Shar They're not strangers anymore once you talk to them.

Or once you get into their car and accept candy.

Then they're your kidnapping friend.
genevieve o the possibilities!

a stranger has a very good chance of being much more interesting than whomever i'm with at the moment.

so, off i go
rachael strangers are brothers and sisters that we just haven't met yet..all with souls and minds and hearts and endless possibilities..its amazing all the beautiful people we just pass by everyday..and dont think twice 020316
phil I am a lot of strangers, I get a little stranger everyday. 020316
rachael oh, we're all strange..depends on your definition 020316
phil I get a little stranger everyday, do you want one? 030705
Lila Pause "I just adore strangers!...."

- Tracy Lord
somenom "people are only strange if you think they are. really the human race is just one big family that forgot to keep in touch. or maybe we're all still in touch but we like to pretend we're not." 050518
bethany today my mother died
today ma mere a mort
au matin
i had it memorized once
but now
like the rest of my bright young future
its a stranger
that looks familliar
hugo i walk in the park. 110410
an old movie ...when we meet 110411
what's it to you?
who go