Q I've found, in a sense experimentally,
that the frigidity of feeling vulnerable is avoided and
the heat becomes something you never want to forget
if souls are bared first and,
if they see at least approximately eye-to-eye,
then bodies, each being helped by the other.

Among many other advantages,
even besides the heat you never really do forget
(it becomes part of your fantasy coterie )
socially defined (usually media-defined) imperfections never
seem to exist in bared bodies
whose bared souls have first exposed themselves to each other and
seemed to find some affection.

So the short answer to your suggestion is "Yes. I'm trying to."
Tank ever read like water for chocolate? she gives a wonderful image of this heat you describe... 000928
wolfman souls are all that we have
our inner imbodiment .. our inner flame... the flame thats gone after your death.

have you ever seen little traits in someone which are never there in any one else that youve ever met in your entire life.. thats the sould talking..

souls are the complete embodiment of individualism... people can look the same.. they can talk the same... they can act the same.. but there souls will always be different
retartedkidnameddamian lost 010326
PapaSmurf Where is the guide book when you need it
why is the map back to front and up side down

why does it hurt when you bleed it
why is my smile like a frown
abia marie that sounded very cool .

Maybe we are on earth to find our true selves, recognize our souls, but earth and mortality make it harder to reach that goal...
nevermind my soul is like ice, because you left me for her. 030322
bryn my soul is tear streaked, while my cheaks remain dry. 040323
katie we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year... 040528
sandra 2 souls , they were lost, but they found one anothers lost soul, the drama was what to do after finding the others soul, how to go back to being vampires of others souls, Jealously hovering over not our own but each others souls, trampled and pilfered we were, and still are lost, but we know right where are souls are, a soul that accepts the soul of another is the greatest thing we will have done together, soul of mine may i forever love the soul of my soul child, my grand dream/nightmare, that man who talks to me of souls and angels and sin, the man who will soon be with all the bodyless souls, hovering next to me invisible, just to hear me breathe. In my dreams I will feel that no other can make me know these truths, as the truth is our souls are forever entertwined, whether the soul of the other leaves the other, there will be NO peace for me until I have lived the coming years without your sweet and sick love.May God have mercy on both our SOULS. 050323
They call me Truth beautiful Sandra. wonderfully beautiful 070724
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