Quintessensual Good Morning.

May the thick, milky cobwebs,
that clouded your mind's eye when
you went down during the night,
have been thrown off by the fluid
of phantasms convulsing.

May you have rolled away needing,
reluctantly to release the soft grip,
from your bosom by your side,
to primp every crevice and surface nicely
and dress as brightly as the sun when rising,
undulled by weather in between.

May your bread and jelly,
and tea or coffee, with real cream,
over the news of old,
by the branch of still fresh lilacs
between you and the other side of the nook,
have set you afire.

May you all day remain ablaze
and the cobwebs stay aloof,
when tonight at last
you do go down again.

Copr. 1999
valis get some good coffee and do that sunrise thing once in awhile. you won't regret it. 991208
deb give me cappuccino
and a yummy granola bar
and ill run out to sit under a tree
with you
even though my toes are cold
my heart is warm because
the sun came up today

and i got to see it
with you
jennifer morning hates me in his own methodical way 991222
marjorie a yawn
a stretch
shaking your head
the sun
you feel dead
the coffee
strawberry red
so tired
you wish
you'd stayed in bed
silent bob I'm totally not a morning person but when the night crashed into the day, me and Alicia were there to watch it happen. We witness the transition as the sun rises and we know, yes we know that nothing can take it away from us.

We make cute little voices to each other as absurd gnats swarm us, and huge fish catch them.
erin your face was so soft and blank
the light slanted lightly through the curtains and you slept
i didn't want to wake you
it seemed like if i held my breath and didn't move i could stop the change of morning into day

i climbed into your bed and broke the silence

your face was jagged and tired and your breath smelled
but i kissed you anyway
i kissed you awake and sang morning songs softly to you

half crying because my bags were stacked outside my door and the sun climbed slowly in the sky

i sang that i didn't want to leave
and that i would return
i sang a whispered farewell until you closed your tired eyes again
your breathing fell into a slow rhythm
then i said i loved you
and that was my goodbye
noone that just so made me cry, erin 000704
Zoe the last time i saw you was in the morning. you were acting very strange, telling everyone how much you loved them. you even tried to tell us that you wouldn't be comming to school today. we all figured you were skipping agian (you did that a lot). you never were a morning person, but that day you were the happiest i've seen you in a long time. i remember thinking about that as we said goodbye in the starbux. i knew that i would see you agian the next morning as we completed the tradition of getting coffee and talking about our problems before heading off to school. you always helped me so much and you always told me that i helped you as well. Now i'm not so sure. u'll never forget you calling after me as i walked toward the bus stop, "i'm sorry about this, zoe." i didn't even think i heard you right. later on in the day i got called out of class and they told me about you slitting your wrists with the same knife that you had stolen from starbux that morning. i replayed the mornign over and over in my brain untill now, three years later, i can still remember what you were wearing (the light blue shirt and black pants that we bought together). i don't understant how i could have missed those obvious signs that morning, but all i saw was the same deppressed you, with those same horrible problems. 000719
kitty i hate to wake up early but can not fall asleep alone in the dark.

gentle fingers across my cheek
tickling sensations from your lips
and travels magnified through your fingertips
into my skin
a tingling penetration
escalating vibrations
waves of ecstasy
radiating electricity
overwhelming me

had to be a dream
my eyes start to shake when i've been up too long
Brad Things are always different in the morning. People seem a different kind of pretty in the morning even though they've been sleeping on themselves for hours. 001007
Lindsey Morning is that fragile time between love and all the arguments that lie ahead. 010328
Rebecca Translucent lights shine softly through my morning window; waking me to a new day. 010412
rubydee my new flat is on "morning street"
appropriately named
as the early sun comes streaming in to all the windows
facing the water
white tipped sails gliding by
i can see them from my bed
an arm draped around the cats
watching the birds
watching them
nighttime is dark here
the lighthouse's beam
the only comfort
and reassurance
that morning will return
monadh birds are singing sweet sounds that fill the air fresh with rain need to rest my mind 010612
bloodjetpoetry used to be black.
used to be a burden.
used to be a task.

... is a blue jewel.
pralines&cream says you and him and everybody else, smiling with your lips, and crying, screaming, hating with your eyes. 011119
Grievance is the most beautiful when you bypass all your prejudiced perspectives torward the horrid earliness, by staying up all night to bring in the day. I did that on my birthday. It was a welcoming sun waiting there for me. And I felt myself oh so clever as I stood there, as i think most people do in similar situations. Yet, you don't want to share the moment with anyone who knows you, but you want people to know that it existed. And that night, I had some ciggarettes, even though I had quit. So I felt like my sin was suspending me as the sun hung there glowing for that one moment in time.

and oh, my, what a typical artistic voice I am turning into. Back to the previous creation, the one that was unique and full of truth to myself.

and the sun still hung there brightly. -now i think it moved a bit.
Annie111 So I am still in love with you, even this morning.
Morning, which is supposed to whiewash emotions, has let the sun hit a seed
Which I can't stop from growing
It's grown thick arms like branches
And those motherfucking leaves have swallowed my heart
The wind today is subtel enough that it can lift the flag next door, papery and vast, so the stripes slide over the aire in red and white.
God, it's Sunday,
What the hell am I going to do about this mess I've made?
Reverend Lough don't talk to me until i've had my coffee. 021215
me and there she is, again! 030107
Ant - The Best Time Of Day 030404
Friedjack I just woke up. It feels good to be alive. 030521
meehall water glistens like little jewels
on leaves
in the morning
cheetah now. 031223
Death of a Rose is passing me in the fast lane. 031223
young pretender is always rudely interrupted by my alarm 040308
trixie y'know, they say that the time in the morning is when one is most clear-headed and able the think straight. Why, then, do I feel so tired in the morning?
I looked at the weather report and it looks like it'll be shitty with a bit of crappy thrown in around noon. If only I could get off my ass or stop obsessing over various comments I've heard lately which are making me feel like a dazed princess. Sure, it's all my own personal neurosis, but sometimes honesty is not always the best policy.
Also, I can expect to have no money between yesterday and the day I move in to this apartment. I also kind of hope that the one on C falls through so that fate makes the decision for us, because even though it's beautiful and blah blah- C is a fucking treck to the subway. Shitty with a side of yucky on the side.
chloeNtheSUN i am that lovable annoying morning person who wakes up with the sun and jumps out of bed. 040622
Syrope so much to blather, so much to create...gahhh i spent all of my first class today drawing...morbid things that i was surprised came from me. maybe i should have paid attention. maybe i should pay attention to what my mind is trying to say. i have to sleep, or i won't make it to class in the morning, but my mind isn't ready... 041012
p.s. I LOVE YOU 041013
sirflaccid I actually woke up early this morning and had a real breakfast.

It was good not to drink another one of those shakes. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the shakes. They do get me going. But it was nice to eat some good ol' biscuts and gravy.

Today is a good day that started off as a good night.

This is it. I can feel it turning around.
The Olio Academy I got up in the morning and I called you on the phone and you were still an octopus and I was still transforming. 050617
beorn the best sex is in the morning 051209
violet strangt morning is only beautiful to me if i am not takin gup early to see it. it is always better through an insomniac daze. 060726
In_Bloom I have passed into it, pretty much unscathed
Abrading and bumping against my own self but not so bad this time
Whispering to a darkness to please cut me some slack and forgive me for walking away in fear
Thanking static light coming through awful plastic blinds that I returned
Jurisprudence It comes gently even if I don't
Another gift to look around and make something count for everything

"I believe in life with you"
Those words have struck with me, they've resonated and I've adopted them to share and pass on

I believe in you
past moments in moments. the sun rises after i get to work, and they took my window away.

with you on the far side of the country, it's hard to get motivated before the sun, sometimes.
unhinged your alarm went off the first time around 6am
you pushed snooze like you always do
i turned over and pulled you close
you mumbled about how you didn't want to go to work
'i won't go; i won't call. maybe they'll fire me'
i kicked your ass out of bed
and you took us home
we walked to the co_op in the rain
it was one of those rare warm rains
perfect for walking in
we had breakfast at the co_op
went back to his house
watched some crazy movie
and looked at people we used to know on facebook
all before noon

used to not be a morning person
gelfling Another morning ushered in by dreams of a past last, or a life passed, where my baby cradles me and we run though the mysterious corridors of ancient places that we never saw together. His soft lips tease mine and his come hither stare pulls me deeper into my dreams.

Fourth morning in a row. When will my dreams stop taunting me.
Rabekah In the deepest hours of morning
I pour a cup of dreams
Sipping on hints
Of black pepper and velvet cream
Peering thru the blinds
In anticipation of sunbright
A state of sky transformation
To feel the purpose of my feet
Sinking into the sidewalk
Uncovered from it's invisibility
Starring at a door
More comfortable than a blanket
Crossing the bridge
Between black and blue
The warm star has arrived
what's it to you?
who go