jennifer Robin Williams pointed out one in the movie Dead Poets' Society:
"What is the purpose of language?"
"To communicate?"
"No! To woo women!"
silentbob jello biafra used to be in the political punk band the deadkennedys. now he goes across the country side and speaks his mind at spoken word performances and spreads social awareness and tries to enlighten.

if i had something to say, well...maybe i'd do that.
kate the only reason i'm majoring in english. 001101
Laura I used to walk inside myself and see,
butterflies with golden wings,
fairies sprouting little whispers of philosophy,
and as my legs grew weak,
my mind grew weary.
I would squat and rest beneath a lavender oak,
and I knew I was in Shangri-La.
Peering over my right shoulder my sight would catch in the moonstone of G-ds eyes.
I knew my way around myself and now I get lost,
the golden butterfly cries of how I should not follow my beaten path, my oak is not there.
the fire of man has ravaged the leaves and even the roots are beyond help.
I can no longer view my Zion,
the wind never speaks to me, I did not protect it once, it cannot trust me again.
what's it to you?
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