silentbob Bobby Burgess is a boy. you can read his daily misadventures at

he's got like 3 years worth of hilarious stories and observations. right now he's in hawaii enjoying an adventure. its a very good story so far.
TCMT Everything looks different depending on how you look at it. We work hard to find ourselves and then in that very act of finding we become lost, lost in the new potentialities, the new realities, the new insights that we have gained through the journey. An endless well, a deep and dark ocean, we find ourselves sinking and rising but never able to bring our heads above the water, never able to breathe the air of knowing.

But does it matter? If we truly needed to breathe, we would be dead already.
grendel I hated that diary because there were times it seemed so relentlessly smug and self-satisfied,

part of me admired the balls it took to hit up his readers to fund his adventures like a kid wheedling his parents for more allowance, but having to work and save money to travel, hell, to get by even, just underlined my resentment, I know I wasn't alone in that because for a while there was an almost equally popular diary satirizing and skewering it, even calling out the cash grabs and the remarks which could be read as condescending to the rubes feeding his PayPal account

It was suburbanite privilege writ large, I can't say I miss it
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