virus , I thought when I realized that I could no longer hide who I really am. Will they accept me? Will they laugh at me? Who is they, anyway? Why can't I be they? Or is it a state of being, a state of mind? What do they have that I don't? Now that they know who I am, I feel ridiculously naked. 000327
el fagtastico lori meyers used to live upstairs
our parents had been friends for years
almost every afternoon we'd play forbidden games
at nine years old there's no such thing as shame

it wasn't recognition of her face, what brought me back was a familiar mark
as it flashed across the screen
i bought some magazines
some video taped scenes
incriminating acts
i felt that i could save her

startfires where's the problem? 010525
shadowfalls exposé
of the discreditable
cut and pasted
on walls scarred
by life
Fido Run in frigid bliss
O nightly streaker!
Spare not the oldfolk,
Or the neighbor's pooch.
You are the keeper of crazy,
The guardian of lunacy,
The sultan of swaggery,
My one and only sanity.
Every night as you run by,
Moonlit cheeks a-bouncing,
I feel that life is wine,
And you are only drinking.
DevilsLyric The worst feeling ever created by man.

We all have something to hide.
phil from the mirage of images left behind
in the ocean of light and lost on fingers
giving last in the twighlight
final visions of better tommorrows
lining the streets
what's it to you?
who go