amorfus i wonder if like, a 10,000 ton thing of jello would cause minor earthquakes. 000517
flyingreddeath keep a large vat of jell-o next to your bed, set your alarm clock to go off every two hours, wake up, stick your head in the jell-o and scream: "Boy, I'm tired!"
this is the key to sucess
Brad Best when green. 000517
mojo it wiggles it jiggles.. the flows down the throat with ease.. do you eat your jello in the trees like me? 000523
grasshopper pudding

mmmm.... puddin' pops
Brad I know a bass player that once referred to himself in third person as "the jello princess." he's a great musician but a weird, weird cat. 000622
moonshine I ve vomited jello.Christmas eve. Home alone and very sick.. 000622
emily ...jello shots are the best...not only because you get drunk very quickly but because they turn your tongue different colors....yummy 000622
sarasvati goldfish do not like jello or so i heard 001021
*spoons* "may your jello always wiggle" alegna noseroht 010131
birdmad through a straw 010201
Prophet of Jello The jello hath to me in a vison come and the jello spake unto me, "Thou art mine chosen one, and thou shalt spread the word of Jello. Thou shalt worship that which is jiggly and lime, and keep the jello pure (from fruit suspended in its sacred cubes) and thou shalt spread the word of the jello so that they may be enlightened, and find true peace with jello" 010420
flo american for jelly?
lets call the whole thing off shall we.
i am a twisted old fuck of a brit who does not want to cope with your inability to spell colour properly.
perhaps when all is said and done there will be world peace but only when you dumb power hungry meglomaniacs stop fucking with the rest of the worlds business and start learning our language
florescent light Jello-

cool and seductive on your tongue.
enveloping ones senses in sweetness and limed slime.
carden jello feels good 010420
flo fuck you nancy,
it's the same fucking thing.
you don't hold it together you tear it apart.
the sooner you realise that you are resposible for the worlds ills, thats right you and you alone then the sooner you can start fixing the mess that you made.
flo jello 010421
flo as i seem to be being nasty to you over here and calmed by you elsewhere, i apologise, its turning into one of those days and i honesty don't know where that jingoistic bullshit i was spouting earlier came from. not fair and i'm sorry.
p.s. the country or the rock star??
Sol well said Flo, as a fairly educated Briton myself, it pains me to hear Pants beaing mentioned instead of trousers, jello for jelly, and so forth, you are our delinquent offspring at least learn your parental tongue 010422
silentbob boucher 010422
zoeanastasia Jello has the hooves of various cattle in it. I love it just the same. Especially the strawberry kind. Watch out though. It is given to people in the hospital as a gentle and tasty laxative. Mmm. Good eatin. 010424
florescent light She shared with me her lime green jello with whipped cream on top to cheer me up.
She giggled at my girlish childlike way of eating it.
I told her I loved her.
alberta who why where? 010426
flo mmmm. 010516
sweetheart of the song tra bong Why does he want jello?

Maybe he's comfortable with Jello! Maybe Jello makes him feel good.

I can be Jello!

No, no, no. Creme brulee can NEVER be Jello.

But I HAVE to be Jello!
carden i visited the home of jello in the great state of new york a few summers ago. i thought it was kinda funny, they had signs throughout town. i wish i could remember the name of the town. 010516
el fagtastico LoL!!! Great movie. 010517
Sol JellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJellyJelly
valis (to the tune of that wacky coldplay song)

i came along
i made dessert for u
o what a thing to do
and it was called jello
Ariadani you melt me into jello...


god am ode to the burmeslian true vigor of youth
am wired to be exploding when poured the vermouth
A.J. jello is cool . you know... the way it wiggles and jiggles. i like red jello 021130
megan my mommy gives me Jello if i do well in my swim meet. it's refreshing. 021220
I LOVE JELLO! Red jello is better then blue jello is better then orange jello is better then green jello...n' green is better then purple n' yellow jello...cuz they juss suck! 030205
x mmmm, hoofy 030205
pipedream could you swim in jello, or would you just bounce along on it like a giant water-bed?
jello, jelly, toma-h-to, to-may-to...thank god english isn't my mother tongue :D
Fido Of all the ways to die,
Death by drowning
In a huge pool of jello
Would be the way to go.
~*~LA chuLA~*~ hello! 031103
g yummy 031130
misstree i just got an incredibly frightening dejavu... at some point in the past, i had been looking at this page while listening to a slight variation on the conversation behind me... and i swear i posted something... though perhaps it was to the blathe after it... but i remember it all, the words tumbling from so nearby, the wrinkling of my brow, the way that i snapped at somebody... it was all too strong... makes my heart beat a little faster, like something sideslipped is watching me. 031201
Nico j-e-l-l-o it's alive!....No, it really attacked me just yesterday... 031202
The Real Cher Flo ~Ode To Jello~

Jello, Jello rocks my socks,
Jello, Jello blocks on jocks. (mmm)

Jello, Jello greet so sweet,
Jello, Jello treat to eat.

Jello, Jello my new shoe,
Jello, Jello threw that goo.

Jello, Jello nice like spice,
Jello, Jello slice for mice.

Jello, Jello smart and tart,
Jello, Jello work of art.

Jello, Jello on my swing,
Jello, Jello stuck on string.

Jello, Jello in my ear,

Jello, Jello on my car,
Jello, Jello shots on bar.

Jello, Jello, I won't sue
Hello, Jello, I love you!
Rin jello mello, its good if it aint yellow. Hello Fellow, you you like some jello :) it is my way to woo while playing the chello 031205
falling_alone jello puddiing bites

cries out:

"oh how i miss thee!"
pobodys nerfect mmm..lime jello. Very good with pineapple mixed into it. Gross anytime it gets that "skin" on the bottom of the dish from not being stirred very well. 040107
jello jello jello
JeLlO jElLo JeLlO

Us again Why is school not made of jello? 040116
Jellove Gelatinous and cool
Pinkishly watermelon
Red in cubes.

So unimproved
By salad or fruit,
Its taste is found
in transluscent colour.

Jello does not have to rhyme,
Jello's never out of time.

We should call it
Or Jellyo..
And make everyone so
snopes dot com JELL-O is made from gelatin, an animal product rendered from the hides and bones of animals. 040415
soulesswanderer i still don't understand why the people in the jello eating contest chewed the jello. I just don't get it. 040415
mt (near-impossible task)
"like nailing jello to a tree."
frodobaggins jello is great jello is good
thank you Lord for my great food.
jello is nice,
just like dead mice.
i love my jello and my jello lives on to the end of time and it will not demise me. the world will be in existence as long as jello reigns!
birdmad best in shots or when being wrestled in by strippers 050322
bounce! To the top of the heap, dear jello! 050322
KAnji an amorphous solid that tickles the tongue and soul at the same time 050516
jface what's it to me??
you know why creme brulee can never be jello?
because creme brulee has class.
and substance.
jello just wiggles on your spoon
and slides down easy.

[a collaboration]
Leafy I really do love jell-o.
jane biafra 071120
Ryakoth Jello is capable of great and horrible things... of and you can't really make flavorful ballistics gel out of it no matter what your friends tell you

in other news you CAN make delicious non gelatinous desserts by pouring it over fruit along with some cake batter

you know whats weird, orange jello, cus you can't put oranges in jello

oh and don't feed the brit-trolls, blather is supposed to be better than that
pobodys_nerfect Was my pandemic_comfort_food when everybody was making their own bread. Try it 70s style and put fresh fruit in it (but never fresh pinapple, it has an enzyme it it that prevents the jello getting firm). The combos i've tried so far are:
~orange/mandarin orange
~raspberry/apple (use chopped fresh Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, or Pink Lady apples)
~lime/canned pineapple (drained)
~lime/canned chopped pears (drained)

I'll post again when i've tried other combinations.
pobodys_nerfect Oh crap, i forgot about
cherry/cherry (i had a bag of frozen ones)
pobodys_nerfect Oh crap, i forgot about
cherry/cherry (i had a bag of frozen ones)
what's it to you?
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