Indiscriminate I'd rather be elite
I'll choose my own shit scene
Unsubstantiated rumors flown are true

Nonconglumurate I mean what I say
I'm not your fucking scape
Goat apparently I've alienated some
It seems my job's half done

You'll never understand it
Try to buy and brand it
I win, you lose, cause it's my job
To keep punk rock elite

This music ain't your fuckin' industry
silentbob THE PLAN
Life In The Fat Lane (FAT 4)

Call it libertarian 'cos we do as we please
don't eat fear, afford some faster no morality
the morals are in substitute concern in someone's ear
we're basically a by product at home, I think it's clear
The plan, the plan
There's nothing like the bible,there's no lesson to be learned
It ain't the 10 commandments got, nor things written in stone
He has to do with freedom and personal liberty
I don't fuck with you, don't fuck with me
The blueprints of a better world
were printed on a postage stamp
No one bothered to read the front
stick out their tongue to lick the back
The plan, the plan
If you're not part of the cure,
you're part of the disease
father time will tell us who concedes
The blueprints of a better world
disguise getting rebelled as fortunes
Ten thousand chinese restaurant
customers prefer not to read
and when they're done don't think, just leaving
a turning point with all the plan.

We wrote this song, it's not too short, not too long
It's got back-up voc's in just the right places
It's got a few oohs and ahhs
It takes a little pause
Just before I sing the anthem

Please play this song on the radio
Almost every line is sung on time
Almost every verse ends in a rhyme
The only problem we had was writing enough words
But that's okay, because the chorus is
Coming up again now

Please play this song on the radio
Please play this song on the radio

Right about this time
Some shithead will be drawin a fat fucking line
Over the title on the back sleeve, what an asshole
So mr. DJ, i hope you already made your segway
Or the FCC is gonna take a shit right on your head
Can't play this song on the radio
silentbob NOFX is a punk rock band that's been together since 1984 (not all of them, El Hefe wasn't in the band from its start). They started their career in Berkeley, CA and later moved to Los Angeles.

First they started recording for Mystic records, but they had some problems with the guy at Mystic so they made a deal with Mr. Brett who was then playing in Bad Religion and they moved to his record label, Epitaph and they stayed there. They also have some releases on Fat Mike's label, Fat Wreck Chords, like The Longest Line, I Heard They Suck Live and The Decline.

As every other band, they were not popular in the beginning and they have released some stuff that not a lot of people liked. Even Fat Mike says that he hates their first releases, that later all came out on one CD, Maximum Rock'n'Roll. After that they released Liberal Animation, that was later re-released on Epitaph, which was also hard to listen to and people usually don't like it. Their first Epitaph release was S&M Airlines, which I think is a great record with a lot of funny stuff, but the first widely liked NOFX release was Ribbed, which made them popular.

Old punk-rockers will say that that is their best release and that after that they went mainstream, but i think that they were just getting better and better because El Hefe joined the band and he changed their style, which you can hear on their first full-length album they have released after he joined the band, White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean. He sings all the weird stuff on that album, like Straight Edge and Buggley Eyes and that brought some innovation in old NOFX style, which made them more interesting to listen to.

Even though White Trash was GREAT, after that came one even better album, which is a real piece of art, the punk album of the century: Punk In Drublic. I think that the vast majority of NOFX fans think that that is the best NOFX release, and I also think that it may compete for the best punk album ever.

After that they made a break in releasing new stuff and released a live album I Heard They Suck Live, which brings in the feeling of being on a NOFX show right into your room. That album rocks some serious ass. They have also released some other live albums like Together On The Road and Back In The Garage but you will hardly find these releases because they are rare.

In 1996 they released Heavy Petting Zoo, with a guy heavy petting a sheep. That was funny, I think that there is a message behind this cover that says "Don't kill and eat sheep, make love to them." A lot of people had a problem with that cover and I heard that that album had some problems with crossing the French border. The album itself is very strange and the opinions about it are different. I like it even though even Fat Mike says it's not really good.

After that, in 1997 they released So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes, as in Douglas Adams book So Long And Thanks For All The Fish (from that series is also Zaphod Beeblebrox from song Food, Sex and Ewe, from Ribbed album). It's shoes instead of fish because of all the shoes that get thrown at them during they shows and once they decided not to give the shoes back to the people who threw them. That album is full of slow songs and ska, some of them are really cool and I gotta admit that if it wasn't for Punk In Drublic, this album could compete for the best NOFX album. Only nobody actually expected a ska album from NOFX. Shortly after that they wrote a song named We Don't Play Ska Anymore.

Their last release is The Decline which consist of one 18 minutes long song that kicks ass and everybody tells me that they just can't stop listening to that song. Their new album is now in works and is expected to come out in February 2000.

You've probably been wondering what NOFX actually means. A lot of poeple think that is stands for No Effects. But finally I found out the truth. Fat Mike said (and this time I think he was serious) that it's NO Fucking sXe. He also says he hates that name.

NOFX, except for a lot of music, recorded also a video named '10 years of fuckin' up', which is pretty cool, with a lot of stuff from their tours, history and with those few videos they have recorded. If you get a chance to get it, I recommend watching it.

(this was written by some guy on some page. I, bobby, do not know if what this guy is saying is true. he could be saying that nofx dress up in clown suits at their shows and i wouldn't even know. i just wanted to put some kind of biography on here, for your benefit. i actually have no idea if that video is good or not. some nofx cds.)
daxle this makes me smile for the world
maybe some day people won't read my shirt and ask "who's nofsk?"
Steve "How much fun can you have when you're not drunk?"
"Not that much."
silentbob A Theme from a NOFX album
We're professional punkers we come from the suburbs
Afetr 15 years we're still having fun
Now we're over 30 not looking so purty at least wegot a beat up accordian

That's Erik our drummer his father's a plumber
He drink enough booze to get the Rode Island drunk
Now he's straight but Smelly, he's got one big belly
From livin the good life provided by punk

Singin singin singin
But me a Becks beer or pass me a bong
Gimme some bushmills I'll sing you this song
Open another big box of cheap wine
We're over 30 we're doin just fine

El Hefe's not satanic, he's one hip hispanic
He crew up with one dozen cousins and kin
He wears baggy pants, he knows how to breakdance
You seen him do every inpersonation

That Melvin on six string "some tell me I can't sing"
Oh I think you can just don't do it round me
Stick with what you know
Playing guitar solo with Hetson and Watt in punk rock karaoke

Singin singin singin
But me a Becks beer or pass me a bong
Gimme some bushmills I'll sing you this song
Open another big box of cheap wine
We're over 30 we're doin just fine

My name is Fat Mike I'm obsessed with big lesbians
I've been a punk rocker for most of my life
I sing kinda flat, I'm not really so fat
But that's how I hit them with a hook or a slice

"I'm Kent I do sound" looks he's getting so round
"I'm Timmy the turtle" he counts as he clicks
"I'm Jay I don't care" someone please cut his hair
"I'm Limo from Scotland" so give me haggis

Singin singin singin
But me a Becks beer or pass me a bong
Gimme some bushmills I'll sing you this song
Open another big box of cheap wine
We're over 30 we're doin just fine

Singin singin singin
But me a Becks beer or pass me a bong
Gimme some bushmills I'll sing you this song
Gimme a quaalide or chop me a line
We're pushing 40 we're doin just fine
silentbob My Vagina
My vagina has 2 sets of lips
But I don't get monthly blood drips
My vagina's hardly even used
My vagina's got lots of extra skin
They took my outtie and made it an in
Teaching Donnie into Marie Osmand

Operation succesfull
But now I gotta pee thru a miniature hole
Gotta remember to put the seat down
And when I wipe my ass I go from front to back
Cause I don't wanna bladder infection

I never thought I'd miss my vast deferans
I trade it in for a pair of huge cans
Now I get to hang with lesbians
Operation paid up front
Now I show all my friends my new desingner cunt
They think I'm kinda weird but that's OK with me
Cause now I kick their ass
Playing from the ladies tee
There's nothing finer than having a vagina
daxle 180 Degrees

It's so easy to defend the Status Quo
With everyone so cool and cynical
But when you see the end don't justify the means
It's just that 180 degrees
The great thing about bein' a human
The ability to reason
But reasoning don't work when no one cares
2 parts apathy, one part despair
Guess what, this might come as a surprise
I'll no longer roll my eyes
A change of heart to let the conscience breath
One quick twist, just 180 degrees
Yeah, I now know the right thing to do
Yeah, anti tradition tried and true
Yeah, a world where wrong has right of way
Yeah, fuck that world, fuck that heirarchy
Go ahead, work, waste your life away
Fuck that world, go fuck that right away
daanuh i think their time is just about up.

i once read in a review...
"NOFX was playing pop punk before Blink 182 was growing hair on their pubes."
now thats inspiring journalism.
Barrett Together on the sand
we walked hand in hand
on the beach front
she smiled at me
as she tightly held my hand
I had my fingers up her...
country music played on the radio
so I turned it off
we walked down to the water
as she grabbed onto my honker
a wave swept us away
ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh
wooooo ooooh ooooh
startfires trip down the stairs into hell
kathee d i miss your smell
a mixture of puke beer
stale piss fuck sweat and fear
adrenaline addicted the
blood leaking from my head
kinda concerned my friends
but at the time it felt so right
the music blaring on

the desparations gone
the songs the same

tune turn the knob KGO
some alterna-radio
stategic marketing hype
media stereotype
has our music been castrated?
to you it may sound good to me it sounds all wrong
the notes and chords sound similar
the same forbidden beat but
the desparation's gone
daxle 010109
Norm The music about it isn't so great. Lyrics is what I like. I like these guy's attitudes. 010826
SideKick - They make life a little more punk, a little more fun. 011204
silentbob wow. i miss them. i need to go buy a cd. 020414
hangthedj good band 031030
war on errorism the_idiots_are_taking_over 031030
Ter -Where are all the stupid people from?-And how'd they get to be so dumb?-Bred on purple mountain range-Feed amber waves of grains-To lesser human beings, zero feelings-Blame it on-Human nature, mans destiny (mans destiny)-Blame it on the greediocracy (greediocracy)-Fear of God-The fear of change-The fear of truth-Add the Bill of Rights, subtract the wrongs-There's no answers-Memorize and sing star spangled songs-When the questions-Aren't ever asked-Is anybody learning from the past?-We're living in united stagnation-Father what have I done?-I took that 22-A gift to me from you-To bed with me each night-Kept it clean-Polished it well-Cherished every cartridge, every shell-Down, by the creek, under brush, under dirt-There's a carcass of my second kill-Down, by the park, under stone, under pine-There's a carcass of my brother William-Brother where, have you gone to?-I swear, I never thought I could-I see so many times-They told me to shoot straight-Don't pull the trigger, squeeze-That will insure a kill-A kill is what you want-A kill is why we breed-The Christians love their guns-The church and NRA-Pray for their salvations-Prey on the lower faiths-The story book's been read-And every line believed-Curriculum's been set-Logic is a threat-Reason searched and seized-Jerry spent some time in Michigan-A twenty year vacation, after all he had a dime-A dime is worth a lot more in Detroit-A dime in California, a twenty dollar fine-Jerry only stayed a couple months-It's hard to enjoy yourself while bleeding out the ass-Asphyxiation is simple and fast-It beats seventeen fun years of being someones bitch-Don't think (Stay)-Drink your wine (Home)-Watch the fire burn (Be)-His problems not mine (Safe)-Just be that model citizen-I wish I had a schilling-(For each senseless killing)-For every senseless killing-I'd buy a government-America's for sale-And you can get a good deal on it-(A good deal on it)-And make a healthy profit-Or maybe, tear it apart-Start with assumption-That a million people are smart-Smarter than one-Serotonin's gone-She gave up, drifted away-Sara fled, thought process gone-She left her answering machine on-The greeting left spoken sincere-Messages no one will ever hear-Ten thousand messages a day-A million more transmissions lay-Victims of the laissez faire-Ten thousand voices, a hundred guns-A hundred decibels turns to one-One bullet, one empty head-Now with Serotonin gone-The man who used to speak-Performs a cute routine-Feel a little patronized-Don't feel bad-They found a way inside your head-And you feel a bit misled-It's not that they don't care, yeah-The television's put a thought inside your head-Llike a Barry Manilow, jingle-I'd like, to teach the world to sing-In perfect harmony-A symphonic blank stare, yeah-It doesn't make you care (make you care)-Not designed to make you care (make you care)-They're betting you won't care (you won't...)-Place a wager on your greed-A wager on your pride-Why try to beat them when, a million others tried?-We are the whore-Intellectually spayed-We are the queer-Dysfunctionally raised-One more pill to kill the pain-One more pill to kill the pain-One more pill to kill the pain-Living through conformity-One more prayer to keep me safe-One more prayer to keep us warm-One more prayer to keep us safe-There's gonna be a better place-Lost the battle, lost the war-Lost the things worth living for-Lost the will to win the fight-One more pill to kill the pain-Na na na na na-La na na na na-Na na na na na-Na na na na na-The going get tough, the tough get debt-Don't pay attention, pay the rent-Next of kins pay for your sins-A little faith should keep us safe-Save us-The human, existence-Is failing, resistance-Essential, the future-Written off, the odds are-Astronomically against us-Only moron and genius-Would fight a losing battle-Against the super ego-When giving in is so damn comforting-And so we go, on with our lives-We know the truth, but prefer lies-Lies are simple, simple is bliss-Why go against tradition when we can-Admit defeat, live in decline-Be the victim of our own design-The status quo, built on suspect-Why would anyone stick out their neck?-Fellow members-Club "We've Got Ours"-I'd like to introduce you to our host-He's got his, and I've got mine-Meet the decline-We are the queer-We are the whore-Ammunition-In the class war-We are worker-We love our queen-We sacrifice-We're soilent green-We are the queer-We are the whore-Ammunition-In the class war 040106
jane my world revolved around liza_and_louise 040106
RoXXXie nofx is great, especially white trash, and punk in drublic 040107
poet new album out soon... and i dont care if it sucks im buying it. 060326
poet Martian men are coming to earth.
They're abducting all of the jerks,
Martian men are coming to earth.
Martian men don't take me.

Pods are landing from outer space.
Pods are duplicating my face.
Pods are landing from outer space.
Pods thing leave me alone.

I don't know what conventions you go to.
I don't know what movies you've seen.
I don't wanna hear explanations of unexplainable things.

It's not that I don't belive in aliens.
It's just I really don't care.
I wouldn't mind some interplanetary friends,
until they come I'll hang in my own atmosphere.

Holy Ghost is coming to earth,
Saving souls of all of the jerks.
The Holy Ghost is coming to earth.
Savior men don't take me.

The number one son is flipping the tab.
Paying for sins and fun we all had.
The number one son is flipping the bill.
Let me chip in for the tip.

I dont understand why you beg for forgiveness.
Just before you do it again.
Is it more altruistic to worship.
Or actually help fellow man?

It's not that I don't belive in Jesus Christ.
It's just I care about other things.
The world could certainly use some miracles,
Until then I'll put my faith in human beings.
poet Want to fuck up, drop out, never trust a fucking hippie.
And for that matter don't trust anyone.
Quit school, don't work, livin' up your music to punk.
If I could do it so could anyone.

Drugs are good, they let you do things that you know you not
And when you do 'em people think that you're cool.
And when you do 'em people think that you're cool.

Want to join a punk band, shave your head and get a tattoo.
You don't need talent just sing attitude.
Self destruction, no moral to throw it on me.
For no particular reason beat up everyone.

Drugs are neat, and you can buy 'em relatively cheap.
And when you do 'em people think that you're cool.
And when you do 'em people think that you're cool.
hopefailuremisery I liked nofx when they were punk. 101013
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