Q Oh, indeed, we will be interested and watch this space carefully. One reason is that we know you will be interesting. Rather, continue to be very interesting. The only real question is whether we will be able to spark your mettle so that pale is something you will not stare at in the morning any longer. It has happened before! 000823
TalviFatin intrigued 010724
karyn interested is such a fascinatingly complex term. There are so many subconscious decisions that are made for us and so many things that go into deciding where a person's interest will lie.

Is he interested in me? Does he know that I don't like eggs or sports? is that a problem?

it always seems so random, that choice that seems to be already built into our own individual personalities. What do you like to eat? What's your favourite colour? How can you possibly describe why exactly you like macintosh apples but not granny smith? Or what it is about fresh socks that are comforting? How are we supposed to justify being interested in someone when there are a million reasons why, and also no reasons at all why we like a particular person? How are we supposed to know if our interest is healthy or if it's a bad decision that has been made for us?

i like to believe that it's sort of a predestined instinct that we have towards particular things. I usually trust my instincts about things, trusting in something that goes much deeper that I can justify or understand. It seems safer than my own misguided judgment, somehow.
anomalous uninterested 050516
no reason i do not know how to show people i'm interested, so instead i choose the route of leaving mid-conversation. at least i'm getting stand-up comedy material. 120125
srealisma (new day) .LOL. 120125
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