Investigate. Interrogate.

Throw off the safety of that extra bulk. Leave the security blanket behind, and pick up your sad ass and hike to tomorrow.

ahaha. Cheese-o-rama.
Photophobe I'm still and graceful as they go
Up and down and up and down the escalator.

Awake and full of oxygen,
As the train pulls in.

But they all look through me; I feel like I'm riding wiht ghosts.

They all come down for the journy. But I can't blame them.With thoughts like this, I'm going to have trouble. With thoughts like this I'm going to have trouble arriving with a aprt of me intact.

But I can't blame them: the Travelwisps.

Awake and full of oxygen as the train pulls in.
monadh we are always here remaining standing falling backwards slightly walking away from it all 010506
Jen Travel:
to experience new sensations
to see new sights
to hear new sounds
to do new things
to know you can always go home
camille 010523
lotusmagic Travel 10,000 kilometres and you will have read 10,000 books....anon 020331
. . 020402
blown cherry I remeber hearing you play this for me.
You said it was crap, and immediately afterwards erased the mark beside it that meant it was good up until you changed your mind.

I still think it was one of the best songs I've heard you sing.

Just goes to show how different our tastes are.

I dare say . would like it too though :)
misstree new_orleans
each has a draw
spin the belly,
see what it lands on.
Emberghost Staring down the hole again, hands around my back again, survival is my only friend, terrified of what may come. Remember, I will always love you as I claw your fucking throat away. It will end no other way. Travel with me. 040316
jonesdoe2 And don't forget your towel behind! 080217
ditto why is everyone so stressed about forgetting their towel? 080217
Ouroboros is difficult now- always expecting the Great earthquake to come, I pack as if I might not be able to return- so for a five day trip I am bringing pretty much every one of my crystals, camping gear, emergency food, etc. 111229
h|s|g ceramic_water_filter 111231
the nights child I'm not even sure why I'm going this time. I think it's almost just become habit. 121211
Tourist When once the Wayward Wanderer I Moved Without Chart Nor Compass. Every Day Left To Beutiful Chance. No Expectations. The Happiest Moments Fell Here, Often In Solitude, Sometimes with Strangers. I Never Really Imagined Looking Back From Here. 150420
In_Bloom I call it traveling but it looks like running, to some. When inside me is hurting more than I can hide on the outside, I want to travel. It's like a reset, an hardcore jolt into survival mode, to remake to grasp to evolve. Really though, it's just to not hurt. 150507
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