phil Time kicks 020301
yummyC .
agony of defeat
kicked me in the ass again.
or was that zach?
silentbob Omar: Victory BLVD? CHRIST! id hate to see what defeat looks like. 020302
megan story of old...
we played that game as if it were leading somewhere, not the endless and pointless thing that it was. we beat things out of each other, like love and friendship, simply because we were all we had left to hang on to. we didn't even know what love was. we defeated the purpose of a relationship, and all its meaning was gone. all that was left was fragments of a broken memory, slowly fading into the church walls where it had embedded itself some months' before. i see now. our relationship means nothing. you want me back, but i have something, someone, that i'm going to cling to. he treats me right.
pete even though i knew my candidate would lose.
i had really really really really hoped that my fellow ontarians
might vote for change at a much more fundamental level.
but we lost.
so so so so badly.
(though my riding, at least my polling district, came out in favour, close to though not attaining the super majority required to even count as a "supporting riding")
i could blame the government
or the bureaucrats
but really,
we're conservatives at heart.
and in that we fail.
and defeat ourselves.
gja I no not of the election you speak...but...I know of the disaster it is to lose one.
The more it means the more it hurts.
Sometimes I wonder how it is, when I know my political philosophy is "right", that others can’t believe or want it too.
And then I question the validity of my philosophy.
And when I reassure myself of its validity (and logic) I realise that the error is often in the delivery of the message.
And this is the inherent problem with modern political process nee democracy.
Perhaps its time for a firm hand.
pete i knew that the guy i voted for would lose, i just had hoped the referendum to change how members are elected would have succeeded. oh well. (ontario election and referendum if you were interested) 071012
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