if i could talk id tell you "she talks and talks and talks, but no one ever seems to be listening."

"maybe there's a reason for that?"

"if there's a reason, i'd love to know it. i can't think of one."

"maybe people don't want to hear what she has to say."

"but why?"

"maybe it frightens them."


"because maybe she speaks the truth."
oldephebe and then someone said..of the old order..of that that impotent guard of a dying breath more and the wick would be snuffed..out..this they said to me .."what howling lines are these? equity? that all men should be accorded deference according to their cast..the one indistinguishable cast poured out of Times own eternal eyes..God's tears wrought out of the first dying sigh...dripped like iron from the forge..created the suns..created these embers that blossomed into humanity..oh such transcendant metaphysical pap..too thin a reed to rest a heresy upon.."

to be torn out of time and shackled to a body and an age so out of sync with a soul set ever on fire.. like the snow bled out of all it's virtue..a heap of ash..all these rancid diry little breaths torn out stagnant air.. i want to belong to a younger more noble time..even in the darker pages of history..there was still something humanity..and not this pandemic polyphony of petty cruelties and cellular..cellular misanthopy..

okay..tongue of flame stabbing out into the dark and spewing more maudlin existential blech..

i am so done..
----- I'm sure Chris Marlow would have plenty to say about that. 040312
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