someone we all die. every single second that creeps by is one you'll never get back.

tick, tock.
phil nothing eventually happens 030114
phil at some point 030124
shadowfalls eventually all my promises fall to the floor. they leave me exposed. there inside your arms i find myself again. without pretensions. just imperfections. you are falling into me. 030309
lo eventually things will get better. eventually they will get worse again.better worse better worse etc.i wonder if eventually i won't be able to believe this any longer. i wonder if eventually i won't be able to deal with it any longer. 030522
A It's 10 PM. Do you know where your deodorant is? 031130
mshorey Everything's eventual. Eventually I will forget about her, eventually I will move on and discover new hope, eventually events will bring me ever so close to evening's with her...again. 040912
lost in my head Eventually we'll all be back to where we started with nothing and no one. Eventually we'll have everything. Eventually I'll be president. Right...Eventually means nothing to me. I need now or later or at least a guess at when. Eventually could mean when I turn into that hot chick that all the homeless men seem to think that I am(in other words, that means never). 050329
z see: the_reassurance_of_the_inevitable 050329
Sintina I will be okay.
Like really okay.
I will forgive myself.
I will speak three languages.
I will have a Masters degree or two.
The business of helping people will take me far and wide.
Far away from all of you.
I will miss you all again.
Hell, I already do.
My mother will die.
And I will regret every moment we didn't spend quality time together.
And I will be thankful for every breath she gave me. Every smile. Every tear.
My uncles and aunts will go to.
I wonder if they'll leave me anything?
My nephew will drive, all by himself.
He'll go to college and I won't feel so bad for not spending all kinds of time with him. I'll be so proud of him!
Me and that guy will talk again.
Me and that other guy will figure things out again and again.
It will end. All this craziness will end. And I'll be okay.
Really okay.
We'll either get married or we'll end.
"married" won't sound like a cuss word.
"married" won't make my skin crawl.
I'll have some more furniture and paint on ALL the walls.
My cats will sleep in bed with me every night.
I'll make a difference in my community.
I'll be okay.
Like really okay.
Dream with care Someday, what you've dreamt shall manifest in some way. 070910
when darkness falls maybe it's because of my own lack of self-confidence that i run to you every time you half-heartedly extend your hand to me, wagging my tail. the fact that i 'liked you too much' has always been my weakness. you exploit your desirability to the max. your indifference after all these years catches me by surprise. 070911
unhinged is never as soon as we want it to be 120923
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