roxy i pleasure you and
better than moan or scream
you sing
alive when i touch you, you are the embodiment of my love for all things not human
i am in love with my bass guitar and i am not turning back
Brad female jazz upright bassists rock. 000618
jennifer took the words out of my mouth brad 000618
subsonic distortion sitting here making a low rumbling noise from the base of my throat...if i was sitting in water deep in the everglades, alligators by the thousands would fall in love 000618
Splinken So brad--how DID things work out with Mrs. Robinson?

curious in mississippi
Brad You will find out, molly, when your computer is un-boofed. There's not really any news but it's mildly interesting. 000619
Brad I know most of the people on this page are thinking of bass like in music... but now i gotta say a little something about bass, the fish. Those stupid little singing ones in stores drive me nuts. Just had to get that out. 000619
Splinken the boogie bass must DIE

the boogie bass and his singing brothers and sisters must DIE
snicker " take me to the river..." 000620
Annie111 *take me to the riverrrr...*

"Who da FUCK put this singing fish here?"
- Tony_Soprano
ClairE The best.

So much better than guitar.

Low blue and green and dull and
it hurts.

I'd play the bass.

But for now, I'll stick with
god ...back to fish 020327
tonya i hit myself in the head with that fish.

that fish was talking.

wasn't really making a hell of a lot of sense, but it wasn't stopping him.

i left him there after that

then that bird over there came and got him.

i reallly wish he'd let me eat that bird over there.
User24 sugar is sweeter. 030927
sc the bass is on its bottom. the drums need to lose flesh and show more skin. 031218
confused and lonely this guy i met played bass guitar...
he'd sit there and play me nirvana on my black acoustic. He thought my guitar was beautiful... i'd play bob marley and he'd put his arm around me and sort of rub my shoulder...
where is he?
no reason i'm learning it and i like it a lot, we seem to suit each other.
though this short-nail business is going to take some getting used to. this time i want to do it right.
oren The only part I_can't sing. 080824
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