maxwell thorne This is where I am myself, but I never seem to have enough time anymore.
maybe I should have written this under "time," but then I wouldn't be the first.
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I love to draw. I'm surprised there aren't more posts here. 011024
inanna i drew that card
and shapeshifted
into nothingness
of the favorite drawing
ripped to shreds
by a child
the other one was drawn
with blood
the signature of
the soul
now i must
put myslef back together
once again
delial it's my outlet. 030701
gimp i don't know there's no blood anywhere now 040319
nighean_siofra drawing a painting
painting the lines
filling in the dots
connecting the holes
this masterpiece
will never take shape
it can't possibly turn out
but i stall
and dream
doodling happy sayings
on the canvaas
till painfully i awake
to see i am still
drawing my painting
knowing no one but i will see
pea soup does anyone know how to draw a bunny rabbit? 080312
WordWhisper Drawing, Twisting, Painting, Learning,
Enthusiasm and color, and black and white.
In theory I should know the answer,
but theory is color, and color is light.
what's it to you?
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