Death of a Rose have not happened,
so the professor told us.

but a squid of an event.

god ...
just me again Well then, beligerant fucker, you have no reaosn to post any more of your stinking pile of shit you call words. And stop calling yourself god, as if you have something to proove, dumbass. (notes: belligerent, reason, prove are misspelled. no big whoop, i have typos and misspelled words all the time, but i try to catch them, cause i care about what i write, even though it is mostly nonsense. i am belligerent, i am a dumbass. i do indeed have no reason to post my stinking pile of shit words. i DO have a whole load of shit to prove (to myself), and i won't stop calling myself god, no matter how much this person requests)

This bog is thick and easy to get lost in
when you're a stupid,dumb ass, beligerant fucker. (notes: amen, brother. all this is true.)

I hope it sucks you down. (notes: really?)

Wander in and wandering.
Noone even invited you in.
But still you stumble in stumbling.
So suffocate
or get out while you can. (notes: that's me alright, but i can see no escape from what is meant to be.)

Noone told you to come. (notes: since when do i do anything anybody tells me?)

I hope it sucks you down. (notes: i hope you go buy a dvd by a group called the "residents". the name of it is "icky flix". i doubt you will, but i hope you do.
what's it to you?
who go