydee i think the trend is toward less
not more
as in "it's not working cause so i'll take less"
find other ways of dealing.
realizing that sometimes depression/anxiety/obsessions are really just normal reactions to our
scream from the mountains
"it's you, not me, motherfuckers!!!!"

(quit paxil cold-turkey a few months back)
can't medicate my soul

much healthier
Lizzy Price Hello friend,
Every medication less the price as never
Hurry up!
the evaporator Ms. Price... might i suggest you feed yourself a lethal overdose of your meds and rid us of your unwanted spam.

you are a piss stain, go away
what's it to you?
who go