Joshinyar Heard the news recently?
"Headteacher sacked for using big-faced child as satalite dish"
I kid yea not...
daanuh someitmes the news is like a loud hum on my amplifier... it rings my head out like a washcloth 001114
kx21 Without TIME, there would be no NEWS.

Without NEWS, there would be no DESIRES.

Without DESIRES, there would be no Selfishness.

Wiout Selfishness, there will be no WARS.

NEWS is a deadly SINS from time to time!!!
freakizh nerds with guns over stupid people. 010716
Tank i wrote it today for okayplayer... i am a happy bunny for that... 010810
Tank and i wrote it again today... i shall take over the world... [insert maniacal laughter here please] 010829
god mike watt, d boon, george hurley 011107

some of the best news you can ever find.
paste! theonion fully kicks ass!

especially lloyd schumner, worshipped "astrologer"--last week--

Capricorn: (Dec. 22—Jan. 19)
Your wacky plan to choose stocks using a monkey with a dartboard backfires when the damn thing turns out to have an M.B.A. from Harvard.

Aquarius: (Jan. 20—Feb. 18)
The moon is indeed rising in your sign, but no one can figure out what to do with it at the moment. Just enjoy the pretty moon for a while.

Pisces: (Feb. 19—March 20)
As long as people continue to ignore the lessons of history, there's always a chance that you will one day find love.
endless desire margaret and george watch the news every evening from their black and white tv. the worn edges fade as the wooden border rots away. every night at 7 they become completely enamored with world events--at 7, right between the burnt roast with soggy peas and their evening nap. they sit frozen on their bed, eyes glued to the television as the newscaster whines on about "storm watch 2004" or "the war on terror" or the lastest child stolen from their bed--each subject being a threat upon their very existance, each shooting in east LA chilling their bones. they represent the dream couple for FOX or CBS or whichever station they chose. completely gulliable and lifeless in that they have nothing better to do than to worry about problems that don't concern them. this gives margaret and george more control over their winding life. years ago they both seperately decided they were losing it slowly...when the children went off to live their lives, the passionate nights ceased to exist, the exciting days or even stimulating work-related problems were replaced with retirement and gardening. i hope you cry for them late at night because they are much more a threat to themselves than the robbery at the 7-11 or the car chase on the 5 freeway or a bombing in Iraq. 040223
birdmad "the_great_and_secret_show"

follow the threads

see where they lead

marvel at how cancerous it all can be
Floptolemy Sometimes I start reading an article about some sordid occurence across town and think, "This is none of my business." I am usually able to resist the temptation and stop reading. Most people seem oblivious to this quandary... not that things are ever as they seem. 061110
Risen I just got the most amazingly huge bit of news of my entire academic career since I first got into Cambridge for my undergrad. 150828
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